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  1. The company I work for doesn't give or consider promotions by simply doing extra tasks or agreeing to higher paid work, maybe this is the reason no one in the company wants to go "above and beyond" because it all goes unrecognised, and I don't want paying more money because its not something I am going to get for doing something temporary. As you don't know anything about the awful company I work for, please refrain from making assumptions about me, I have numerous reasons why I don't want to do this extra work, some personal, some professional, but nothing to do with me not being capable, I am highly capable, maybe too capable for the company I work for. As my original question has now been answered, I shall leave it there, thanks for all the replies.
  2. I'm trying hard to find another job honeybee13, the work is just not out there in my area and surrounding areas
  3. @Emmzzi, made to in the way of I had no choice, no option to say no, manager said he couldnt allow me to come back to my usual department until the job was done. @ericsbrother, I dont want a pay rise, I just dont want to do a job that is a higer pay grade as the company usually makes an issue of "you cant do that, thats not your job, its a higher pay grade" so I feel its hypocritical and to be honest, the job Im now doing is bloody awful lol. Thank you both for your comments
  4. Hello, sorry if this isn't the right place to post this. I am pay Grade 1 and am currently being made to do pay Grade 2 work and was wondering if this is legal or allowed? The work I am carrying out will take between 4-11 days I am an administrator and am currently doing the work of an assessor in another department because "needs of the business". My contract doesn't state anything about the fact I may be required to do different pay grade work if the needs of the business requires it, it just mentions doing work depending on the needs of the business, the pay is not mentioned but I took this as work I am qualified to do and within the same pay grade. Other administrators are also doing Debt Response work which is a higher pay grade too and I feel us admins are having the pee took out of us because we are the lowest paid in the company. If this isn't allowed, can anyone direct me to any literature. Thanks
  5. Im just looking into the policy to answer your question about a stage 1 attendance but I can't really find any "expectations" of whats expected. I got put on the stage 2 in January when we all returned after Chirstmas. I was told at the end of May/early June I was not getting a bonus for my work because I was on a stage 2 and this subject was recently brought up by a colleague and thats the reason I'm asking the question now but I had no idea there was a time limit on raising an appeal if I needed to.
  6. Thank you for your reply. I have checked it and its very long winded and there is a flow chart which I suppose is easier to work out but this bit I find a bit confusing as this is on the chart to hit a stage 1, so do I presume this applies for a stage 2 also: "Trigger point hit: 3 instances in previous 6 months (rolling) or; 60 hours (pro-rata) in previous 12 months (rolling) ". The reason this confuses me is because when I got put on a stage 2, I had not had 60 hours pro rata off sick in the previous 12 months (it is in fact 45 hours). I did have over 60 hours off sick in November 2016 due to a death in the family but this was included in my stage 1 and expired by the time I was on a stage 2 :/
  7. Hello all. Excuse me if this is a really silly query but I have been chatting to someone at work who told me this might not be allowed so am asking here in case I need to take it further. My employer has a sickness policy where sickness is counted in a 12 month rolling period. However, is it allowed to count 1 time of sickness twice? My employer states 3 absences (or a total fo 60 hours) triggers a "stage". This happened to me, I was off for 3 different times with sickness, the last date being 06/02/2017 - this triggered a "stage 1". Then I was off sick in September and again in December 2017. My sickness in December then triggered a "stage 2", this is because my sickness in Feb 2017 was being counted against me again. Is it allowed that they can count 1 period of sickness against me twice? punish me twice? know the policy is a 12 month rolling period but I've been told that it doesn't sound right that the 1 period of sickness I had in Feb 2017 has caused a trigger twice. Just want to put the feelers out there to see if this policy is fine or if I can take it further at all because the stage 2 I am on has cost me a promotion and an end of year bonus. If this is fine I will gladly accept it as it is what it is.
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