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  1. Hi. Thanks for the advice. Ill attempt to get the contract uploaded as soon as i get get sight of it. I don't think that you are needing to tease the info out of me. My third paragraph advises that Finance was included. I think that you may have miss understood my comments about being in a rush. I wasn't in the rush; i had all the time in the world. In my 4th paragraph i stated that it was the salesperson that was in the rush because the store was soon to close and he just smashed through the paperwork so quickly. The point i was trying to make was that i felt that in his haste, we were not given the opportunity to peruse the full contract prior to signing. He just basically thrust an electronic pad to my wife and said to sign in the pad. There was no information on the pad or computer screen, it was to capture her signature which; as it turns out, is added to the contract as the signature. Again this wasn't made clear that at that point we were signing the contract. Ill get the contract uploaded ASAP. Oh, the store manager is now always engaged when i ring wanting to speak with him, and he never returns my calls despite me being assured that he will.
  2. Yes we have signed the finance agreement, but again it was in a rush to place the order (on their part). We did not view any terms. The document was on their computer screen and when prompted to signed electronically, a digital pad was given to the wife and she signed it. Im not entirely sure whom it was with but ive a feeling that it was with Barclays. The finance has been finalised, but no payments have been made yet.
  3. Yes, I paid a deposit of £108 by debit card to hold. The balance was over finance. I dont mind loosing the £108. On another note; which i forgot to add......i wasn't given a copy of the T&Cs
  4. Hi. im after some advice on how to proceed against SCS for what i believe to be unfair terms/treatment. We went to the store on Tues 30 May 17, approx 20 mins before the store closed. Having seen a sofa set (3 and 2 seater) we liked, we decided to place an order using the 0% interest payment option over 48 months. The salesman was in a rush to push the order through due to the fact that the store was soon to shut. In a nutshell, 20 days later we wanted to cancel the order in total due to no longer needing the sofa. I rang the store to advise and i was told that SCS don't have a cancellation policy and that I have to honour the reservation. I complained and the manager advised that according to the T&Cs that we had signed, this information was available and that the sales person would have told me aswell. For information, due to the fact that the sales person was in a rush, he never mentioned it to me and also while in a rush he told us to sign something electronically which turned out to be the T&Cs before we had a chance to read them. i argue that we were not aware of the T&Cs because we were not given the opportunity to see them before signing and were also not told verbally. The area manager advised that he would cancel the order but it would cost me 25% of the order total. I'm not even sure this is even in the T&Cs. On one hand they say there is no Cancellation policy and on the other hand they want to charge me 25% cancellation. I need to know how to proceed with this, who to contact (maybe the CEO) and also if there is anything within the Consumer Credit act that they may have breached that i can throw at them. I have not taken delivery of the sofas yet; this is scheduled for Oct 17. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
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