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Found 9 results

  1. I got a pre action protocol letter with a form, from Restons for a next account which has been passed to Debt Managers (Services). I ticked box I and requested a copy of the contract, statement of account, details of any administrative charges, copy of notice of assignment and a copy of the default notice. I received a reply from them providing with a few details; date account was opened, address used (which is incorrect btw), last order date, last items ordered, last payment date and amount. The letter says I have not provided any information as to why I don't know if I owe the debt, and asking me to confirm 'why you are unsure if you owe the debt so that our client can understand your position'. It reads like a template reply to me, but I am unsure how to word my response. Do I need to give a reason why I am unsure under the pre action protocol, or should I write back simply asking them for the information I originally requested?
  2. Lowel are chasing me for a debt of £280, they can not tell me what the original debt was for! All they can tell me is that it is for some sort of broadband with three. Both myself and my husband have mobile phone contracts with three that are completely up to date and always have been. I told lowel this and they said it was not for a mobile phone and that "maybe" it was broadband like a dongle. We have never had broadband, in fact the road where we live does not receive internet at all! no one will provide us with internet so its definitely not that. I have told Lowel to please confirm exactly what product this debt is for but they can't. So am I still liable? They call me 3 times a day every day!
  3. Hi, and firstly thanks for the great wealth of information on his site. I have received 2 claim forms in the last few weeks out of the blue, its close to the dates for statute barred on both of them. Could someone please confirm they are both statute barred as I'm a nervous wreck about them. I have just been flicking through this forum looking for statute barred templates and noticed an explanation which made me question if I'm right or wrong. I have a claim form dated issue date 30th Nov, it is with Arrow global Limited for a credit card with Sainsburys taken out in 2004. I have acknowledged online that I am going to defend and am about to go through the statute barred defence. It is extremely close to the date for the six years to be up by just a week or so, im hoping! I have a letter from Sainsburys which shows the first payment I missed was on 24th November 2009 and the last payment being made one month before this on the 24th October 2009. I havent paid or acknowledged the debt since. Is this ok as statute barred? The second claim I have received is dated issue date 11th of December 2015. It is for an MBNA credit card taken out in 2003. The last payment made was 02/12/2009. After initially checking I was relieved as I read statute barred came into effect '6 years from the date of the last payment', I just noticed the explanation linked to the word statute barred on this forum says '6 years from the payment due date'. This could mean that both are within six years as its from the date they didn't receive a payment. I know its late in the day to check but please can someone confirm if they are definitely statute barred. I havent been moving house or anything like that. I initally CCA'd them before I put the accounts into dispute and ceased payments at the time in 2009. I have all my correspondences to and from with recorded delivery stamps from the time which back up the dates I have quoted.
  4. Evening all Had a few lovely threatograms from Lowell Group regarding a Mobile Contract claiming just over £200.00 and have ignored them. Having checked Credit Reference Agencies etc I concluded that the debt was frivolous and nothing to do with me at all (No entries from the Lowell Group and no entries from that mobile company either) Oddly enough I have accounts with the Mobile Company they sent the letter from which are all being serviced correctly (Including one I have a credit balance on) So I sent Lowell an email basically asking them to "Prove it or do one!" Had an email back from them as follows: Interesting...! They've written to me with the Mobile Account Number, Outstanding Balance, They know my address, They know my name... So why are they asking me for that information when they clearly have it all and can write to me and give the account information. I am tempted to write back as follows: Hmmm perhaps not... But in all seriousness, are they trying to fill in the blanks? Should I ignore the email? Or should I just wait for the inevitable Carter letters and defend a theoretical claim? Thanks All. Nuke
  5. I've heard a lot about PPI but I'm still not completely sure what it is. Is is the insurance you would have on your mortgage in case you lost your job and then the insurance would pay parts of your mortgage? Or is it the insurance you have on your credit card in case you could pay that?
  6. Hi. I have recently started work (not enough hours to claim working tax but i do claim child tax for my 2 children) and have had a form from tax credits asking me for employers details and the date i started working for them. Does anyone know if hmrc will contact my employer to confirm my start date,pay rates etc once they've received my form? many thanks
  7. can you confirm these are wongas bank details as i want to pay today please sort code 40/06/09 acc no 21544926
  8. A company called MacKenzie hall have left at least half a dozen messages on my 1571 service since sometime in November. I rarely use my home phone, so I only noticed them yesterday. I looked up the number, and the company, and they look to be a debt recovery company. I signed up for a 30 day trial of the credit reference agencies, and can see that MacKenzie hall have made a trace search on me! I do have debts (who doesn't) but they are managed, and all in good shape - the reference agency information all appears correct with nothing untowards showing. So, this morning I phoned the number left by MacKenzie Hall, and after telling me that calls would be monitored, then conversation went like this:- MH: Do you have a reference number starting with M? Me: No MH: Have you received a letter in the post? Me: No MH: Have you received a telephone call? Me: Yes MH: What is the phone number? Me: MH: And your name? Me: MH: And the first line of your address and post code? Me: Er - you tell me - I don't know who you are, and I don't want to give you that information because you could be anybody MH: Well we need to confirm that we are speaking to the correct person Me: Well I don't know who YOU are, so I want you to confirm yourselves MH: Then we end the call here. And that was it! Am I in the wrong here? I honestly don't know what they want to speak to me about, but surely, if a compnay is wanting to speak to me about something personal, should they not have to pass some form of check as well? I'm not comfortable just dishing out my information...
  9. Hi, Can you just confirm that I have this correct. Loan 5000 PPI 1972.11 Monthy amount 152.78 over 5 years. (mad, how could I have been such an idiot) So it is 28.28% which works out 43.206 ? is this right? Any mathematician out there can just confirm for me I would be really grateful.
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