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  1. hi want to say thank you very much for your help on this matter, court hearing happened today and case was dismissed and Lowell were given a severe ticking off for the state of there evidence and also false accountancy narrowly avoided being reported!
  2. ok is this statement better?; CLAIM NO: IN THE COUNTY COURT AT BEDFORD. BETWEEN: CLAIMANT -AND-
  3. I think they are re-constituted but they have provided them with the WS just want as much defence against them as well as the no CCA and default notice figure different from the assignment figure
  4. hi, I have noticed all of the letters issued by the claimant attached to the witness statement are missing important information either contact details, payment figures or even headings can I point this out in my defence?
  5. CLAIM NO: IN THE COUNTY COURT AT BEDFORD. BETWEEN: CLAIMANT -AND- MR DEFENDANT --------------------------------------
  6. thanks for all your help so far, please find attached draft of my statement would welcome any comments please? CLAIM NO.pdf
  7. yes all the pages I have posted are in the exhibits, the application(and front letter) statement, the letters and default notice but no agreement
  8. please see post 5 this is the 3 pages of what they refer to the digital signature and application. 1st is a letter from vanquish and the next 2 are the application but no agreement
  9. they don't have one, they seem to state that a copy of the digital signature and application constitutes the agreement.
  10. I don't have a copy of my defence will try and get it from the court tomorrow as they never sent me a copy, was filed online claimant WS.pdf
  11. this is the witness statement, one page of the statements and the other documents they have sent Document6.pdf
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