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  1. Hello! I did as advised over the weekend, and to my surprise I received the following reply: "Thank you for your email addressed to our CEO, Jes Staley. I am responding to you on his behalf and I’m sorry you’ve had cause to complain. Rest assured that your complaint is being taken very seriously and has been passed to our dedicated Executive Complaints Team for investigation. I am sorry to hear of the problems you have experienced. We will ensure a thorough review of the circumstances you outline is undertaken and arrange for you to be contacted with an update as quickly as possible but no later than 22 August." I have asked that they pay for my solicitor's fees as a bare minimum for time wasting whether or not we purchase the property in question. Even today, I have not received their updated mortgage offer, so will wait until tomorrow before looking at alternate options. I will keep you posted. Many thanks, Jay
  2. Thank you so much! I will call them tomorrow as they are open until 1pm. Will keep you posted on what happens. Jay
  3. Hi All, I am in need of some help/guidance. In the process of buying a house. Our mortgage offer has been issued by Barclays. We had put an offer in back in June 2018 for X amount, which was accepted by the sellers and mortgage offer given based on X amount. However, we negotiated a further reduction in the purchase price around July 4th 2018. A few days later, our mortgage advisor updated/filled in a form and sent it off to Barclays with new (lower) purchase price, and to issue an updated/amended offer. Fast forward to today, we still have not received a thing. My solicitor has been chasing them over the past 2 weeks. Barclays have themselves admitted that its taken longer than their own 'policy' states, and every time he phoned, the adviser kept saying they will send an urgent request off to the relevant department to get this sent out. Apparently, the amended details have been entered onto the system, but no documents issued. We phoned them about 5 times, and still the same response from them. I am going to phone them myself and get answers as I still have not done so. We have paid our deposit to our solicitor, contracts and other documents signed, but not exchanged with the other party until Barclays offer has been received. The major worry for me is that the current sellers, had agreed with us to move out by September 14th, and they are permanently going to live abroad. This was not signed in any type of document as such, just verbal agreement. Due to Barclays not acting fast enough, I am afraid we will lost out in buying the house. Is there anything I can do to get this resolved? Should I complain to Barclays? FCA? etc Many thanks in advance. Jay
  4. Hello! Yes I have read your post #11. I was just merely asking about where I stand with these idiots. Anyway, council internal complaints procedure exhausted, and have now contacted ombudsman about tower hamlets. I was just thinking of getting a GDPR request through solicitors to see who messed up the address, which clearly is the solicitors...who aren't my client unfortunately. How do I go about about taking action against council (other than ombudsman route)? Can I also contact ICO because solicitors handled my data incorrectly despite council giving the correct details? Again, these are just thinking out loud questions, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jay
  5. Hello! Sorr, to clarify - I wrote to the council's solicitors directly, under GDPR. I also sent a SEPARATE request to the council. The request I sent was using the template on this forum, only adding the following at the beginning: ****START**** Under the subject access provisions of the Data Protection Act, please supply me with details of how my personal data was managed while in your care. In particular I am looking for a copy of the data originally provided to you by Tower Hamlets council in or before early 2017, prior to commencement of CCJ proceedings, and any subsequent updates supplied by them, including, but not limited to, all of my contact details such as address information. This also includes the correspondence updating my correspondence address when applying for a set aside. I also require details of any subsequent processing of this personal data, including, but not limited to, its storage within your systems, how, when and by whom it was updated, and its use for correspondence with myself and any third parties such as courts. Please ensure that all actions relating to this data are date stamped accurately. While I understand that certain correspondence between yourselves and Tower Hamlets council may be subject to legal professional privilege, I would ask that any such privileged data not directly relating to the supply of address details be redacted rather than suppressing the correspondence in its entirety. There is no applicable fee for this data disclosure – unless you feel that my request is manifestly unfounded, excessive or repetitive – in which case you have a duty to let me know without any delay. ****END**** The solicitors's response was the following: ****START**** I’m writing to provide you with the additional information you requested from us, following your initial subject access request, received 29th March 2018. I believe we have responded to most of your questions surrounding the use of your personal data, but please allow me to address the specific questions you asked in your most recent communication: • Other than with the courts, when applying for and setting aside the county court judgement, your data has not been shared with any third party. • No automatic decisions have been made with your information. • Your details have not been used to categorise or profile you in any way. • Your information is stored and processed primarily on our database, Visualfiles. Initial information provided by our client is stored on a secure, internal server with access restricted to the relevant team and senior management. Further information regarding the processing of information can be found on our privacy policy here. Attached are the additional document you have requested: • Original Data provided by Tower Hamlets • Our ‘Gateway’ form. We use this form to upload your data onto our internal database. • Additional communication between our Client, Tower Hamlets, and us, specifically regarding notification of an incorrect address and follow up activity. ****END**** I sent an email today asking for when TH made the referral to solicitors, looking back at email thread, TH referred my case on 27th March 2017. Yet when I asked solicitors, they emailed back this morning stating case was referred to them on 3rd May 2017! This keeps getting better and better... Can I go to the legal ombudsman? Before doing so, do I need to exhaust solicitors complaints procedure even though I am not the client...? Thanks in advance. Jay
  6. Hello Sorry for the late post. I did receive bank's GDPR response. They still referred to the complaint I raised with Lloyds and that they have answered the questions as part of their first response to my SAR prior to GDPR; so they had nothing to produce. Should I approach the ICO? Jay
  7. Hello BF and CAG Community I have received the council's solicitors GDPR request. What was interesting was that, the referral made by the council to the solicitors had my correct correspondence address, along with the address of property in question. This was provided to me by a referral document. Another document was sent to me that the solicitors use to input data into their database. Interestingly, both the correspondence and property address were the same (both listed my rental property). An email attachment was sent between TH and J&P, where the solicitors admit that they had messed up. I do not know whether this helps my case, but can I complain to the SRA? And/or take legal action against the solicitors? Any thoughts on the matter would be great,
  8. If the council maintain that they had given my correspondence address, then they would also be liable under DPA because they have not handled my data appropriately. It was definitely not my last known address or usual address.
  9. Hello Ganymede, I am not I'm afraid, its the councils solicitors. So SRA is out of the question? But I am sure we can sue for negligence... Not good service because I do not live there, all other mails are directed to correspondence address. I visit the property probably once a year... council had my correspondence address, they admitted passing this onto the solicitors, so why did the solicitors fail in serving at the wrong address - not once, but twice?
  10. Hi All - For those of you who have not read my issue, here is a history on another thread: https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?485667-Got-CCJ-due-to-council-and-bank-blunder!!-what-compo-should-i-ask-for&p=5116746#post5116746 In a nutshell: - own a rental property in another London borough to where I live - council initiated CCJ proceedings for non payment of Service Charges (payments were being made but without a reference, so monies could not be allocated to SC account) - council's solicitors were sending court paperwork to rental property, and not correspondence, despite council providing correspondence address - CCJ issued - Council solicitors have taken the responsibility to remove CCJ at no cost to me - in their draft order to remove CCJ, the solicitors were giving false info in their statement of truth section. AND still continued to send paperwork to rental property, despite having correct correspondence address. There have been invaluable help on this forum, so any help with this would be greatly appreciated. BF I know you mentioned suing them for negligence - could this be something we look at whilst waiting for SAR's from bank and council? Many thanks in advance, Jay
  11. Just sent part 2 of our FOI request. Let's see what that produces. Thanks BF and UB Jay
  12. Hi BF - I have sent the FOI along the lines you have suggested by email directly through LBTH website. Thanks, Jay
  13. All sent this afternoon. What shall I ask for FOIA? I will send that on Tuesday. Thanks Jay
  14. Hi BF I will ask my father to go into branch on Wednesday and have them both cancelled and set up new ones, and see what results that produces. In terms of the council SAR - what shall I ask for? All information relating to a payee bank account change during/around Aug 2016? As for FOIA - ask the council what happens when a leaseholder does not change his/her pay instructions to new bank account details, how is that handled by the council? And for the bank SAR - do I ask for information relating to a request made by the council to Lloyds to change bank account details? If they have this, this in turn will show whether the council requested a reference to be put on payment reference - is that correct? FoS deadline is June 7th to respond. I have replied back saying I need more time to respond fully as I am awaiting to gather further evidence to help my case. I have not sent the SAR requests yet, but will be ready to do so come Tuesday morning. I just wanted to be sure what I am requesting with everyone's help on here. Thank you, Jay
  15. Hi BF and UncleBulgaria - Thank you very much for your input. I just went o the bank with my dad, and we had set up 2 SO's today to be paid out on the 29th and 30th of next week every month until cancelled. I aked for a summary of all outstanding SO's on my dads account, and there was no mandate reference of any kind. But what appeared though was the following: Seq No: 002 - LBTH SC £88.96 003 - Payment to J U***n £20.00 004 - Payment to J U***n £25.00 So from the extract provided, it does look like the original SO set up in 2011, was therefore cancelled and a new one setup. My dad only had 1 SO ever setup. So that only leaves the theory UncleB has said. In that case, shall I contact the council and ask what their procedure is when a change of bank account happens and the leaseholder does not change to new account? Or shall I request a SAR to the council asking for information relating to change of account around Aug 2016? Because, if my dad ha not changed the SO details to new account, payments were still being made at around that time anyway, and I had a look at his statements prior and during Aug 2016, no payments had bounced. So it leaves me to think the council also requested a change of bank details but did not allocate a reference. This ofcourse will change a lot in terms of who to go after, if Lloyds only did what they were asked to do. And the bank senior manager today also confirmed, they would not change an SO without the account holders consent etc. Let me know what I ought to do. Thanks, Jay
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