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  1. Ha ha EB you crack me up. Yes wish I'd seen the above post but it was too late by then we went in at 2.20. Anyway, never mind, I'll know for next time Thanks again. Donation made
  2. Thanks EB. Have just got out after a 4 minute hearing. They allowed me in as the defendants lay rep. Gladys did a no show. Judge was satisfied with the defendants evidence showing he could not have been the driver and also agreed that there was no obligation for him to name the driver. She awarded £50 in costs. Not massive but we don't care tbh Glad it's o er and we can get on with our lives!! CANNOT THANK YOU ALL ENOUGH!!!!! Really, you all have been a massive support and your patience knows no bounds. Will make a donation as soon as my adrenaline comes back down to a normal level
  3. Thanks EB, will do along with the second one they sent a week ago! Have demolished a small forest in wood what with all the printing that we've done. Just sorting Costs now (in case we get chance to reclaim them if we win). Looking at other threads am I right in claiming costs for: printing - is this per page and how much per page? postage travel - per mile? at what cost per mile? parking loss of earnings Am i on the right lines? Thanks, your help has been invaluable, I just hope everyones hard work pays off tomorrow!!
  4. Thanks DX. Will do. I suspect this is a final attempt at scaremongering.....What they don't realise is that we're at a point where we might be shaken, but definitely not stirred ))
  5. Hi DX, They sent it by post. Post-mark yesterdays date. Honestly....We get to a point when we think we understand it all and then something like this happens and it throws us! lol
  6. Thanks EB Have today received yet another WS, different to the last, which 'challenges' the points in the one we sent to them. I thought they had to send everything they wanted to send 14 days before the court....talk about last minute Just getting all documents and paperwork finalised and ready for D-Day tomorrow!
  7. Hi EB Thanks for that. .they're both 'signed' by Kenneth Marland himself but not physically. ..it's a printed copy of his signature, so he hasn't physically signed it in person. Have attached pics Digital Signature.pdf
  8. Hello all Today we received another WS from the Claimant, identical to the last except for the date the WS was signed. The first WS dated 11th Oct signed and dated on 10th Oct (printed electronic signature) and today's WS dated 23rd Oct signed and dated 9th October. Is this normal practice? Am I missing something? Thanks
  9. Thanks EB. Yes changed that as Shamrocker pointed out earlier. I get your point re the novel. I guess we were just trying to make sure all points were covered. Docs dropped at court and sent to Gladys. Thanks for your help.
  10. Have also added in para below: 15.1 The Driver paid for one hour of parking, there is minimum of 10 minutes grace period but no maximum, allowing for time to review all of the different signs and then allowing time to exit the car park taking into account other traffic/queuing cars, 15 minutes is not wholly unreasonable.
  11. Hey all. Have spent the morning re-reading a few of the other threads and I think we're good to go with this WS (after Shamrockers suggested amends...thanks). Conscious we need to get this in the post today so will print and send. Thanks again for help, you guys must get fed up of all of us 'newbies' with all the questions.
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