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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, I have recently moved to the Winterthur Way development in Basingstoke. I rent a property which includes a parking space. It wasn't until I moved into the flat that I was given a parking permit and told to use it when parking in my allocated space (This was something that was not mentioned in my tenancy agreement!). After moving in I received 2 x £60 parking charge notices for using visitors spaces (Returning within a 48 hour period) to drop off my furniture. I used the visitors space as I had to use a different car of a suitable size to drop the furniture off. Also my space isn't near my flat its further up the road. I kind of understood as I could have possibly been using a space that someone else could have been using, all be it for a very short period of time. After paying these two charges from PPM I thought it was over ! Two weeks later as a result of having to pay £120 to PPM straight after moving in I had to do overtime at a weekend so I was able to pay next months rent. The overtime meant staying away with work from the 8/07/2017 and returned on the 11/07/2017. When I returned on the evening of the 11th I have been met with 2x PCN from PPM on my windscreen whilst I was parked in my own space. Straight away as I approached the car I have seen my permit was not stuck to the top of my windscreen where it was before I left. Both PCN's are for 'Not displaying a valid permit' one for 09/07/2017 & 10/07/2017. I thought this surely wont be an issue I will just send them evidence of where the permit had fallen (A video from my phone was sent) also a picture of my valid permit. After all it is my space and unlike the visitors spaces I could not have inconvenienced anyone as it is 'MY SPACE'. They should just accept that and cancel the charges. To my surprise I have an email from PPM stating my appeal has been rejected ! PPM is now giving me the option to appeal to the IAS but from my understanding I don't stand a chance appealing to them either? I don't really have the cash to pay the 2 x £60 at a reduced rate. Let alone £200 if the appeal to the IAS fails. However I really do feel they can't do this. Any help is greatly appreciated. I understand I probably haven't included all the information you guys need to help but I am also not sure where to start. I have included the response from PPM in a ZIP file with my name and REG edited out. Just let me know what you need and I will post it up ! Regards, tissot docs1.pdf
  2. Evening All, First of all I'd really like to thank you all for viewing my post and secondly I'd very much appreciate any advice you might be able to offer. Location: New Gun Wharf, Gun Makers Lane, London E3 PPM Parking Sign is Attached Letter from Gladstones is also Attached Approx location of my car at the tie is also attached On the 23rd December 2017 I went to visit a friend who lives in a private block of apartments. To enter his block, you first turn off the main road Old Ford Road (which leads onto a small cobbled road (this is Gun Makers Lane which is double yellow lined and leads onto a park), once on this road and about 20 metres in there is another left turn you can make onto a brick paved area which serves as a communal area for the the residents of the apartments . It's worth noting, that this area has retractable bollards to enter, but they are always down for vehicle access. There are always cars here but it is also worth noting that the block has underground parking for residents. (Its all very transparent if you google the location and do street view) I wasn't really long at all, however on my return I discovered a parking ticket from Parking and Property Management Ltd. It was dark and I really didn't bother to look for sign posts which outlined the conditions of parking there. I shoved the ticket down the side of my car door and forgot about it. Almost 7 months later I have received a 'LETTER BEFORE CLAIM' from Gladstones Solicitors, this letter is dated 17th July. Aside from this notice, I do not remember receiving any other correspondence from these people. I have trawled through my car and all my post again just to make sure and cannot find anything nor can I find the actual ticket They are asking for a payment of £160 or they threatening to take legal action. I have had previous experience with UK Parking Control and DRP in the past and have learned to just ignore these types of crooks, but on this occasion I'm not quite so confident given how many people I've seen go to court with PPM and Gladstones. I am a fair driver and generally do not get tickets, and on the occasions I do I pay them if its fair and legit. So guys on this occasion where do you think I stand with contesting the ticket? Really look forward to any advice and thank you all in advance for you help multipage PDF version of docs are now attached without refs PPM Sign, Gladstones Letter, My Location v2.pdf
  3. Hi guys, A couple of days ago I was issued a parking ticket by Parking & Property Management LTD for parking in my own parking space! The only problem was that I didn' have the permit displayed at the time. Now, they want to charge me 60 quid if I pay within the next 14 days or 100 if this is paid within the next 28. I have already tried the appeal section on their website and it doesn't work, I've checked other forums and this section has not been functioning for at least five months, so in other words I can't even appeal against this bloody ticket. What is the worst that could happen if I don't pay this silly fine? Thanks
  4. Morning all, Background: I've been partaking in a payment plan for the last 18 months in order to clear an old outstanding electric bill that has followed me from a previous address some years ago. This plan has been paid on time on a 2 week basis since the beginning - however 8 weeks ago BSG contacted me to advise that they were doubling the payments which takes them well beyond my means. I explained that I couldn't possibly meet the agreement and only just managed the current arrangement. The answer from BSG was a simple "You don't have any choice, we need to double the current arrangements and there is no other options available to you" Circs: I am currently listed as a vunerable customer due to medical conditions requiring heart and oxygen medical equipment to be installed in the address and available as life support 24/7. Meaning I also have a very limited income. BSG have an awareness of this and verbally confirmed awareness during the above conversation. Today: In the early hours I found a team of 6 - yes eight people inside my home after virtually destroying the lock mech on my front door whilst I was sleeping. There were 2 men who suggested they were BSG bailiffs but refused to disclose registrations or proof of such, a dog handler with a battered old unmarked vehicle outside, 2 BSG uniformed employees, and 2 suited fella's with BSG manager identity cards stood at the front door. Now on coming into the door "They said they had knocked for a minute or two", they would of been confronted by several medical machines and several notices which give the warning 'This equipment must not be disconnected'. By the time I had got downstairs I found that the electricity had been disconnected - my medical equipment had therefore been shut down and now inoperable, and the "bailiff" handed me a letter that said BSG intended obtaining a warrant to fit a PPM at the address on the 10/12/12. The letter was dated 7/12/12. The people in my home were less than helpful, and not at all fussed that they had disconnected life support machines ignoring the clear signage. Nor that a medical team needed to now be called to reset the equipment. Also the new meter has been installed inside the property where the original one was, but in a very poor manner, with the live cables (Red and Black) coming from the main fuse (Also left exposed) trailing some 10 inches below the meter and across to the fuse box... in such a manner that my grandchildren and dog will be able to pull on them easily. Advice please?? Also who do I need to get in touch with to make a formal complaint about the dangerous meter installation - I've never seen this before nor had to deal with such things. However this seems to be a blatant dangerous situation, and BSG on the phone helpline are stating that its the only way as I cant pay the new arrangement... and they never ever leave a meter in a dangerous manner or disconnect medical equipment. My answer is simple - the equipment is 240v powered and MUST be connected to a live socket - it does not have any backup battery or power source. Where do we go from here?
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