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  1. Hmmm, makes me think that I should look into other past accounts about PPI as I keep seeing the deadline is the end of August but not sure how to go about it! Thanks again for your support with this
  2. Hi again Thanks for unlocking the thread. Below is the main part of the letter: 'Dear ******** Interest Charging on Repayment Option Plan As you will be aware, this account has been sold to Lowell. We are writing to let you know about a matter that has arisen prior to the account being passed to Lowell. We could have done a better job explaining the way interest was charged in relation to your Repayment Option Plan. You are entitled to a refund of £135.23 You do not need to do anything – A cheque is enclosed for thi
  3. Hello again So they received a letter on October 8th 'in a bid to resolve the matter without further delay, our Client is willing to accept the sum of £705.99 (inclusive of fees and costs) to conclude the Court proceedings and will agree not to pursue any remaining debt.' The Current Balance is £1,411.99, so this is half. Restons gave today (November7) as the deadline and say this settlement figure 'will be automatically withdrawn if not accepted by this date.' The letter also says that 'If you are unable to raise the sum, we confirm our client is still prepared to accept payment of
  4. Hello! I thought I'd posted after the court case but it's not here! Really sorry. ( You were right Andyorch, they did use a rent a Sol who asked to speak with me before the hearing. She tried to use the £175 court fees as leverage to get me to sign up to paying £5/month for the rest of my life! When I mentioned what the "recovery executive" from Lowell had said —that they didn't care if it took me 10 or 20 years to pay this off —she asked me to leave the room and made a call to Lowells. When I went back in they had a agreed to settle for the £650 I had previously offe
  5. One quick question: In my conversation on Thursday with Lowells, I was told "It doesn't matter to us whether it takes you 10 or 20 years to pay this". I recorded the conversation. Should I mention this, that I recorded it and the quote? Thanks
  6. Okay, thanks. I know you're right, it's just so unsettling. Thanks for all your help on this and I'll let you know how it goes. Thank you so much
  7. So, I went back and offered £650 on Saturday morning and was told I needed to call back Monday morning as no one was available. Called back this morning and they still rejected it. So I'm due in court at 2pm. Feeling sick. All of this is really baffling to me, to be honest. I don't know how to defend myself or what to say or not say. Can anyone give me advice on that? Is there anything I should definitely not say/anything I should? Thanks everyone!
  8. Is there any way I can/will win this? Seems so unlikely and I will likely be too nervous to make sense of it all.
  9. Thanks dx100uk Very specifically, do you think it's worth calling Lowells again with a higher offer? As mentioned previously, I have scraped together £700 in total to try and settle but when they refused the offer of £450 and didn't try to negotiate, I left it. Thanks On their correspondence, they say their offices are open to 8pm on Friday and between 8am-2pm on Saturday.
  10. So no one thinks I should call Lowells again and up the offer? Could this end with me losing my old but useful car or having bailiffs sent round? O.o
  11. Could this end with me losing my old but useful car or having bailiffs sent round? O.o
  12. Thank you Jon8214. I'm not sure what that means Old Cogger. So no one thinks I should go back to Lowells and try and up the offer?
  13. Here you go! Thanks for your help Vanquis T&Cs for CAG 10 Aug 2018 11.05.pdf
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