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  1. Hello... I wonder if anyone could answer a question for me, please? I understand that the weekly state pension for someone with full contributions is somewhere around £150 or thereabouts... Any comments would be very welcome. Thanks. Theda.
  2. I contacted the DWP and they sent me a form to fill in... they said we were entitled to a large discount for rent and council tax... the problem is my husband who chose to get a job instead of signing the form... we could have stayed here in our rented home, but he has made us homeless by refusing benefits... there's nothing I can do now, unfortunately. We are unlikely to be rehoused by the council because they will say we have made ourselves homeless... I'm just sick with worry...
  3. Ahhh... well, they could look at the finances but wouldn't find any money...
  4. Thank you very much for the posts... the law surrounding council tax arrears is quite complicated.... we only owe 3 months and will scrape together enough money to pay... A few months ago, we were told by DWP that we were entitled to a discount on Council Tax and Housing Benefit as our income fell below that needed to cover essentials... we are both 66 and only had our pensions...but my husband, who has never missed a day's work in his life, would not agree to accepting benefits, and went out and got a part time job, so I doubt we are entitled to anything now. Not sure if the fact th
  5. Will do... I think he is just confused... when I was in charge of our finances many years ago, everything was paid by Direct Debit... but he refuses to do this, so it gets overlooked all the time... it's not as if they send a reminder or anything... If only he would agree to a joint bank account and let me pay the bills, we wouldn't have all this stress... It really does make me ill and causes anxiety... I definitely don't want to go to court...
  6. Hmmm... I thought non payment of tax was criminal... my mistake!
  7. Hi all..... I just don't know what to do... received a summons today for non payment of Council Tax. It's in both mine and my husband's name and although we live together we also live quite separately, and don't share a bedroom or anything ... we have separate finances, but, on account that I only get a State pension of £306 a month, he pays most of the bills. He has a State Pension, a small private pension and he works part time... he gets about £2k a month. Years ago, we had a joint bank account, and I made sure the bills were paid on time... but now I don't even have access t
  8. But how do you know where to write & send the SAR to... ? Some PPI claims go way back and loan companies change their names or just disappear... I had quite a few loans with Chartered Trust & Savings, but can't find their whereabouts... or even if they still exist but under a different name...
  9. Yep... sounds about right! Not only that, but there's another payment that I used to get (Winter Fuel ?) which pensioners are automatically entitled to, and that hasn't arrived either... wondering if, perhaps , I've died and nobody has bothered to inform me...
  10. I can really identify with the OP. I know this is an old thread and I hope it all worked out for her. I am now in that position, having sold the house which had a charging order & with a pending forced sale, I had to sell my home very quickly. There wasn't enough equity left over to buy anything else and given my age, & debts, no hope of another mortgage. I was able to buy a small piece of land, though, which had B1 use... I thought I'd rent for a year whilst setting up a business & this income would eventually pay the rent. However, there have been problems, re
  11. So many abreviations on this forum... sometimes extremely difficult to follow the plot!
  12. I am a pensioner with a very low income and was getting the Warm Home Discount (EOn) before I moved into rented housing with a British Gas pre-payment meter. When I applied for the discount, they said the account at this address is not registered in my name. I tried offering the landlord's name, but they can't tell me whose name is on the account because of data privacy. The house is owned by more than one person and I don't know all their names. No idea what to do next...
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