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  1. You were asked not to post anymore yet you have continued to. I only managed to secure a solicitor yesterday hence why I asked for help. Now some Marston's employee is trying to make me look bad when the last time I posted was around 11! Yeah he told me!!! Point is we are right they are wrong end of discussion!!! Those who have genuinely helped (instead of picked a fight like some keyboard bully) I whole heartfelt thank-you. Oh further more get a life a real one!!!
  2. Yes they were notified and it shows on the system according to the police that searched the reg of the car. They even stated its got nothing to do with us
  3. We have done both and both have been denied. He already told me he told you that so don't try it! You are also well aware of the contract of sale to myself so again nice try. I was referring to our car that was stolen by Marston's. There is something called due process. There are rules and regulations they must follow they are not a law unto themselves like they seem to think. They were also caught out lieing yesterday. So again don't comment unless you know what you are talking about.
  4. Bingo you got it. There was insurance in place at the time of the theft and it was cancelled after a period of time when the police said they could not find it. So the insurance was cancelled. This is why we have gone back to the insurance company for evidence that we have received. Thank-you will do that
  5. I heard about you and we checked this advice with our solicitors and they said everything you have said is wrong. The appeal was stamped and received by two agencies and nothing asking us to complete any paperwork. The court made genuine errors which they have admitted to. We cannot be expected to mind read or know what to do when we hear nothing further. You also missed out the part where the two addresses they have are correct and neither address received a summons. We have also put in a request to see the original summons if there was one We had never heard of a statutory declaration u
  6. The mistake was the dvla bringing this nonsense to court and lieing under oath. We had insurance for the stolen car and only cancelled it when it was reported stolen and the police told us to cut all ties to the vehicle. So I really don't understand how this can happen. Someone somewhere along the line has been professionally negligent at the dvla that's for sure
  7. Brilliant thank-you. Then how do we squash this nonsense? The 142 was denied so am I right in thinking its an n244 next and that can squash the conviction?
  8. Sorry I think I have confused things here based on what the court admin told me. They said it shows on the system that our appeal was stamped and accepted but no hearing was ever set. They said the case was simply closed on the system but not done in the right way. Well got a Document that's stamped and dated with the appeal notice and full appeal on it. No it's the right details the dvla have we just never received the court summons so I'm making a freedom of information request to them to prove that they actually sent one in the first place.
  9. Because no action was taken on the case it was simply closed but the baliffs notice left live instead of closing it properly. Tried that the person responsible no longer works there. Three emails later no one will touch this case as the 21 days out of date was by a district judge so no one wants to go against her no matter the evidence
  10. Please help running out of options. Judge threw out our statutory declaration as out of time. No one will overturn judges decision despite all the evidence. We bought a car in 2011 from a neighbour. Registered and insured it. Two days later that car was stolen from us. The police were informed and took a statement for it to be reported stolen. They never found the car and it was never returned to us. The police told us to write off what we had paid for the car and cut all ties to it. We did this and cancelled the insurance we had. Apparently t
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