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  1. I paid over £400 in arrears the other day, and they sent me a final settlement figure of circa £2.7k, which probably mostly consists of charges now There was also a mention of buildings insurance, I don't remember this? Any ideas? I keep dragging my feet on sending them a letter regarding charges, but I presume it's not as simple as " You charged me this, I want it back "
  2. Yes, I have all that in spreadsheet, what I'm struggling with is a covering letter to send them? Surely saying these charges are unlawful etc they will just throw it in the bin, I'm sure plenty of people complain about the charges Maybe I'm missing something here, what should the covering letter contain?
  3. I have a breakdown of charges in my SAR A lot of charges are missed payment fee's, telephone, letter fee's etc
  4. I have stalled on this for a while but I want to get it out of the way Any idea on what covering letter to send?
  5. Any idea on what covering letter to send? If I send them a letter saying, I have been charged xx and these are unlawful, I'm pretty sure the next reply from them will be " they are not " or something to that effect
  6. ok, this has been calculated. Anyone care to guide me through next step?
  7. Thank you, by the way, the PPI has already been claimed back on this
  8. Hello, What is the stanint sheet? Is that the spreadsheet mentioned earlier? Once the charges are calculated with interest, what is the process? I presume asking them for charges back as they are unlawful will not work, I presume there is a more sophisticated method?
  9. They have added a seperate charge for interest I was reading other forums and a lot of people are saying the charges are lawful?
  10. I did not need to input the charges into the spreadsheet, they already sent a breakdown of charges to me in initial letter. I should send that back to them and say these charges are unlawful?
  11. Hello, does anyone have a clue at what to do next after charges calculated? I have googled and googled, and various things have come up, nothing really about my situation
  12. I have worked out they have charged 3.5k in charges, what is next step? they actually did a goodwill amount of 1k when we complained about charges in the past
  13. I have worked out I have made a total payment of £11,027 for a loan that should of cost me £8,809, which is insane. They still say I owe them more I have a balance breakdown report, and the rest of it is just correspondence back and forth over the years. I notice that they charge for interest charge separately ( 14.40 ) in the spreadsheet, how should I calculate this? They also charge for dishonoured receipt, letter, telephone charge, £30 a time too
  14. Ok, so I should go through the list of charges/fees and note down them all? This is all new to me, what do you mean by demands and needs sheet?
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