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  1. Thanks, I'll get the letter sent out. They offered just the original value as a full and final, I was so shocked that I accepted it
  2. Thanks for re-opening this. The current situation is I got the PPI refunded, but not the charges or the insurance. I sent a SAR in April this year, to see if there was anything new on the account, the SAR specifically mentioned only items since the last SAR. They phoned asking what the SAR was for, I said for any new information on the charges and information. They didn't send anything within the one month timescale, so I reported them to the ICO. Then out of the blue I got a letter saying they had reviewed my account and they were refunding me some interest applied to my account due to then "failing to keep you informed of the balance that is off schedule accruing on your account". I think this means the monthly interest they've been adding to the balance each month since the my payments stopped. I've calculated the total of charges and compounded interest using the spreadsheet in the library and I'm going to send this with a letter asking for the charges to be refunded. Should the letter make any reference to the interest they've recently refunded? If they ignore my request or say the charges are legal, then is my step to issue a letter before action and then take it to the small claims court? Thanks. BB
  3. HELP !!!!!! I forgot to put in my defense on MCOL. The claim issue date was 27/02/2019. Am I too late, is there anything I can do? they sent a NOA, but no CCA or Default Notice I've submitted a defense on the MCOL saying I haven't received the CCA or Default Notice, fingers crossed it gets accepted
  4. I'll count them and let you know. Thanks. BB
  5. This is the only thing in the SAR that refers to buildings insurance, I guess you'd call it an account activity log, is this what you meant by the original demands and needs sheet? I didn't receive any of these letters, but can't see there's any way to prove that. account log.pdf
  6. They didn't ask for insurance in 2007 and just applied their own. The SAR didn't contain any letters or the insurance policy they took out from this time , very convenient What's the next step forward?
  7. It was a condition of the loan that the property was insued but first time they mentioned buildings insurance was in 2008 and I sent the insurance off.
  8. Hi Here is the recent letter and the one referred to in 2016. I did a SAR to the company who were insuring the building at the time Together added their own and when I sent the claim I included a document that showed I had my own buildings insurance in place. In both letters they say they wrote to me asking for proof of buildings insurance, but then go on to say that they don't have any letters regarding buildings insurance on record. They did write to me in 2008 and I sent the buildings insurance back to them as I remember they were going to charge a stupid amount if I didn't, I would have done the same if they have sent letters in October and November 2006. Also documents I received from the SAR (to Together) didn't include anything to show they have taken out an insurance policy or if they did who it was with, should they have sent this? Thanks. BB Letter March 2019.pdf Letter March 2016.pdf
  9. Ok, will do that at lunchtime. I was looking at the letter they sent and they refered to a phone call I made in 2016 regarding the charges and buildings insurance. They've basically said that as they responded to this in 2016 I can now no longer take this to the FOS as it's now more than six months
  10. Hi, I've had a response from Together about the charges and the buildings insurance. Is it best to create another thread for one of them as they were sent as separate claims? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the reply. How do I find out who they are/were?
  12. Hi I sent off the 3 letters for PPI, Buildings Insurance and Charges. They've come back saying that as the loan was sold via a broker any PPI mis-selling should be directed to them and not Together. The broker is no longer trading (looks like they were disolved in 2009). They suggest I contact the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, is this the only way forward? Thanks. BB
  13. I've received a reply from Cohen's. It contains a few Notice of Assignments, but no agreement or default notice (both of which were mentioned in the particulars of the claim). Will see what now comes back from Hoist.
  14. I'm afraid not, I presume since it's dropped off my credit file that it was defaulted over 6 years ago, but no idea when the last payment was made.
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