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  1. Nope dx, I've stayed at the same address for 7+ years. I just checked with clearscore, the report shows a search performed by "TDX Group (for Vodafone)" In February 2016, which is around the time i would have went 120+ overdue & into default territory. I have never received any contact from them or Vodafone since 2015 though (except when I called vf last year and got a very cryptic response after being passed from dept. to dept. and wasting the better part of a couple hours on the phone, but that's by-the-by). I'd be happy to clear it to avoid a potential defaul
  2. Cheers folks, that's really useful information! With any luck they are as incompetent at dealing with this as they were with the original dispute !
  3. Thanks for the reply I did call them back in March '17 and offered to settle. They said at that point they couldn't take payment as it was already in the process of being sent to a 3rd party DCA. I would have thought that would all have been reflected in my credit file by now. There's no markers at all apart from the information on that screenshot. It shouldn't take that long surely... I want to contact them for clarity, but I'm worried it might prompt them into action and then I'll end up with a default anyway! Edit: also pretty weird that it hasn't even been registered a
  4. I had a mobile contract with vodafone which I stopped paying about 2 and a half years ago due to a dispute. I expected to see it showing as defaulted on my credit file, but it looks like it is "up to date" and just shows the outstanding balance I'm confused. Can someone help me understand what is going on ? Edit: screenshot for clarity
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