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  1. Hi there, I paid the bill from the cancelled DD that was passed to their agency. I specifically recall calling VF to cancel the account. They are saying they have no note of this cancellation, yet the debt has no increased. Surely if the account was not cancelled the debt would have increased?
  2. here's my situation. I appiedy for a mortgage and it gets declined. Head over to credit file and see a default going back to 2015 from Vodafone for £30. I had a sim for an Ipad for my job at the time. Left job, cancelled DD (stupid I know) then 2 months later get emails from debt recovery, pay instantly then call Vodafone to cancel the contract. All fine and dandy (or so I thought) I received no emails or emails chasing the money so assumed all ok. I call VF today to explain that this account was cancelled and I don't feel I owe the money and for th
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