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  1. Hi Guys, My 20 year old daughter's Ex asked her to obtain a washing machine, though a Catalogue in her name, as a birthday present for his mum. They were living together at the time, had been for a while and he intended to pay for it in full, but needed a short time to raise the funds so doing it this way allowed him that time. The item was duly delivered and installed at his mothers address. Shortly after this was all arranged their relationaship broke down. He promised to continue to pay for the machine and in fact made payments to the cataloague in order to show willing. However, these payments never showed on the catalogue account and when challenged he claimed problems with his bank or that the money had been taken from his bank but wasn't showing on her account and the bank was investigating. This is all she has on this catalogue and only took it out to be able to order the machine She doesn't earn a great deal and has struggled to make the payments herself, so consequently they have begun debt recovery with her. She has repeatedly asked him to pay and he has refused, blocked all communication from her and avoids her in the street. The machine remains at his mothers and she is happily using it knowing her son has caused this distress and hardship to my daughter. So I need advice as to how I can help her go about taking action against him, to recover the money owed, so she can pass this onto the catalogue company and clear the debt?
  2. My niece is being hounded by Vodafone for a mobile phone she ordered on contract. She changed her mind and returned it immediately without using it. She has been in touch with them countless times stating it has been returned and they have even stated to her, during one conversation over the phone, that it was received in the warehouse yet they still say she has it. She has now received a letter from a DCA stating she owes £1000 for the phone and cancelled contract. Any ideas on how she can get this sorted out as she us now beside herself? Thanks in anticipation!
  3. Anyone had dealings with these sharks? I have no idea who they are but they have taken £58.99 from my account without my permission. Been reported for fraud and bank refunding for the moment. Cannot find any company information on them at all.
  4. £5000 for the car, £250 deposit, 4 years @ £281 per month. Advantage insisted on warranties too though and thats why I need the agreement. Found agreement - it says 47 payments of £281.27 plus £431.27 as a final payment
  5. I am being charged £12 each month for the arrears. I don't have a copy of the agreement and have requested this as a matter of urgency.
  6. I have an agreement with Advantage Finance. I have had it 11 months. I had reduced payments due to illness last year and they were agreed with them. However, I am now on permanently reduced hours due to that ill health and cannot afford the payments for the car. I asked for a settlement figure as I hoped to sell the car and clear the finance but they stated the figure was £6000 and the car is only worth £4000 at most - therefore that was a no go. I haven't paid half off yet either as only 11 months in. My payments are £311.27 including arrears payments. I am in debt to creditors, have a court order for missed Council Tax payments, Notice to seek possession for rent arrears to - all occurred at the same time. I am a single mum (of teenagers) and was unable to manage my finances due to being unwell so everything got on top of me and left me in the state I am now. I am paying the Council Tax and the rent arrears, all other creditors get £1 token payment but I still am in deficit of £300 a month. Removing the car payments would ease that. I sink further into debt each month, robbing peter to pay paul just to make the car payments. I do not own my own home, have no assets and what's worse, will have a further income drop at the beginning of May of approx £200 a month as my son, in FT college education, turns 20 and all CB, CTC/WTC, CSA stop but he cannot find work despite applying daily for jobs. He is training to be an electrician and it is hoped that when he qualifies in July he can get work in the trade and finally have an income and contribute but I will have to support him from May until July. Any help to be able to sort this out would be great please?
  7. Hi all. Having succesfully won my case with Halifax my son has asked me to fight his corner with Abbey! So here I go again! How do Abbey respond to litigation demands, etc? What's the average timesale? Any specific "Abbey" tips would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  8. I've received a (albeit poor) photocopy / fax copy of an original application with my signature on it and since then at least 5 demands for payment. They have still not provided proof of the payment supposedly made by me some time ago (nearly 5 years they say hence their contact). What should I do now! I'm getting fed up of the letters about once a week! I'd appreciate some advice and some ideas of "strong words" to send to them?
  9. I have just found this thread after exploring the site and have received numerous letters from lowells then their solicitors and now Red Debt Collection Agency over a Barclaycard Debt I've supposedly had since 1992. I truly cannot remember having a card but did apply for one a few times over the years but got turned down. Having spoken to them they insist they can prove it was me and "anyway if it wasn't me why did I pay £5 cash 5 years ago to make a payment and then not make any more???" I didn't make that payment as far as I'm aware. Today I received a letter offering a settlement figure of half the debt or they will continue with recovery action. What should I do to start to take control of this situation and get them to prove it was mine and that I should pay it????? I'm fed up of receiving their letters!!!!!!! Jazz
  10. Hi all. I'm back!! Well done deb - congratulations on your win too! keep going all those that are losing hope - you will win in the end! Jazz P.S. Could the mods do the necessary please to show another win?? Ta!
  11. Hi all. Good news. I'VE WON. Money received in the bank today. Full claim plus court costs plus interest plus daily rate = £9571. Donation coming as soon as I get home as I'm currently on holiday. Keep going everyone it pays off in the end. Jazz.
  12. Can someone advise me so I'm sure? If the bank have not looked at the paperwork and thus filed a defence by the date the court says they have to respond does that mean I can push for Judgement on that date? My case file is : Issued 14th May 2007 Sent 17th May 2007 Deemed as served 20th May 2007 Halifax has until 4th June 2007 to reply! Therefore can I push for judgement on 4th if they haven't acknowledged claim and stated they intend to defend to the court? Notice of issue doesn't entirely make that clear! Ta muchly!
  13. The reply you received is the new standard reply to the mountain of demands for repayment of charges they are now receiving. It is yet another delay tactic and designed to scare you from persuing your claim. Stick to your deadlines, follow the tried methods and send out the letters from the templates and you'll get through it all and win! Good luck - don't be put off!
  14. Had an interesting chat today with a Laura Beatty of Halifax Customer Relations. She said they are currently working on 10th May but when they get to mine I WILL receive a refund of the charges, plus interest, plus court costs! I was told to expect it some time next week! We'll see........
  15. Congratulations!!!! Enjoy!!! I have been advised my notice of issue has been received and logged but nothing more yet! Here's hoping!!!!???
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