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Found 10 results

  1. Hi I bought a car from a dealer back in September I've been advised that the turbo needs replacing. I have 1 years warranty with the car the warranty provider is trying to claim that it is wear and tear. I have checked the policy booklet and the turbo is NOT amongst the items not covered on the scheme I have. My mechanic stated that the air intake was broken around the turbo area and the seal was broken in half, he stated that it looked like a botched repair previously done. I have sent the warranty provider an email threatening legal action with my findings and am ready to take action against the dealer concerned. I have written a threatening letter to the RAC (the RAC are in charge of the dealer concerned) as well but I would like some advice or ideas how I can progress this matter?
  2. Hi All, I am hoping someone can share experience or offer some advise. I set up an IT contractor insurance with Kingsbridge back in June when I was about to start my first contract role. The policy covered me for Professional Indemity insurance and I was quoted £45.00 a month. I agreed to the Insurance plan, two months later I got a better deal through my Accountancy firm I was dealing with. I cancelled the direct debit and notified Kingsbridge. I have now received a letter from Close Brothers Premium Insurance stating I owe them £384.00 for the full insurance policy and it is required upfront. If not, they have threatened to send the debt to a third party collection agency. My insurance cover is now cancelled, so unsure what services the payment is meant to be covering! I have e-mailed them last week on the customer services account, but I have heard no response, it feels like they are just ignoring. Do I have any rights in this matter? What would be the best course of action, bow down and agree a payment plan or dispute the debt. Thanks & regards, David
  3. Good evening, if somebody could give me some advice on the following issue I would be very happy. My son took out a car loan with Close Bros in September 2016. In July this year he was abroad on holiday and unbeknown to him he had gone over his overdraft and any further DD were cancelled and returned, including his car loan Upon returning to the UK the following day (Friday) the day after the missed payment he contacted close bros, but due to the time no one was available. On Saturday he received a letter in regards to missed payment. He tried to contact them again on Sunday but again no one available. Monday morning he rang and made his payment plus a £40 late fee. That Monday at around 5.30pm we had a door step collector visit us. I instructed him the payment had been made and how ridiculous to send somebody round when a payment is 2 days late, he informed me he had not been informed that payment has been made that day. Fast forward to today and a letter has arrived from close bros requesting £25 for the returned direct debit, £15 for the letter and £75 for the door step collector visit. I'm not concerned about paying the £25 or £15 as that is expected but dispute the £75 for the door step collector as the payment had already been made. So where do we stand in this situation? Thanks in advance Sarah
  4. JI have taken out an insurance policy with an instalment plan the instalments are through Close Brothers now due to my boiler blowing up just after I took out the policy I didn't have enough to make the payment on the loan. I called today to make the payment and asked if they would take off the £30 charge, the lady said she would check and after keeping me on hold for 10 minutes told me they couldn't do anything about the charge and I had to pay in full they told me they had a right to charge this amount and would charge it again in the future If I missed another payment. I have also checked my bank statements and with out notice they had tried to take my premium again 7 days after the first failed with the £30 fee included. Can I still claim these fees back or can they just quote the collection act at me as the person on the telephone said they were using :mad2:
  5. Hi - not sure which forum this belongs to so will try here. Firstly (I say this first to make the situation clear) I deliberately did NOT sign a contract with these guys because I didn't agree with the terms. I was sent reminders to sign all the way up to the date of the first DD.. and then they duly took the first and subsequent DD payments without the agreement signed. (What is this type of contract called where some basic terms are implied by the exchange of money? "Implied Contract"?) this is for car insurance. My favoured insurance broker uses Close Premium Finance for payment installments via a credit agreement - they get the money upfront, you pay 5 monthly installments to the creditor. My final instalment of £47.51 didn't go through as I didn't have the funds. This was on 16th October. On 18th October I receive a default notice dated 17th now claiming £77.51 because of an added £30 fine as per the "agreeement" (which I didn't sign). Several days later they tried to take this from my account by adjusting the Direct Debit amount. I should say here also that I did not sign a Direct Debit agreement either with Close Brothers but only gave my bank details to the insurance broker for this purpose as part of the data they needed to enable payment by installment on their system. The default notice gave me until 6th November to pay this increased amount (the total called "arrears") or they would terminate the "agreement" (which I didn't sign..) . I still didn't have the money until this week - am self-employed and had a backlog of invoices to send out and be paid - and also busy so made no contact or payment. Today I received in the post a letter saying they have terminated the "agreement" and are threatening to demand the remaining six months' insurance premium from the insurance broker and pay themselves the arrears, now increased by a further £15 to £92. If they do this, they will both cancel my insurance, get £150 odd back from the insurer and take their £92 (and return £58 to me from what I understand). Yet I'm only £47.51 short of the full amount (£315 I think total - some £70 odd was paid direct to the broker upfront). I'm at a loss as what to do as I don't know where I stand! I have a few questions: - I did not sign the agreement deliberately so as not to be held to the penalties (they call them "fees" of course") so can they even default me at all and does the Consumer Credit Act come into force for ANY loan, whether you sign a contract with mention of it or not? - Can a creditor default someone after just one day and without sending a notice of arrears first? - By me allowing them to take the payments as scheduled and by them acting to take the money, do we have a contract at all and if so what are the terms? Can they automatically include their full terms or is it only a simple implied agreement of supplying the basic credit in exchange for the scheduled payments? - Have they violated Direct Debit rules by both not getting me to sign a mandate explicitly and by then changing the amount from the schedule that was set out? At no point had I agreed to or been informed of a variable Direct Debit. - What steps can I take to prevent them from taking the remaining premium and paying themselves the fees? Or better still stop them from cancelling my insurance with the broker? (although they've stated they've cancelled the loan?) Any help would be much appreciated as I've no idea as to my rights here or what steps to take (I realise thought the amounts may be trivial compared to some other's difficulties!).
  6. hi all , i Really do hate these insurance people i was 1 day late and HAD to pay the £30 charges , mine was due on the 27th November and inbetween having my therapy and seeing to my mother who has breast cancer and i had dentist that day but i STILL tried ringing them even off my mobile (god knows what the charge will be) then when i managed to get through before they closed they put the phone down on me , and they are not open till monday , not that will listen to me but im not paying anymore charges that are not my mistake , only recently lloyds bank had taken £194 in charges over 5 months and they gave me back £50 thats why i dont have a deirect debit set up with close brothers can anyone help im literally 2 months away from having 70% no claims id otherwise change my insurance straight away because of the street i live in , theres been people ringing the police is someone damaged there wind mirror ive had to tell them all , they are not going to go after someone for damage all you have done is put our insurance up im 38 been driving YEARS and i own a renualt megane dynamique and im paying £1300 a year monthly instalements of £82.50 with those £30 on top charges i just dont have the money ive had to borrow of my dad to pay them in the first place anyone have any ideas gladly appreciate it thanks everyone
  7. Lowells have placed an account he had with a catalog onto my file. The accounts in default. He stayed with me for about 6 months before he went to Canada to work. He has now stayed there and as I fell out with him I don't have his current contact details. I contacted Noodle explaining this and they have wrote to me twice now telling me it's up to Lowells to remove it. I've contacted Lowells twice about it and the second time they said they were unable to talk about it to a third party! It's like banging my head against a wall... Its not the debt I want to talk about it's removing it from my credit file. Are there any other options to get this removed from my file? Thank you in advance for any help
  8. Taken from this link from Scottish Express: http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/428437/Brothers-win-blows-a-hole-in-bedroom-tax-benefit-cuts In a ruling that could open the floodgates for thousands to challenge the under-occupancy legislation, a tribunal found that David Nelson’s spare room was too small to be a bedroom. And his brother Ian successfully argued that his “spare” room should be turned into a wet room because he struggles to get in and out of the bath. Around 660,000 social housing tenants across the country have seen their housing benefit reduced by an average of £14 per week because they have an unused bedroom. The disabled, foster carers and those with children in the armed forces are exempt from the rules. David, 57, from Glenrothes, Fife, argued that his spare room was too small to be taxed. He said that at just 50 square feet, the room could not be classed as a bedroom but is a box room. Ian, who only has one leg, successfully argued that his “spare” room should be turned into a wet room because he struggles to get into a bath. At an independent tribunal held in Kirkcaldy, Simon Collins QC ruled that neither brother should have their housing benefits cut as their rooms should be exempt. Mr Collins, a first tier tribunal judge, ruled that a room under 50 square feet is not a bedroom and a room measuring between 50 and 70 square feet is only suitable for children under 10. The ruling is expected to spark a deluge of appeals from the 75,000 people in Scotland said to be affected by the benefits cut.
  9. Has anyone come across this with Close Brothers? I thought they were a professional operation! Wife was diagnosed with cancer a couple of months ago and I've not been able to work. I've informed them of this. Payments have been late for the last few months but I've always paid before the next one was due. I missed last months payment, which was due on the 11th, and told them I should have some money last Friday so would pay them- then the DD would go through as usual from this month. They said they'd ring me on Monday if they didn't hear from me on Friday - I told them not to ring Monday as my wife had her first chemo session at 10am. Between 9am and 10am, on Monday morning, I received five phonecalls from them They have also, on several occassions during the last few months (while we've been having problems) requested I surrender the car as I've paid over half. I've made it clear that the cashflow was temporary and would be resolved. I've just had to go to hospital with my Mum, and while I've been out we had a doorstep caller! This seems exceptionally heavy handed for a £300 late payment don't you think? Any thoughts? I'll also
  10. Hi Yesterday I was using my brothers weekly pass and i got caught my the ticket officer. He took my details and said that i would recieve a letter from northern rail. I have asked everyone and they said that northern rail is going to prosecute me for fraud. whats going to happen, i am extremely worried
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