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  1. It's laughable, to be honest. There has been no typed letter (Charge £15) letter of arrears with the FCS info sheet or a letter of default for the original missed payment. The account was brought up to date within a week of the missed payment. They state they sent a collection agent around on the 27th July when it was the 17th July so they have shot themselves with that one. Why on earth would they send a collection agent around 10 days after the account was brought up to date! The only letter received that I can link to the late payment was received 4 days later from a different firm, incorrectly addressed and asking my son to ring a number to hear a message.
  2. Thank you for your response. how do i go about reclaiming these charges? We have not paid any of them as yet only the late payment
  3. Good evening, if somebody could give me some advice on the following issue I would be very happy. My son took out a car loan with Close Bros in September 2016. In July this year he was abroad on holiday and unbeknown to him he had gone over his overdraft and any further DD were cancelled and returned, including his car loan Upon returning to the UK the following day (Friday) the day after the missed payment he contacted close bros, but due to the time no one was available. On Saturday he received a letter in regards to missed payment. He tried to contact them again on Sunday but again no one available. Monday morning he rang and made his payment plus a £40 late fee. That Monday at around 5.30pm we had a door step collector visit us. I instructed him the payment had been made and how ridiculous to send somebody round when a payment is 2 days late, he informed me he had not been informed that payment has been made that day. Fast forward to today and a letter has arrived from close bros requesting £25 for the returned direct debit, £15 for the letter and £75 for the door step collector visit. I'm not concerned about paying the £25 or £15 as that is expected but dispute the £75 for the door step collector as the payment had already been made. So where do we stand in this situation? Thanks in advance Sarah
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