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  1. Thanks for the advice guys. I've contacted the council direct and explained the situation to them and asked them to recall the debt from dukes so we can pay them direct. I'm guessing that there's a snowballs chance in hell of dukes accepting a reasonable offer such as £10 a month while we trace her Ex to pass his details on the council. I've mailed Dukes asking them to pause action while we wait for the council to respond. I'll update you with the outcome, In the meantime I'm going to try and convince her to go down the DRO route.
  2. hi guys Looking for a bit of advice. My wife has received 2 notices of enforcement from Dukes regarding council tax from 2002/2003. The council obtained liability orders in 2004 against both her and her ex. Now 14 years on out of the blue she has received these notices and giving 14 days to pay or have bailiffs knocking on our door. She is on ESA due to depression & anxiety and this has tipped her over the edge quite a bit so I'm looking for advice. What are dukes like to deal with? I've not really heard anything good about them so far. While I've talk
  3. Advice needed: Another letter from Advantis landed this morning informing me that If I don't pay this statue barred debt, then a agent from HMRC will without notice call at my address and if not paid seize my possessions and sell them at auction!!!! They have admitted to me that the debt is indeed statue barred and that they are unable to take legal action. But I was under the impression that HMRC only had the power to seize goods if the debt was for Tax.... Is anyone able to confirm this?
  4. Short update: Advantis and HMRC have informed me that indeed the debt is not enforceable through the legal action but Advantis have said and I quote "We will carry on with sending letter to enforce payment" In other words they will carry on wasting taxpayers money sending pointless letters..... However today I received a interesting letter from them that I feel needs to be highlighted and maybe even action taken.... The part of the letter reads: Failure to contact us to make arrangements to pay your debt may lead to us recommending to HM Revenue & Customs that they commenc
  5. Ok thank you very much.... I will be very nice when he rings back in 15min.... I promise lol
  6. Back in 2006 tax credits lost our claim and we had to wait 4 months for them to sort it out... So after lots of phone calls and letters we got it back dated for the whole 4 months... Now they just sent a load giros which amounted to around £3000... Before we cashed them we rang to make sure they were the right amounts and they were ok to cash... They confirmed that yes it was the missed payments and under payments.. Fast forward to now... Letter from Tax credits claiming a overpayment on WTC for £450... After much head serching i pinned the amount to the giros.... Also got a letter from
  7. Lowells have placed an account he had with a catalog onto my file. The accounts in default. He stayed with me for about 6 months before he went to Canada to work. He has now stayed there and as I fell out with him I don't have his current contact details. I contacted Noodle explaining this and they have wrote to me twice now telling me it's up to Lowells to remove it. I've contacted Lowells twice about it and the second time they said they were unable to talk about it to a third party! It's like banging my head against a wall... Its not the debt I want to talk about it's removi
  8. Yes I've checked Noddle and its listed on there as £128 (debt+fees) So i'll have to wait till it updates and make sure it's shown as settled.
  9. Final update... I rang Moriarty Law to find out why they had just issued CCJ summons and not responded to my offer. A very polite and helpful young man could not do enough to help me... The letter it seems was not received/lost in the system they were not aware of what we are going through.. . After a phone call to Merligen Investments they accepted an offer of 50p in the pound and wrote off the court/solicitors fees... . Maybe they do have a heart after all.. . Settled in full £25.00 Thank you to everyone on here for your help and sup
  10. DX where do I send the info to? Sorry for being blonde.... I'm on the verge of just paying this really can't cope with the extra pressure atm to be honest.
  11. As the clock ticks my options are running out... I can file for extra time and fight it or pay up.
  12. Update: I wrote to Moriarty Law with a settlement offer and explained my current situation to them.... They have responded with court summons!! These guys are one bunch of sick gits.. One of the reasons I'm behind with some of these minor payments is I'm still paying for my 6yr old daughters funeral... Any spare money I have goes to the undertakers.... I offered them £30 for a debt of £59 given that they only pay a max of 20p in the pound this I felt this was a fair offer. I have about a week left before this is rubber stamped by the court and I get my first CCJ.... Is there an
  13. Could we have a update on this thread for Bright house please. They have now changed the way they work.... . The over priced insurance is now included in the price of the goods and you no longer have a choice to take it or not. They refuse to give you a break down of the cost of the goods and insurance and say you can only buy goods off them with it included. The late fee payment is now £5.50 per agreement and if you have any thing in the yellow money (extra money pushed as a place to save) you no can no longer take it out. Seems to me they are breaking the co
  14. It wasn't a roll over just a small short term loan that was almost paid.... Were talking under £50! I just never heard of or had dealings with this company before... So hence I did a little digging to find the Boss of the DCA also set up the so called law firm. Knowing they paid 10-20p in the pound for it I'll make them a one off, one time only offer lol Believe it or not this sometimes works.. . Had Vanquis card with a balance of £350 and they took my one time only offer of £100 to clear the balance. It just seemed very heavy handed tactics for
  15. Hi I had a small debt with a door step shark(Morses) which after the agent stopped collecting ended up going to a DCA. This morning a letter from Moriarty Law came informing they intend to take court action... After I stopped laughing I did a little digging and have found the following... The address of this law firm 15 Old Bailey, London EC4M 7EF is a virtual office.. . Bit more digging revels that the name of the firms director is also the same as Merligen Investments Ltd. So in other words it's not a real law firm but a in house dept using a Virtual office to
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