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  1. Do I have a case regarding the drive shaft issue? I've done some research and part of the M.O.T testing procedure is to check for any damage to the drive shafts, outlined below. Inspect as follows while the front wheels are jacked up. 1. With the vehicle in neutral gear, rotate the wheels when they are on each lock in turn, and check visually the gaiters of the constant velocity joints while the pleats are expanded .2. Check: a. the front wheel drive shafts for straightness and damage The M.O.T certificate provided to me was clear of any problems, but clearly they missed the bent drive shaft and as a result this car was not fit for purpose.
  2. Thansk for the reply dx. I spoke to the finance company yesterday and I'm waiting for documentation to come so I can log a complaint against the dealership with them. all of the mentioned problems have happened within 6 months of purchasing the car, bar the current engine problem.
  3. Hi guys, Wanted some advice on a major issue I've had with my Focus RS MK2 whereby it overheated recently due to a broken water pump (confirmed by the Ford dealership) after inspecting the engine, they have advised that the cylinder heads and engine block are warped which is more than likely going to require a new engine/rebuild. The car is currently under warranty but I have a nasty feeling that Ford will push back and say this was due to driver neglegence even though I pulled over within 50 metres of seeing the warning light. A bit of background history on this car, since buying it back in August I've had numerous problems with the car, a week after buying it I encountered a grinding noise coming from the bottom of the car, after taking it back to the dealership they found a buckled alloy wheel and a bent driveshaft. The car had a full M.O.T before I picked it up so surely this classes as not road worthy and should have never been sold to me in that state? Both of those parts were replaced but the grinding noise still continues to this day, they've even replaced the brake discs and pads, but are still unable to locate the problem. I've asked for a refund a few times, but the dealership have always pushed back saying they need a chance to rectify the problem, their latest stance on the grinding noise was that they could not locate the source of the problem so were unlikely to be able to fix it, they even tried telling me that high performance cars can be make different noises to normal cars, trust me this is not a normal noise and is not a result of the ride being different. The reason I've outlined the above is because I think that they will refuse to replace the engine, leaving me with a nasty bill and still finance to pay on the car, if it gets to that point, do you think I have a case regarding the previous issues and the fact it was sold to me in a non road worthy state? Cheers for any advice. Not a happy bunny at the moment
  4. Hi all, I've just recently bought a used Focus RS 09 plate for £19,500 from a ford dealership around 4 weeks ago. I requested that an MOT be performed before I picked up the car, which it was, no issues were found. After a week and a half of driving it I get a vibration coming through the pedals, after taking it back to the dealership and them having a look at it, they confirm that it has a bent driveshaft and a buckled alloy wheel. Now, surely this should have been detected in the MOT test previously? Do I have any grounds here to claim a refund on the car? I'm really not happy it was sold to me in this state, that and the fact it's been two weeks and the parts have still not arrived. Just to add, the dealership have said they will cover all costs for the parts and fitting etc as it is still under warranty, but this whole fiasco has made me lose all confidence in the dealership and it makes me worry what else they may have missed on the car. Cheers Dave
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