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Found 15 results

  1. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet but just been on the Universal Job match website and saw this : Universal Jobmatch will be replaced by the Find a job service on 14 May 2018. Important: If you have an existing Universal Jobmatch account it will not move to the new service. Save any information you want to keep, like your CV, cover letters and application history by 17 June 2018.
  2. While browsing through the current UJ pages of advertised jobs I came across a local job advertised by 'UK Recruitment' I never apply for jobs via the UJ site itself since the jobs are invariably advertised by other employment agencies that I use. On this occasion I clicked on the 'Apply' button to check on the what method of applying was required and found that in order to apply I would have to register with UK Recruitment. In order to register successfully I would have to agree to their terms and conditions which were listed as: By clicking submit, you accept our Terms & Conditions Match my skills and distribute my CV to your partner job boards via Freemycv.com and you agree to their terms and conditions In addition to all other job websites, I also agree to have my details registered on TotalJobs. The TotalJobs Group Privacy Policy I agree to have my details registered on Jobsite UK (Worldwide) Ltd Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions apply. I agree to; Share my CV and details with Glassdoor. Create a Glassdoor account and Job Alerts. Agree to Glassdoor’s Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Emails. The Universal Jobmatch Terms & Conditions for Employers, Advertisers and Recruiters states the following in clause 9: 9.1 You agree that jobs you advertise on this site will: 9.1.4 be available to jobseekers on an open and fair basis; My question is; would any reasonable person regard the conditions set by UK Recruitment for applying for this job as open and fair? My curiosity having been aroused I checked further the UK Recruitment terms and conditions to see if they complied with UJ terms and conditions and found quite a few that do not comply. Causes for concern do not end there. On further investigation I found that: UK Recruitment is part of Improbable Technologies Ltd, a privately owned company developing innovative solutions for the worldwide recruitment industry. UK Recruitment offers a low cost, high impact recruitment solution to our clients and has grown significantly in recent months. Improbable Technologies Ltd, founded in Glasgow in 2015. Registered company address: 272 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4JR. Company No. SC516353 Turns out there is only one officer of this company with one share and it has only been in existence since September 2015. Looked up 272 Bath Street, Glasgow and found the name 'Blue Square' above the door. After further investigation of 'Blue Square' on Google it turns out to be company dealing in virtual office or telephone answering products. The advertising promotes it as: "If you are looking for a Glasgow virtual office or telephone answering product, a good starting place is to have a look at our virtual office packages page. We also provide a registered office address service for Limited companies and LLPs. Our services can be purchased online, however, if you would like to sign up by telephone or talk to one of our team, please call 0141 353 9300." My next question is; what is a virtual office? It also transpires that this officer was one of two directors of another sort of employment agency called The Local Agency Ltd, also based in Glasgow. This company operated from April 2011 to Dec 2012 when it was struck off the Register of Companies. I can't ascertain whether or not foul play was involved but, according to HMRC website, in the period 2011/12 struck off companies cost a loss to the Revenue of £16 Billion. My final question for now; who do I notify of my concerns/suspicions that would be able to take the matter further?
  3. Someone who signs on daily like me when he was in on Friday he was given a date to sign back on again after the holidays and he said to me the adviser who signed him on said the office for the computers use is open to Wednesday if u would like to use them he said no he can jobsearch at home she said something back but he can remember what but was he wondering will anything happen if he doesn't go in to use the computers? Or nothing can happen due to not been given a letter or a mandatory letter to come in to the office? He would like some info because he doesn't want to be worried about having money stopped.
  4. I went to sign on yesterday and came away shaken and in floods of tears. I was called over to see the advisor who was going to sign me and had my written jobsearch evidence with me. They asked me how I recorded my jobsearch and I said written on the forms that are given out at the jobcentre. They asked why not on universal jobmatch and I stated that I was happy doing it my way as it kept things clear in my mind. The advisor then when on about how when electronic signing comes in, the pads are there on the desks already, then I would have to provide my jobsearch evidence using universal jobmatch, no ifs or buts as it would be checked remotely by another office before payment is released and if I refuse access then I get no money and my claim will be closed or I will be sanction. I didn't know what to say to this, never heard anything about this so didn't know if they were lying or what to me. They kept going on and on about access to my universal jobmatch account and wouldn't just accept that I was saying no and wanted to record my jobsearch my way. In the end I was getting myself so distressed I had to call my friend over, I take my friend with me I suffer with terrible nerves and get so anxious every time I go near the jobcentre as I am unsure of what will happen each fortnight. By the time she got over I was in floods of tears and was gasping for breath. The advisor then said sign that and told my friend to keep quiet as she was not allowed to speak. They told me this would be discussed on another occasion as access will need to be given. I felt like the advisor was like a dog with a bone and wouldn't let it go no matter what I said. I am now scared of what will happen the next signing day. Can anyone offer any advice at all? Thanks
  5. Is "Universal Jobmatch" DOWN ? I've been trying to log-in all day, as I have to give account of what I've been doing to find work, but everytime I try to log-in it comes up with a blank page.
  6. I went to sign on today and was told that it is no longer sufficient to bring in a jobsearch sheet and print outs of my job applications. The clerk tried to bully me into giving them access to my Universal Jobmatch account but I explained that I would rather not (and the reasons why) so they said that I would have to print out screenshots of my jobsearch activity history instead. Apparently I have to access my Universal Jobmatch account three times a week and look for at least six jobs a week. Does this mean I only have to do three print outs a week and/or whenever I apply for a job? I was previously told that I didn't have to log in to use Universal Jobmatch, so I didn't log in when I used it (I just sent e-mails direct to employers, etc.) and now I haven't got a clue how to fill in the activity history. I have to upload my CV as well. The clerk wasn't very helpful when I asked for assistance so I was wondering if someone could post a typical activity history entry or offer any advice so I know how to proceed and that I am doing enough. I really appreciate any help that anyone can give.
  7. This is my first post so apologies if there is anything wrong with it. I was asked to attend my local JC for a chat about Universal credit as it is being rolled out here soon. I was told I need a bank account with DD etc to pay bills (at the moment I only have a basic one) and that I must open a Universal Jobmatch account or I won't get paid. When I tried to explain that I have bad credit the personal coach said I was 'fighting the system' and that I should stop. They also want me to give them access to it so they can see that I am 'making an effort'. I am on ESA, WRAG and thought that they could not force me to look for work. I am epileptic and cannot use a computer for any length of time (a friend is typing this for me). I have a partner and young child so I am terrified of having no money to pay bills or feed them. Can they insist on my opening a UJ account and what will happen to me if I cannot use it regularly?
  8. Hi, I'm on JSA and currently attending the Work Programme at Ingeus. My question is about my JSA Agreement, I looked through the site yesterday and the replies to a similar question just confused me as there were so many different answers. My JSA Agreement states I have to apply for 2 jobs per week. Yesterday my Advisor at the WP told me I had to apply for 8 jobs per week (3 more per week than I have currently been applying for - I was told to apply for 5 per week when joining the WP). As I live in one of the areas of the highest unemployment in the UK; applying for 8 jobs per week is pretty much mission impossible. I was struggling to apply for 5 per week. I was also told to set my sites lower and apply for entry level jobs! My questions are: is my JSA Agreement still in effect?- I read conflicting advice about this when looking for an answer yesterday. I can't remember if I signed an agreement with the WP Provider but I must have done. Can the Advisor I'm dealing with (who seems to be a right a/hole) get my JSA sanctioned if I'm unable to apply for 8 jobs per week? I will appreciate any replies/advice given. Thanks
  9. Hi everyone A few days ago a message has come up on Jobcentre plus stating that Universal Jobmatch is coming on the 19th of November, but what is this about? does it mean that if you apply for the job does Jobcentre get notify of it? Just a bit confused over this and what does it involve.
  10. Hello. I'm a Post Work Program JS claimant (I finished the Work Program around two months ago). At my last signing an advisor told me that ticking the consent boxes allowing the JC access to my Universal Jobmatch account and to receive emails from DWP is now mandatory. My understanding is that this is not the case, and that I cannot be forced to give consent to access, due to data protection laws. Has this rule changed recently, or was the advisor lying to me? The information I can find online on the consent issue mostly dates from 2013. Does anyone have any up-to-date knowledge/experience of this? Is consent now mandatory for people who have finished the Work Program?
  11. Hi, Was told by JC adviser that the JC is no longer giving the books out. So have to use Universal Jobmatch to apply for jobs and record all job search activities. Also have to tick the box to give them permission for access. To be honest, only applied for some jobs in the very first few weeks there and then kinda abandoned it since then. Found it very difficult to use, and sometimes there was no apply button on the website for you to apply for jobs. Also sometimes cannot even login to the website like today where errors appeared when trying to login to the account. The jobs there mostly come from a third party websites like cv library, monster where already have an account. In general just go on to these job hunting websites straight away as they are already signed in on the computer and the mobile phone. First, just would like to know if it is alright to use the website to record job search activities only, or have to use the website everyday to actually apply for jobs. Second, it is alright to just enter all job search activities on the day prior the signing on day? Sometimes have two interviews on the same day and only applying for jobs on the phone, after finishing those interviews and got home just want to have some good sleep. Third, will the information stores on the website like your CVs, personal information etc be there forever? Thanks.
  12. Hi, Quick question to all of you who have had the wonderful experience of being bullied to register on this website I've got some points that need clearing up. I went into JSA today and saw a different advisor, normally they don't mention anything about my job search or universal job match. Today I was told by a different advisor randomly I need to broaden my job search to apply for any jobs as I've been on JSA a while including any jobs I can find like cleaning etc. Now I'm not trying to be an ass here and pretend I'm too good for anything however the jobs I'm applying for are what I have experience in sales/admin etc. so I'm not about to just randomly apply for a job firstly I have no experience in and I don't even want to do... I'm under the impression you only have to apply for jobs listed on your jobseekers agreement and apply x times a week. I was then told oh you have to sign up for universal job match too and tick the boxes to give us access to your account (now I'm aware you DON'T have to give them access to your account) but of course she makes no mention of this. Seems the DWP are starting to play dirty tactics not telling you things are not mandatory. Am I wrong here? The letter even says "it is PREFERABLE if you give us access to your UJ account" I don't see mandatory anywhere... basically all I've been doing is using a job journal as normal writing company name I applied for and position and it's been fine with my other advisor. So how have you guys handled this? I have good social acuity so I usually just talk my way out of situations and bull**** they feed me and I'm too aware to fall for their crapp, ingeus tried the same thing making me sign a data protection waiver. I feel bad for people who are less clued up and fall for these underhanded tactics... Generally UJ isn't really that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things, however in my life having a basic understanding of legal rights I NEVER EVER sign anything or agree to anything I don't need too and to be honest it's a very good rule of thumb. Even if whatever it is I'm signing may be harmless. Edit: Also just noticed the massive UJ thread, stupid me not keeping an eye out, however my questions are pretty specific so it'd be good to get some tailored responses. Thanks
  13. I am in receipt of JSA but very much looking for work so when the old JobCentre Plus website was replaced by Universal Jobmatch, I created an account on its launch day (taking care to opt out of any e-mail notifications) because it seemed to be impossible to apply for a job I found on there without doing so. That didn't help because as many people will have experienced, the site was unusable for the first few days. I Googled to see if anybody else was having problems and read plenty of stories saying that the company running it, Monster, had a particularly bad reputation for privacy and data protection - so I went back to the UJ site and cancelled my account. However, I began to get e-mail notifications on a regular basis so I used the provided e-mail address to inform them that I should not be getting notifications. At my next signing, I was asked if I had registered and I said that I had but cancelled my account for the reasons given. The advisor seemed quite adamant that I was going to have to register eventually but I was so insistent that a supervisor came over and clarified that it wasn't a current requirement. I continue to get e-mails from the UJ site. At my last signing there was some trouble about my job search evidence over the Christmas period and then I was asked again (by the same advisor) if I had signed up. I said that I had but tried to explain what had happened again but before I had finished they asked for my e-mail address. I thought, what the hell, let's see what happens when they enter it on their computer. Their system said that yes, there was an account and that I had not given permission for them to access it. When I got home, I tried to log in to the account but it said there was an error with my login - I had stored the password within a plugin for my browser so I knew it was right but clicked the link for forgotten password anyway. I entered my e-mail address and it said that there is no account with that address. So, I e-mailed them again to complain about the situation which only goes to confirm that they are not really fit to run such an operation. But in summary: I created an account selecting not to receive notifications. I closed the account I continue to get notifications According to a Job Centre advisor's computer, the account still exists I cannot log into the account and according to the password reminder function, the account does not exist I continue to get notifications Assuming that there will come a time that I have to allow advisors access to my account, what am I supposed to do?
  14. Hi everyone I am very new to this forum, so bare with me lol. My name is John and I train Jobcentre staff and help customers in Jobcentres around Merseyside with online services, mainly Universal Jobmatch. I am creating this new thread about UJ for people who have any questions, problems and need general advice about the site, ask me anything you want about UJ and I'll do my best to answer you as quick as possible. Please note I am not in charge of UJ, I cannot directly change anything on the site, but I can contact the people in charge of UJ and suggest ways of improving the site, so please try not to complain to me as I already know of all the issues with the site, but feel free to let me know of problems and if they have not already been brought up, I can do that. So ask away
  15. http://www.dwp.gov.uk/adviser/updates/universal-jobmatch/ This is due to be released soon!
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