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  1. Hi the email is inderpal.ubhi@serco.com birmingham community leisure trust 12 month membership just 17 when she joined nobody else signed for her, she pays d/d from a debit account with no money going into it as she is at college full time thanks
  2. birmingham leisure the email is the manger at serco.com
  3. it all changed im sure its classed as council but might of privatised she had a part time job at the time and went with her dad to gym getting there and back with him but hes had an injury so hes cancelling gym on medical grounds leaving us with financial situation shes in full time education with no job at all and no way of getting there now.
  4. hi I put a post on fb asking if my daughter can end a contract early with a council gym she is 17.They have said she needs to pay 75% of remainder of fee which is over £60she is in full time education with no job.Any advice appreciated
  5. Lloyds lent us thousands without checking we could repay also a charge on the property for a ltd company that we didnt understand at the time we cleared that and started a dmp years ago but with the help off here we have sar'd our loans and stopped paying.the phone calls had stopped and the letters until the bank sent this one now we are getting letters again.
  6. ok thank you was going to call but it has a number for cabot aswel as a number for lloyds so I was wary thanks!
  7. It was interest or charges so I leave it to pay off cabots debt?
  8. hi this morn I have had a letter saying ive paid bank charges on the above old account that has been sold to cabot the owe me £145 which they will send to cobot to come off the debt , can i get this or if I acknowledge it is that like saying I owe the money will it stir things up if you get my drift? Thanks
  9. we were in the position that having paid out all that money it wasnt running right and to take it back for him to land us with another massive bill and be without the van for a further 5 months wasnt possible. we took it to vw specialist not expecting what he has discovered but instead something simple that had maybe been overlooked we are left horrified at the engine build we have paid for has to be as good as re-built, parts missing and poor workmanship things have been codged.
  10. qcs wetherby , the value of the van is £8000 , yes prepared to take legal action, the garage its at is emailing repair quote as they strip it , its at a vw specialist now with good reviews lesson learnt.
  11. i need some advice we bought a vw t5 which had few problems with engine and gearbox we decided to give it to a company to rebuild the engine and gearbox at a cost of £5300 in may 2017 he said it would be about 4 weeks eventually we pick it up sept 2017 from the day i got it back it smoked ,the company said run it in it never got better then we got an oil leak from the rocker cover gasket which was to bad to drive back to company as its about 100 miles away it cost me another £620 it kept smoking i called the company again and he said it was our cheap tur
  12. Hi just when I thought it was all over our overdraft debt which was passed to cabot have sent us a letter saying its been passed to Moorcroft Debt recovery ltd saying they will send someone to the house unless we make contact. Is this just a scare tactic ? Do I need to do anything or just ignore? Thanks
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