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  1. This was sent... I will gladly see you in court where the sheriff will hear the full story with my detailed documentary evidence and the consumer credit Act where by this clearly states such sums are not allowed I will also outline that the fault which caused the car to fail was there upon purchase from you so i'll push to recover all my money under miselling under the consumer rights act I willingly await your threat of a 'money judgement' whatever that is under the Scottish simple procedure rules?? in the meantime the offer of £2672.88 is sitting here waiting for you and
  2. Perfect, I shall get this into an email and send it over
  3. No I had to take a loan out for other car purchase and made sure loan amount covered what was required to may the 50% value...please wait for email uploads... Can't workout how to attach or send the image of said email trail from my phone...can I forward the trail to your email address? I've just sent the trail in a pm via copy and past...apologies for not being able to do it more efficiently as I'm only using my phone. Thanks Thomas Dear Mr We have recently sent you a letter confirming the remaining balance of £3,330.25 on your account. You can make the pay
  4. Hi guys... I was sent the below email to which I responded that I am only willing the pay the amount to the half rule which is 2672.88 I was then informed that they were instructing their Scottish lawyers to seek a money order or something? They are claiming the additional charges are for a replacement set of keys, which were left in the car... an admin fee for replacing the keys and 480 quid for recovery. What should I do/say in response? "We have recently sent you a letter confirming the remaining balance of £3,330.25 on your account. You can make the payment by d
  5. This is the response I got this morning... What does it mean? You will be liable for the balance under the half rule. Once the recovery process has completed and we have examined the vehicle you will be provided with a final balance. Our Recoveries team will be able to work out a payment plan with you. Kind regards, The Asset Management Team
  6. Ok I'll run with that...
  7. Ok I got that...but I have no means to prove it was there when I bought it d?
  8. Well I've just found out via my mechanic that someone's been and collected the car. I have went to them with above regarding the personal calls at work etc and that I will not be paying a penny more than what is required to reach 50%
  9. Well...tiday I noticed 2 missed calls on the mobile whilst at work which was filled by an email from BCA saying the wished to discuss collection of the car and one from Moneybarn saying BCA would be getting in touch. I replied to BCA via email stating where the car, key, logbook and mot cert were and was hoping they'd then tell me they were going to collect on such and such a date so I could be there. But the next email I got was from Moneybarn stating they'd been informed by BCA that I wasn't complying and the were passing it onto another recovery agent for which I'd be billed blah
  10. The advice given in their letter? What is my next proposed move then?
  11. Just received this email response... AGREEMENT NUMBER: REGISTRATION NUMBER: We received your notice of termination of the above agreement on 24th June 2017. Your contact details will now be passed to a company called BCA (British Car Auctions) who will contact you directly to arrange the inspection and collection of the vehicle, which we will agree to carry out free of charge. Please note they will be only able to inspect and collect between the hours of 9am until 5pm weekdays only. BCA will now contact you within the next 2 working days to arrange the appointment a
  12. I don't get you.." Prove I did the remapping"? I'm content with paying the 50% I'd budgeted for that any way but...if there is a way I can save 2 & 1/2 grand, then I'm all ears
  13. Even a year down the line? Turns out you can only read sci to see/read the file. Only then will or can it show a remap but know way of telling when. What would be the repercussions of me serving the VT in this instance? Not sci but ecu...damn autocorrect!
  14. Can certainly find out...
  15. It's not a report as such it was verbal from my mechanic. What would your suggestion be and my argument with them consist of?
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