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  1. I have been made a revised offer at this stage which is they take the vehicle back and they will refund everything I have paid on the agreement from the day the vehicle broke down but nothing in the way of compensation I myself am fairly happy with the offer but for the fact it is a couple of hundred quid off of what I wanted at the beginning of the process I have been a little cheeky in the fact I have agreed to the terms but only if the vehicle is collected before this Friday and their payment has cleared before the car collected. And I gave them that deadline on Friday just gone. If they manage that I can buy a new car this weekend. And if not which I doubt they will manage it the adjudicator is going to pass the case to the ombudsman on Monday and I'm looking at an extra £1000 in compensation and costs that I have incurred So basically either way I win this either by getting sorted in a shorter time frame or by getting a better payout Watch this space
  2. So the buisiness have made an offer today They would like to take the vehicle back with no cost to me and no liability for them Neither I nor the adjudicator think this is a fair offer and I have asked that if they take the vehicle back to refund me 7 months of finance payments and the £500 for my trade in But either way i am happy that the buisiness concede the fact that they will have to do something about this just pushing for all I can get now!
  3. I have another update guys The buisiness paid for an independent report and it was their own chosen assesors. The report concluded that the fault was developing at the point of sale and the earlier issue with the diff is 'clearly unrelated' the adjudicator at the fos has recommended that the complaint be upheld. I am now waiting to see if the company agree with her findings or whether they are going to drag this out to an ombudsmans decision This has been over 7 months now with no final outcome yet but I'm not going to rest until I get the result I am after!
  4. So the buisiness have decided that they would pay for the inspection... As long as it's one of their own assesors that they use. I think not!! The ombudsman have already told them that that is not acceptable and they are to use DEKRA to do the inspection so we will see what they come back with Back to the waiting game!!
  5. Not as of yet. The buisiness have until Wednesday to decide whether they will pay for the independent assessment or not
  6. Sorry for the confusion lol The complaint I have made is due to engine failure (a loud bottom end knock) They are trying to get out of paying as somehow they thing that a whine from the diff is the cause of the problem as I had mentioned that to them about a week after buying the car but the diff is all sorted now as I have changed the oil in the diff which cured that noise
  7. Thanks for that Martin. I really don't think it's something to worry about as I know that Conrod bearings don't wear to the point where it's knocking overnight. Surely? My only problem is the way this is going to work is they choose 3 assesors and I choose one of the three how can I be sure that they don't have a group of assesors 'in their pockets' I suppose all I can do now is wait and pull some more hair out.
  8. Small update Got a call from the adjudicator today to say she has asked the company to pay for an independent engineers report on the vehicle to determine the exact fault with the engine and to hopefully come up with the cause of the fault. She has also said that if the company don't agree to pay for this report then she is going to pass the case on to the ombudsman. Do I have any need to be worried that this 'independent' report may favour the company over the consumer.
  9. The next move is waiting now for the ombudsman to give their final decision it's being passed on from the adjudicator to the actual ombudsman And yes the service book was given to me by the dealer and the full service history was the sole reason I picked this particular vehicle I would like to thank you guys for the support and I will definately keep this thread updated Oh and somehow I have handled this whole thing without any swear words as of yet I am really quite proud of myself
  10. Hi all This is my first post here and im hoping for some advice from you guys and also to share my experience as i proceed with my complaint i will try to be as thorough as possible without naming any companies as the complaint is ongoing and i wouldn't want to jeopardise that i bought a car in June last year for £8000 on a hire purchase agreement. it was 7 years old and sold to me with full service history at 87,000 miles a month or so later i noticed a whining noise from the rear end of the vehicle, nothing drastic at all but i thought i would get them to look at is as it was still under warranty. The dealer at this point booked the vehicle in for two days later an appointment i missed due to only receiving the dealers voice mail the day of the appointment i called the dealer and he said he would rebook it as it happened the appointment was rebooked for the following week which i missed again due to being on an emergency call out (being an electrician). at this point i decided i had inconvenienced the dealer enough and decided to change the oil in the differential to see if this would cure the issue and it did all the noise was gone and i was perfectly happy. that was until October 4 months after buying the vehicle. this is when i noticed a loud knocking from the engine took it to a local specialist who ran diagnostics and advised me to drive the car lightly for another 100 miles and take it back to see what fault codes had re-occurred which i did then took the car back to them where they diagnosed that there had been damage to the bottom end of the engine most likely due to low oil pressure or poor servicing and this is when i decided to approach the HP company and raise the complaint. upon raising my complaint i had nothing but "we will get someone to call you back" for weeks until i got a letter saying their final response was they would not pay out as the vehicle had covered 13,000 miles since i picked it up, this is not true as at this point the vehicle is sat around 90.500 miles and i had covered only 3000. this was due to them having the mileage at inception some 10,000 miles less on their system. the car was MOT'd the day i bought it so i sent them a copy of that and they re-opened the complaint and i was given a claim handler but to cut this part short they messed me about for 9 weeks then issued a final response saying they would not pay out because they believe that me not having the differential looked at (rear end of the vehicle) had caused the engine failure. this was the point i contacted the FOS and asked them to review my case and i gave them the above information. the adjudicator then contacted the lender and asked them for some information and asked for my evidence to back up what i have claimed. the adjudicator gave her initial opinion last week that the complaint be upheld and the lender should pay for the repair and compensate me £200. in response to this the lender asked if i could evidence the oil change for the rear axle which considering i did this myself i cannot. the lender then gave their view that they would not pay out because they say i drove the car after it was diagnosed with a major problem (this is simply untrue and frankly they have no way of proving otherwise the car has sat on my drive since the day i got it back from the specialist). they say when i reported the whine from the rear end i also reported an engine management light (again this is a bare faced lie and i had never experienced or reported anything of the sort). obviously a bit deflated by this i did a little research and contacted the main dealer that last serviced the car in my service history book they have said that the vehicle was in the workshop on the day in question but it was for a free health check (tyres/wipers and such) and not a service. i have copies of their job sheets and pictures of my service book to back this up the service book is clearly ticked to say the oil and filter was changed. this clearly proves that the last time the engine oil was changed was the service previous to that one some 30,000 miles ago and obviously the vehicle does not have a full service history. i have provided the adjudicator with this information and am expecting her final opinion on the matter before next Wednesday. obviously being one of the parties involved i cannot give an impartial view on this but i feel strongly that this is a pretty clear cut case of vehicle not of satisfactory quality and that of misrepresentation all i am asking for is that my vehicle is repaired so i can finally get on with my life as i feel this is taking all of my time and energy. im so sorry for the long post and bad grammar but i have tried to fit in as much information as i can any opinion on the above would be greatly appreciated and i will update this thread with any progress i get from here on out to hopefully help someone else out in the same situation
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