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  1. Hi. I took my BMW 3 series to my local garage to have a 2nd hand engine put in as my last engine died due to no oil after a leak in that engine. the RAC took it to the garage and the garage gave me a quote of £800 that's the engine and delivery then about 30 mins later they rang me back and said it was £900, so I paid. I got the car back after about 3 weeks the engine was fitted and they also charged me for a new clutch plate but not the labour this was an extra £250 that they didn't even ask me about. altogether I spent £1,900 on this engine and I drove it round for a week and it started making a noise and loosing power again so once again I called RAC and they said I had an oil leak. so took it down garage and they said they couldn't find a leak but cleaned the engine and told me to go back in a week to see if they can see where its coming from. in the mean time I took it to another garage for some advice and they said I have 3 leaks in this engine. what can I do to make sure they repair the engine and also they said that if they have to take the engine out to repair it it will cost me labour even tho its their fault for not checking before putting the engine in. PLEASE help Thank you
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