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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I will really appreciate your guidance, suggestions and help please. Bought LG G3 phone in June last year from amazon.co.uk for £234.93 (Sold by FRElectronics:Fulfilled by Amazon) and paid by Capital One credit card, it came with a 2 years warranty. I use all my things very carefully and was very careful with the phone; within a couple of months noticed that it overheated every now and then and upon searching online saw it was a common problem with LG G3 but as the phone was at least operational I kept on using it. Earlier this year the screen became yellow at one spot on left side and it seemed that it was also a common problem, I contacted LG support and they said it will have to be inspected at their service centre and since I was out of the country at that time I thought when I will return to UK I will get it checked by them since the warranty is valid till June 2017. Last month it stopped working just like that, I had put it on for charging and later on when checked it won’t work and showed blue screen and sometimes even the blue screen didn’t show. I tried all possible things that were suggested in different forums like taking the battery out and restart etc nothing helped. Contacted LG support through their website and they said they will have it collected and repaired, they got it collected through DPD after about 10 days I got a notification that it’s being sent back. When I collected it, I was very disappointed to see that they have not repaired it and just sent a note that states: “Out of Warranty Inspection Report We have inspected your LG mobile and regret to inform you that due to our findings of liquid damage we are unable to accept repair under LG’s warranty policy. Faults/Found Evidence of liquid residue found. Comment Unit is deemed to be beyond economic repair and out of warranty” I called up their support line straight away and guy on the phone said nothing can be done as its liquid damage, I said to him that it never fell down in water etc and he said that it could happen even with small amount of moisture/dampness entering the phone which gradually expands. I am not happy with the response I got and also do not agree with their findings and advice. I need advice/suggestions as to what shall be the best course of action to resolve the issue and either get my phone fixed, replaced or refunded. 1. Shall I contact LG again? Although I don’t think they will do much as the guy said nothing can be done. 2. Contact Capital One as paid through them and it was £234. 3. Contact Amazon I understand that after 6 months things may become slightly more difficult but like I said above I was always careful with the phone and experienced the heating issues within the first couple of months and subsequently yellow spots afterwards and then finally it stopped working. In my experience the phone design and hardware is faulty as I am not the only one who experienced these issues. Looking forward to your help. Thank you
  2. Hi Folks, Apologies if this is in the wrong section, I didn't know where else was appropriate for this post, if it is in the wrong section, could the mods move it accordingly please. My wife's grandfather was sold a 'Walk In' bath less than 18 months ago for £5000 by Mobility Plus however the seal around the door has perished completely causing the bath to leak. My wife's grandfather has contacted Mobility Plus to get the seal replaced however upon phoning them, they have informed him that although he purchased the bath through them - the company which made the bath's/supplied parts to Mobility Plus has gone bust and therefore they cannot honour his 3 year warranty. At least part(if not all) of the £5000 was paid by credit card and due to the above I need some advice before I take them on, on his behalf. 1) Irrespective Of The Supplying Company going 'Bust', are Mobility Plus legally required to honour the 3 year warranty as he purchased said goods and warranty through them? 2) Regarding the payment by credit card, Is he covered under section 75 of the CCA or 3) As the item has not lasted a reasonable amount of time, does he have rights under the Sale Of Goods Act. Any help would be appreciated as I am due to phone Mobility Plus tomorrow. Many Thanks
  3. I booked a GAdventures holiday via STA Travel. Brochure states recommended 18-39s. We are older but travelled last year to India with them no problem. STA Travel took full payment for tour and flights (seats booked etc). I received confirmation and receipt from STA Travel. No documents from GAdventures arrived after over a month, I queried this with STA Travel, who tell me GAdventures won't accept our booking because of our ages and they have now changed their policy since the brochures was printed. STA admit it's not my fault but are pushing me to take another tour (more active!) and GAdventures are telling me to take it up with STA. Is there any legal battle here - false advertising etc, plus my money has been taken and confirmation received from STA Travel. Any legal advice would be much appreciated, thank you.
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