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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I am hoping to get some advice on this thread. Myself, my 2 children, my sister her 2 children and my mum all stayed at parkdean (Shurdale). it was supposed to be 4 nights but was only there for 2. We were in a 3 bedroom van. The first night we had no sleep due to the caravan behind us. The caravan behind was full of teenagers (No adult supervision). They were swearing shouting and screaming till 2am. We tried to call security repeatedly but could not get through. Myself and my sister went out to ask them to keep the noise down twice, but this did not help matters. The next morning, we visited reception to let them know what had happened, they said they would investigate, we went about our day. I popped back into reception on our way back to the caravan to make sure the matter was dealt with and we wouldn’t have a repeat of the night before. I was assured this would not happen. We got back to the caravan where we started to make dinner when suddenly a few loud bangs were heard. I then realised that things were being thrown at the caravan. My mum and sister went straight to reception to tell the staff what had happened. They came to the caravan where the staff witnessed a fire extinguisher just outside the caravan which must have been what was thrown. We did not feel safe and would have all driven home there and then except we had shared a bottle of wine so did not want to drive in case we were over the limit. They agreed to move us to a different caravan but only had a two-bedroom available, we decided to suffer a tight squeeze and I said it would be fine as long as a travel cot was brought for us to use, we were promised this would be fine and the security guard would bring it for us. We got to the 2 bedroom caravan about 6pm and I did notice there was some ant powder around the bathroom. Not ideal but I understand ants can sometimes be a problem. I continued to contact security until 9.30pm for the travel cot, He finally said he couldn’t find one so instead I asked for extra duvets and pillows and was going to try and make a safe place for my sister’s baby to sleep. I slept in the living on the pull-out bed with my 2 children 8 and 4 years old. I was woken up a 3am with ants crawling all over me I then spent the rest of the early hours of the morning on ant watch stopping any ants from crawling over my children. It was vile! The floor was moving! I have video evidence on this. My mum and sister woke up at 6am and we made our way home immediately. Reception did not open till 9 and we weren’t waiting around in the caravan till then. 9am I rang the reception desk at parkdean and asked to speak to the manager. I explained what had happened and he promised we would get a full refund. I wasn’t expecting anything less. I checked my bank account 3 weeks later and the money had not been refunded. I rang the reception again and was told by the same manager that we wouldn’t be getting the refund as we had damaged the caravan. Honestly, I was gobsmacked! I asked what damage and for proof that I have never been given. I asked why no one had contacted me to tell me this and he had no answer. I rang customer services and started a new complaint. went through the whole story again, I was told I would hear from them in 7-10 days. After 10 days rang them back and was told the case had been resolved and closed. No one had contacted us to tell us our refund had been refused, the staff at shurdale just closed the case. I was told that they would reopen the case as I wasn’t happy with the decision. I waited another 10 days and received a letter in the post from Shurdales general manager again they stated they wouldn’t refund. No justification given! sorry for the long story but I want to now hit them with a letter before action and I have no idea where to start? Can anyone help me? Thanks
  2. Hi. Have just been given a weekend paid for caravan at a Parkdean site by a friend who can no longer go. I called Parkdean to advise that my friend is no longer going, but she has given it to me. I was informed that there was a £20 admin fee for changing the name. Whilst i'm grateful that my friend has given me a free weekend away, i can't help but think that they're taking the mick charging £20 for changing the details. I sent a message via Twitter, and have had their twitter team call me and reconfirm that there will be a £20 charge which will not be waived. I've asked what it was for, they said it was to cover the manpower it takes to swap details and reprint the documents. I asked what documents, i thought it was all done electronically, which she said yes it is, no printing is involved, but still confirmed the £20 stands. I would have accepted a £5 fee as would probably take maximum 15 mins to swap details, and that is based at the ridiculously paid rate of £20/hour for data entry. Can anyone tell me if i should just accept it, or if i have any grounds to stand up to this charge?
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