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Found 25 results

  1. Hello all. I am hoping for a bit of advice please. I received a very worrying letter from Walker Love today advising that I owe their client £396 (the original creditor was Next Directory...but I believe this is now owned by Lowell). The default took place in 2014 and at the time I was suffering from chronic illness that meant I fell behind with payments. You know the story...it ended in the default. I never denied my debt.. .I emailed and called offering payment several times and was dismissed. ..I was told that their agents would be in touch. Several months later it was sold to Lowell for pence to the pound. I have not paid them a penny to date. I know that Walker Love are sheriff officers.. .and wonder about the seriousness of their letter? I would rather make payment in small amounts than face any further damage to my credit file. I have already suffered for several years now for my silly mistake. My question is how to proceed with them to avoid further hassle? I cant afford the full payment, bills aside I have very limited disposable income.
  2. Booked hotel only with Love Holidays and am paying in instalments £60 deposit and one payment of £280 so far with the balance due July. Since booking our chosen hotel has had some really dire reviews and any that are positive seem to be fake ! I'm petrified of staying there now especially as hubby will not be with me and I will be on my own with two young kids. I'd rather cancel and stay somewhere else. Am also fearful that the third party company will have overbooked or not have my booking at all something I have now read is quite common. I know its common practice for bookings to be processed via a third party but LH seem to be notorious for using agents who do not honour the original booking. I'm not fussed about losing what I've paid so far but am wondering whether that are likely to pursue me for the balance. I'm waiting for them to confirm how much it will cost to cancel and in the meantime Ive checked the T's and c's for the third party company who are beds with ease and they state 25% which isn't quite what I've paid yet. Anyone had any experience of this ?
  3. I received a simple procedure notice of claim recently and I'm unsure of what to do. This was from a few addresses ago. I'm unemployed, recently had a baby and suffering from postnatal depression. My brain is a bit 'fuzzy' at the moment and I find it hard to take things in and concentrate. What do I Do?
  4. Hi there, had a terrifying experience this morning. My mum has received an official letter from Walker Love, hand posted through her door, saying she has 14 days to pay roughly 15 thousand pounds in council tax arrears or she will be subject to the usual procedures, bank account arrested, made bankrupt etc etc. This is terrifying, but also confusing. 1) this is supposedly unpaid council tax for a property dating back to 2001 2) the property was vacated in 2005 3) my dad died in 2005 and his considerable debts were handled by a lawyer at the time. There has been no mention of any monies still owed, since 2006 - until today. 4) My mum is 71, flat broke with no savings and only has her modest state pension. 5) She is currently being assessed for possible Alzheimer's Disease - but is still 'with it' enough to be able to read the letter and have a breakdown, which she did this morning. 6) How is she liable for this, and how have the costs continues to accrue for all these years? 7) WHY has there been no mention of this until now, when the debt has reached a frankly laughable and unplayable amount? 8) Where do I start in terms of tackling this for her, as she neither mentally, emotionally or financially capable of dealing with any of this? I have read bits and bobs about not communicating with Walker Love, not letting them access her property etc etc she can't realistically afford to repay anything of this money and she can't handle someone turning up to her door. I live 40 miles away and work 12 hour shifts so it's hard for me to deal with any doorstep harassment. At present, my mum lives in a council property and has very little by way of possessions, no savings, and lives week to week on her meagre pension. Any advice would be really helpful guys - my poor mum is frantic and we don't know what to do. She went through absolute hell after my dad died, due to all his debts which she knew nothing about . She lost everything and had a massive mental breakdown. I can't let this happen again. I just don't understand where this has come from. No mention of it for years and years and then whack! "You have two weeks to pay us 15 grand."
  5. Please can anyone help. My daughter has bi-polar and will often spend money on things she cannot afford. She booked a holiday to Las Vegas in December and all the money has come out of her account but she doesn't have enough money to actually go. Love Holidays say the contract is with 'their suppliers' and she can't get her money back (we didn't expect it all). Anyone had experience of this issue please.
  6. Last year I entered into one of N'power's 'deals' to save me money. It was actually the best deal around at the time - monthly direct Debit £46.00. This was around June time - a couple of months later, they 'suggested' that I would need to increase my DD because they estimated from my usage that it would cost a lot more over the winter period. They wanted about £65 + - I said no, bearing in mind that the previous review had netted me a refund of over £100.00, I couldn't see that I would be that much behind and I would be happy to just pay any underpayment. Not happy with that, they umm'ed and ah'ed and I compromised at an extra £10.00 per month. So I have been paying them £56.00. Just received my online summary and already I am £97.00 in credit - however, look at this message they left on screen for me.... !! Well tough, I want my money.. . Message from Npower.pdf
  7. Good morning all, Been a member some time - not usually one to post for the hell of it but I have been really racking my brains over this one and hitting brick walls wherever I go... Long story short - had booked a holiday for myself over Xmas and when I arrived they told me the hotel was overbooked. They then put me in a cab and sent me from my nice *chosen* serene resort, and dumped me in a completely different resort, right in the heart of the shops / nightclubs etc The accommodation was a lower grade, fewer facilities and I wouldn't have chosen it in a million years. I called Love Holidays there and then as I just wanted to come home. I took loads of pictures and on their advice, decided to try and make the best of a bad situation and raised a complaint when I got back. They forwarded this to Hotel Beds (who my contract is with, apparently) who agreed I'd been let down, totally unacceptable etc and offered "compensation" of 25% of the accommodation which clearly wasn't going to cut it. I'd paid over £500 total and they were offering me £64 back. After a bit of follow-up this was raised to 40% and £103 compensation. How can anyone in this day and age pay for one product and receive something totally different? Anyway - ABTA didn't want to know because Hotel Beds are based in Spain and are obviously not ABTA affiliated (that's handy isn't it?) which begs the question - why are Love Holidays if nothing you ever book with them is never their responsibility? If you ask me, it's more of a selling point "look at us, we're ABTA affiliated!" - indeed, but that endorsement is about as much use as a condom machine in the Vatican. I digress... So I send my complaint (along with photographs, screenshots etc) directly to Hotel Beds - and despite their pledges on their website to "guarantee" to answer emails within 24 hours and resolve complaints within 7 working days - I've not heard a peep out of them. Unfortunately booked with debit card and although the bank are part of the Visa voluntary chargeback scheme, their hands are tied because Hotel Beds are "willing to provide assistance" in offering me a laughable amount of compensation for ruining my Christmas with lack of sleep, stress, and putting me in 1960s style accommodation when I paid for so much more. I'm not sure what to do now. I'd offer to drive over to their HQ and bend over - but they're based in Spain (I think) which would involve me booking and paying for more travel... Any wise words would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading.
  8. Received this letter in the post today, I've never had any contact with them before. There was no other information included so I dont even know which years this is apparently for! What would be my proper course of action? And how do I find out more about this 'summary warrant'. Regards
  9. I booked a holiday a few weeks back using Love Holidays. The total cost of the holiday was £680, all i have paid so far is the £80 deposit. It was a silly holiday to book anyway, I can afford to go but I could do with the money on other things so I decided i wanted to cancel it. I emailed them asking to cancel and now they want me to pay for the flight cost, which is £300, the holiday isn't even for over a month away surely this is an acceptable cancellation period! Anything I can do? Thanks
  10. Hi All Long time since I have been on here...... i have an agreement to pay walker love 200.00 pm to pay off council tax arrears. I thought all was going well, however it appears I may have missed a payment back in december. I have had no communication from them until recently I received a letter from my bank advising of an arrestment of my account (over 400.00). I then received a 'mandate' from WL asking me to sign to say they can have the money..... Whilst i agree I may owe them the money, I am not sure how they came to the figure they have. My questions are: - if i sign this mandate allowing release of the funds, does this automatically allow them to arrest and release funds in the future, i.e. is it an ongoing agreement? - Do I have to release the funds.... or can I negotiate to have the arrestment lifted? I am also loathe to call them because of 1 their attitude and also the fact it is a 084 number costing at least 7p a minute. Any help, advice guidance appreciated.
  11. A retired guy sits around the house all day, so one day his wife says “Joe, you could do something useful, like vacuum the house once a week”. The guy gives it a moment’s thought and says, “Sure why not. Where’s the vacuum?” Half an hour later, the guy comes into the kitchen to get some coffee. His wife says, “I didn't hear the vacuum running, I thought you were going to do the vacuuming”? Exasperated, Joe answers, ”The stupid thing is broken, it won't start. We need to buy a new one”. “Really?” she says “Show me - it worked fine the last time!” So he did… (Click Here)
  12. Hi, i got a 'Charge of payment' letter through the door from Walker Love stating that a summary warrant has been granted me and i owe £1421. This was council tax debt from a previous address for 2010,2011, & 2012, this is the first i have had any correspondence regarding this debt from walker love. I was really struggling during this time due to job loss and could barely afford to pay the rent and accrued quite a lot of debt at the time. I was just wondering what is the best course of action, i don't really want to deal with sheriff officers can i still come to an arrangement with the council? Do Walker Love actually have a summary warrant? what realistically will happen next? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  13. Over 70s prefer SEX than going to cinema ... and love Queen and Only Fools and Horses Many one liners in the article from Fools and horses. Such as 1 Did you know, 500 years ago this was a green and peaceful area? The old Earl of Peckham had a castle where the Kwik-Fit exhaust centre now stands. Flaxen-haired maidens used to dance round the village maypole of an evening. And then one fateful medieval day, the Trotter clan arrived in a stolen Zephyr. And as for queen i remember the group starting.Do you? And Fools and horses. As for sex my daughter thinks anyone over the age of 40 is well past it. No comment from the owl. But a joke perhaps. A guy stuck his head into a barbershop and asked, "How long before I can get a haircut?" The barber looked around the shop full of customers and said, "About 2 hours." The guy left. A few days later, the same guy stuck his head in the door and asked, "How long before I can get a haircut?" The barber looked around at the shop and said, "About 3 hours." The guy left. A week later, the same guy stuck his head in the shop and asked, "How long before I can get a haircut?" The barber looked around the shop and said, "About an hour and a half." The guy left. The barber turned to his friend and said, "Hey, Bob, do me a favor, follow him and see where he goes. He keeps asking how long he has to wait for a haircut, but he never comes back. " A little while later, Bob returned to the shop, laughing hysterically. The barber asked, So, where does he go when he leaves?" Bob looked up, wiped the tears from his eyes and said, "Your house!" More. A third of 70-somethings are still working for a living years after retirement age , according to a survey. And are carrying debt. And 22% are working full time, despite picking up their bus passes several years ago Quite a good article covering a good few things. And all of a sudden has made me realise how quick time goes. So make sure you enjoy it.I am sure you are. A lady i have just been reading about who i find fascinating. One of her sayings. “I pity people who can't find laughter or at least some bit of amusement in the little doings of the day. I believe I could find something ridiculous even in the saddest moment, if necessary. It has nothing to do with being superficial. It's a matter of joy in life.” ― Sophie Scholl The article. http://www.mirror.co.uk/money/over-70s-prefer-sex-going-7467869
  14. They really are a curse! I have posted a couple of times regarding the nightmare I have had with one of these companies. With all the claims being made regarding Payday loan companies, I can't see any difference with these loans. I really hope we get some sort of compensation for all we have gone through. As with all these type of loans, once you've borrowed from them, it can be a vicious cycle, but in my case, when I first started until I finished not one credit check was made. They did an affordability check but how does that prove one's ability to pay. The desperateness of someones situation may mean they forget some debts or elevate their income etc. Easily done in the heat of the moment. Great day when they are banned or compensation awaits!
  15. I know that this isn't a big problem compared to most of the problems on here but I could use a little knowledge on the subject. My partner moved in with me in January after cancelling his BT broadband account, he paid his final bill but did not pay the £30 cancellation out of principle as he was unaware that was in his terms and conditions. They do not know where he lives and have no phone number for him but they do have an email address which has been passed to Walker Love (correspondence below). He is tempted to ignore the email but I am concerned as to where this could lead if anywhere. I have heard of unpaid debts mounting up over years and I do not want it to come back and bite him so I'd like to know what the real consequences could be? 'We've passed your debt of £37.50 to a collection agency. We've sent you several reminders but you still haven't paid us what you owe. So we've now passed your debt to Walker Love Collections, an authorised debt collection agency, to get in touch with you about paying it off. We've also added a charge of 25%, included in the outstanding balance above, to cover the cost of us handing over the debt.'
  16. Hi not sure if this is the correct forum. Also the details I have just now a fairly limited. Sorry. My self and my partner have received an 'appointment letter' from walker love, stating they have a legal document they need to serve. I am not sure what this is to do with (possibly council tax). It has a code at the bottom mentioning 'sequistration'. A couple of questions: 1) does this mean some one has applied for sequestration? 2) If and when they turn up do we have to speak to them and / or allow them entry? 3) will we be getting 'charged' and attendance fee everytime they write to us or turn up at the door? Any advice greatly appreciated, this is freaking me out. thanks G
  17. Hi Hope someone can help with this. Lowell took over this credit card debt 6 months ago from Bank of Scotland. The credit card was taken out about 10 years ago. I stopped repayments approximately 4 years ago. Just got a letter today from Lowell stating they have checked my credit file and see that I am a homeowner and are threatening to take me to court over debt. Debt is for £8500. Any help with were I go next would be gratefully appreciated as I have a terminally ill mother who I am nursing and this is worrying me sick. Thanks
  18. hey guys this years council tax 2013/2014 £506 has been pass to the walker love sheriff officers plus there 10% charge making it to abt £556 i owe in total. i have setted up a payment arragment i offered £50 a month they refused due to my income £1300 they said they can get a wage arressment for £160 a month if they want to but said they will accept £100 a month without going thru all that . do they have or myself go to court for wage arressment also i didnt recieve any time to pay form etc with my letter from them. how much can they take if they get wage arresment ? as i will be asking to reduce as i wont be able to afford this and pay next year council tax ? so if i dont pay next year council tax it go to walker love again no doubt for wage arressment or bank arressment - how do they find out which bank or your employer your with todo this ? thx guys
  19. Hi, I don't know if I have got this in the right place but here goes. My daughter at Christmas last year started using Love Films so she could watch it on her kindle. Fine not a problem until noticed that love films were not taking 1 lot of money each month but 2 lots and on the same day. I have rung them over and over again asking why they have been taking 2 lots of money but I keep getting told you much have opened up 2 accounts on the same day. I know I am blonde but I know that I did not do the filling in of my card details twice I am not that stupid. My daughter also cancelled this account 2 months ago and low and behold on my bank statement they have took 2 lots out again . I have rung them and they said they can put a hold on the account but they can not reimburse the money they have taken even though it has been cancelled and I have told them 2 accounts were not opened at Christmas. They now owe me up to date £59.89 anyone have any ideas what I can do to get this money back I am my wits end with this. The money should be in my account not theirs.
  20. Friend had a letter from MoorCrap last week. Wrote them a bog off letter and went online to fill out an I&E form even though my letter told them only a Judge can request this. Anyway, I fileld it in with a list of the other creditors and amounts and it automatically works out a pro-rata payment offer to everyone. Very clever. But.. As the amount MoorCrap are chasing is less than half of what is owed to the others, their own I&E said that the pro rata paymment to MoorCrap is £0.00 LOL. Everyone else gets 5p and 8p for theb igger debts lol!
  21. i signed up with Lovefilm. I was informed the account would not open unless i call in to activate. to my surprise they did this without my authorisation.they have been taking money out of my account without my authorisaton. They refunded this and i cancelled the account and still proceeded to take money from my account . i even got debt collector letters from them even though i owed them nothing . i spoke to the the manager supervisor from head office and finally the account is closed (i hope). he would not even award me any compensation for this trouble that lasted almost a year. is this not breech of my rights? can i not report this? what can i do about this? they really took advantage and its not fair they cant keep doing this to customers and just appologise at the end of it and everything is ok.
  22. Hi Guys Looking for some advice. I currently have a couple of council tax debts, one for last financial year for around £500 and one for this financial year. Last years debt has been passed to walker love and this years is being dealt with by my local council. i have standing orders with them both for an affordable ammount. Now i must have called walker love about two weeks ago to arrange this debt and in fairness i wasnt on the phone long and it got sorted pretty quickly. i check this months payslip and i can see a deduction titled "eas scotland" for 122.39, i didnt know what this was but assumed it must be a mistake by either walker love or the council as they had both agreed to settlement plans. called the council first and gave me refference number, they informed me this was for a previous council tax debt from oct 2008 to feb 2009 for around £460.00, this was a flat i stayed in with a friend and he was to arrange payment of the council tax and i was advised it was in hand, i have never heard a peep from the council or walker love in 4 years in relation to this debt and not once when i called two weeks ago did they even mention it!!! what i really need to know is can they do this? surely they cant arrest someones wages if they were not even aware of the debt and have never been informed by the council of walker love, i have not called walker love yet but the man i spoke to at the council agreed it was a bit shady! thanks in advance for the advice.
  23. Well i can say that was a wasted phonecall. have been fighting TFF for a year now... I love how their charges mount up. Currently standing at £1974, Ive decided to nip it in the bud now due to me going to live and work abroad CCA requests have been sent... .No response after 3 months. Now that i have informed them i am leaving the country, i have offered to settle for one month plus capital.. not good enough. They tried to broker a last minute deal with me to close the file for £600 which i said no.... Too rightly as the debt is in dispute with them until they provide proof that the extra charges are valid. Hell, considering ill be away for over 10 years ... Will the debt just "Drop" off my credit file after 6 years? I thought this maybe possible. They have told me they are going to "FastTrack" me to their solicitors... but has anyone been to court through these guys? Im not scared of them and their court threats because they dont have a legal leg to stand on ^__^ AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!
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