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  1. Yes we are in Scotland, I have had dealings myself with Walker Love over council repair charges but I have always just paid them and agreed rate.
  2. Thank you for replying, the contract was over but it is written into section 41 of the terms and conditions that they charge a £30 inc VAT disconnection fee. I was previously with TalkTalk and I never had to pay it to them so it was a surprise when informed about this one. We are just a bit nervous about where this could lead. Some people have fought the charge and it has been waived but others have paid it to make it go away.
  3. I know that this isn't a big problem compared to most of the problems on here but I could use a little knowledge on the subject. My partner moved in with me in January after cancelling his BT broadband account, he paid his final bill but did not pay the £30 cancellation out of principle as he was unaware that was in his terms and conditions. They do not know where he lives and have no phone number for him but they do have an email address which has been passed to Walker Love (correspondence below). He is tempted to ignore the email but I am concerned as to where th
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