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  1. please elaborate? so job centre wont worry me about doing this unpaid work? im really concerned , cuz they may think im fit enough ?
  2. please can you elaborate? so they would not worry me about doing this unpaid work?
  3. hi guys. i got 70 hours unpaid work.thank you all for the support !!! does this not affect my benefits?,, will they not think i'm fit for work if i can do this?,,
  4. yes on 25th. how long did the whole thing take? e.g 1 hour? how many people where in the room at the time? did they put all that personal information of your abuse and troubles with ex in the paper?
  5. im so glad its all over for you , im still to face the fires. God is my only strength and ofcourse the kind people on here. did they put in detailed information -like the personal problems u had that had you end up in that situation?
  6. was it ur local papaer - or the metro?? Did anyone recognise and ask you about it? At least it was in the paper just 1 day. Its all over now. Well done
  7. rememeber the letter i wrote to them, seems they have taken it in as an appeal, and still decided to not change their decision but still gave me another month to appeal, confusing- room to appeal tho its already gone to court?
  8. does this forever stay in your records? like if you need a job as such, how does it work? and is the information kept for anyone?
  9. i can only say thank you!, you and the others on here have given me some comfort !!!! i dont have this kind of support.if its not my only support so i'm grateful really. by interviewing officer who do you mean exactly ,please? whats the worst you know has happened to someone in a similar case at 13k???
  10. yes court it is. they sent me all the paper work, but they did not enclose the letter i recently sent them, makes me wonder. well it seems they have reduced it to 13k,cuz their department was notified yet they continued payments. so that feels a little better . but still- Even then i feel innocent to the 13k, seeing lawyer soon.
  11. i cant really say i have a lawyer, whomever it was who picked up the phone that told me to just wait until i receive dates then i should call.it could have been a receptionist for all i know. i have kept a copy of the letter and have now posted it.may God be with me
  12. i signed up with Lovefilm. I was informed the account would not open unless i call in to activate. to my surprise they did this without my authorisation.they have been taking money out of my account without my authorisaton. They refunded this and i cancelled the account and still proceeded to take money from my account . i even got debt collector letters from them even though i owed them nothing . i spoke to the the manager supervisor from head office and finally the account is closed (i hope). he would not even award me any compensation for this trouble that lasted almost a year. is this not breech of my rights? can i not report this? what can i do about this? they really took advantage and its not fair they cant keep doing this to customers and just appologise at the end of it and everything is ok.
  13. Thank you Mikey. im hanging onto every bit of light i'm getting. this is scarry . they are taking money out of my income already, to cover the overpayment i have written a letter,and now i think i'm ready to post it. i will let you know if i get a reply. the welfare rights said they could not help me. well it should be clear i wasn't trying to be fraudulent .some how and thank you everyone- for all your support.
  14. i see. what do you think will happen now that its being considered for prosecution?. should i write to them ?, as i did not make an appeal?,
  15. then please tell us your case ?? did u go court , did u have the interview under caution? etc...
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