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  1. I hope you mean get their finger out lol And yeah I'm worried about being left paying a fortune back to Shoosmith, I've been wondering if I can submit a counter with fees for my time and expenses play them for awhile.
  2. Not sure what documents Crap Quest actually have. Not sure how far this carry on is going to go tbh.
  3. And another 8 week extension so they can retrieve the documentation, sheriff to them last one either move forward with it or drop it. At the current time can I request all documents that cap quest have about me?
  4. Sorry for the slow reply, I allowed it to go to court. Shoosmith didn't attend but used one of the clerks as in intermediary. They requested a further 3 months to get files but the sheriff gave them 4 weeks plus they also have to send one of their own people to attend in person, he wants them to explain why they have me up in court. That was after he read the letters they sent to me, I guess their own letters aren't doing them any good. See their latest communication, says there was a document enclosed which there was not but I'm not surprised. leter.pdf
  5. Hi again, sorry didn't get and email notification saying you had replied back , that or I have over looked it in my inbox. I received the attached letter today via recorded delivery, now I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure they are saying that this was called in court on the 31st and heard by a Sheriff. et I know for a FACT they changed the dates themselves and they didn't attend court! Advise please as clearly they are at it. shoo letter.pdf
  6. I'll call the court on Monday and make some enquires, in the mean time do you have any suggestions or template letters I can send to Shoosmiths at this time? That's now 2 months I've been waiting on CCA request to be fulfilled on and now the carry on with the court. I can't help but feel this is an attempt to lead me astray to get automatic decree.
  7. The clerk I spoke to told me that its not the court that sends out the summons but Shoosmith lawyers. I have no idea to be honest, I'm thinking I may require some legal help on this one as it seems to be above my head.
  8. I returned page 7 on the 16th of January, I went up to court at 10am along with my Father on the 31st to defend my position and sat waiting to be called, eventually spoke to a clerk who checked the details of the summons and I was informed Shoosmith had contacted the court on the 20th of January 2017 and changed the date to 25th of April 2017 and that I had to return page 7 on the new summons. I have not been informed of this change in date from Shoosmith by any means and I haven't been issues a new summons either. I have also been waiting from December for my CCA request
  9. Multi-page PDF created and attached. The amount added hasn't been added via court, I check my credit file (noodle) and have discovered Capquest adding to it. December 2016 it was at £628 this month it has been updated to £814. No defense was submitted as I wasn't requested to, was only to file what I would be doing. And yes the summons came to my current address. docs1.pdf
  10. Hi guys, been dealing with Capquest via Shoosmith. Sent CCA requests to Capquest via Shoosmiths as you can see. Even though they said no further legal action would be taken I went to court to day regardless after sitting like an edjit for several hours I went an spoke to a clerk. Turns out Shoosmith changed the hearing dates on the 20th January to 29th April and I've never been informed! At the current time I have yet to receive any documentation in regards to the CCA request yet my request has been acknowledged. Why has Capquest added £186 onto this account since la
  11. Right now our council tax is paid by direct debit. I do know that when we first moved in to our first home we were a bit lax with Council tax payments, hence why we no pay DD as its much easier and less hassle. In regards to our debt, this was being reclaimed though JSA but my wife got back to work just before Xmas. From my understanding we were dealing with Charles Anderson and that is why I'm confused as to why I'm now being contacted by ANOTHER Sheriff Office. Is there a template letter I can send to Walker Love to validate their claims? Surely I would need to see a summary warran
  12. Magistrates are England and Wales only, I'm in Scotland. Even at that I've never received anything from the court asking me to attend, not for council tax anyway. Is there a letter template or something that I can send them, I've learnt never to talk to anyone on the phone in regards to debts.
  13. Received this letter in the post today, I've never had any contact with them before. There was no other information included so I dont even know which years this is apparently for! What would be my proper course of action? And how do I find out more about this 'summary warrant'. Regards
  14. I have asked them to remove my phone numbers from their system, they sent me a letter saying this has been done but the will re-add my numbers if they don't hear from me. Now how can they add my numbers back on to their system if they have been removed?
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