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  1. hey guys this years council tax 2013/2014 £506 has been pass to the walker love sheriff officers plus there 10% charge making it to abt £556 i owe in total. i have setted up a payment arragment i offered £50 a month they refused due to my income £1300 they said they can get a wage arressment for £160 a month if they want to but said they will accept £100 a month without going thru all that . do they have or myself go to court for wage arressment also i didnt recieve any time to pay form etc with my letter from them. how much can they take if they get wage arresment ? as i will be asking to reduce as i wont be able to afford this and pay next year council tax ? so if i dont pay next year council tax it go to walker love again no doubt for wage arressment or bank arressment - how do they find out which bank or your employer your with todo this ? thx guys
  2. mindy - how did you stop mr lender from using your djust figurin out how to deal with them ebitcard details ? - 1 - lost the debitcard 2- wrote to bank withdrawing permisiion just i about default as well
  3. i get on ok with agents but they do complain abt being fined for non -payers etc not making amount each week due to new system they workin to - i prob just keepin payin since not long togo it mostly just mr lender worrid abt using my debitcard details (i have changed banks where my wage will goto now so its safe)
  4. cheers i already got a budget sheet that why i was shocked about i spend on debt out of my wages i roughly have abt £80 to spend per month between me & partner left after bills/debt etc also is there template on cag regarding cancelling cpa / withdrawing permission to use my debit cards that i can hand to my bank thanks
  5. i had the same problem with santander regarding mr lender - they says mr lender debit transcations isnt cpa so i think only way to stop them is simply lost card in public space and another bank account elsewhere . ps - santander did advice if it was a cpa they would be able to cancel it and refund any money they take out after it without mentiong they have to by law
  6. hi guys at the moment i paying various debts at the moment but i seem to have no money for myself or even afford to furnish my flat or get new appliances if they breakdown its starting to get me down i cant afford a capert yet due these debts (been in flat 8 yrs) i thinking of defaulting on provident & greenwoods loans (cost me abt £120 a month) and mr lender payday loan . do you think i should reduce my payments to provident even tho its only got abt 5 months left?
  7. yeh no additional charges have been applied just orginal amount from o2 ( got old o2 statement just before the default) i use creditfile for who owns the debt not the company on behalf of as few debts i have has had 4-5 debt collectors chasing them. i knw bcw like to add charges so does capquest.
  8. yeh i thought they might be bluffin as they were in same enlevope but i checked noddle ( callcredit file) and default from o2 has been changed to lowell so must be legit i tend to only pay debts that on my creditfile ie lowell etc but like of scotcall etc they asking or a debt which isnt on any of my 3 creditfiles i tend to avoid them
  9. i recieved a a debt assigned(sold) from 02 but in the same envelope had lowell letter saying o2 sold the debt to them and they wish to collect amount ? why was o2 and lowell in the same envelope? also when capquest foned the first time they quite rude so i asked how they got my number (as it only 3 months old ) she said it was experian then i said well they broke data protection act also advised them only contact by letter she said but we have sent them out but u avoid them lol 2nd call i refused the security questions he was bit annoyed lol
  10. hi bigshoes ... bigsocks i agree i not avoiding paying debts - i payin the ones i know are legally owned with the paperwork sent to me like lowell/02 but i know few people that dont do anythin but avoid them they dont care abt creditcards/mortages while i want them things in 7-8 years when i better financed so you saying satifised default on my file looks better then unpaid default all my creditor contact me by letter but capquest who got my number from experian apparently like to phone me
  11. hi there just wondering if there any point paying defaults on creditfile various debts of various years 1-5 - if i do pay will it improve my credit worthiness or will not matter or not pay get hounded for 6 years by leeches if default has been issued that damage done paid or not looks bad on me ?
  12. no they are default but i check with experian/equifax they only have lowell default for it (lowell bought the debt) as lowell changed they name on raphael defaults but callcredit has 2 separate defaulfts making me look worse also i hear more companies are starting to use callcredit
  13. hey cags members i recently looked at my callcredit file and noticed 2 defaults for an old debt orginal creditor default from raphaels and the debt collector who bought has also placed a default(lowell) i have asked callcredit to remove raphaels 1 due to have 2 for 1 debt but according to callcredit you can have several defaults or 1 debt and refuses t remove them saying i have to contact raphael myself i want that done is this correct i thought it was their job to make sure. same with i got a default from wonga but have never recieved any paperwork for it? any help will be great
  14. hey guys i was checking my callcredit report today and noticed wonga had place late marker then last 2 months since july placed it as default but i didnt recieve a default notice or any pother paperwork they stop chasing me for debt months ago so i asking should i ask for my default notice or just let it run for 6 years as i have no intention to take a loan or mortage till nearly 10 years hopefully what are cags members thoughts on this
  15. your welcome happy to help fellow cags member when i can
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