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  1. Hey guys great news, local councillor got the debt wiped!! I don't know the ins and outs yet as my sister took up the fight - she stays in that area - but she just messaged me to say the case has been closed. I can barely wrap my head around it, but if this is indeed the case, I'm absolutely dumbfounded, and really relieved for my mum. I won't believe it until I have it in writing, but that really is fantastic news! Thanks to all for feedback and advice, we're all very grateful.
  2. Local Councillor happens to sit on the Scottish Forum Against Poverty. He was annoyed to hear of the situation and has vowed to fight it "every step of the way." This is a positive start, let's see what he comes up with over the next week.
  3. This gives me a glimmer of hope,but I'm not going to get carried away. Will contact the council asap and see how it goes.
  4. I can apply through the council to have the debt wiped?
  5. Thanks for your reply, UB67. My parents lived in the house from 1994 until 2005. Dad died in January of that year and my mum moved out in the June. She went into Council Housing and the house was sold around the January of 2006. Lawyers acting on behalf of my mum handled the sale of the property and subsequent debts left by my father. My poor mum had nothing to do with this. My dad took responsibility for the mortgage and council tax. He was in over his head and my mum didn't know a thing about it until after his death. It's a very upsetting predicament for my mum to be facing at this stage of her life. What's puzzling me is why has it taken until 2017 for Sheriff Officers to show up at her door. I'm acting on the little information I have at the moment. This debt looks enforceable, but is absolutely unpayable. She has nothing but the state pension she lives on. I will act upon your advice and post any updates as and when the situation progresses. Thanks for your advice.
  6. Hi there, had a terrifying experience this morning. My mum has received an official letter from Walker Love, hand posted through her door, saying she has 14 days to pay roughly 15 thousand pounds in council tax arrears or she will be subject to the usual procedures, bank account arrested, made bankrupt etc etc. This is terrifying, but also confusing. 1) this is supposedly unpaid council tax for a property dating back to 2001 2) the property was vacated in 2005 3) my dad died in 2005 and his considerable debts were handled by a lawyer at the time. There has been no mention of any monies still owed, since 2006 - until today. 4) My mum is 71, flat broke with no savings and only has her modest state pension. 5) She is currently being assessed for possible Alzheimer's Disease - but is still 'with it' enough to be able to read the letter and have a breakdown, which she did this morning. 6) How is she liable for this, and how have the costs continues to accrue for all these years? 7) WHY has there been no mention of this until now, when the debt has reached a frankly laughable and unplayable amount? 8) Where do I start in terms of tackling this for her, as she neither mentally, emotionally or financially capable of dealing with any of this? I have read bits and bobs about not communicating with Walker Love, not letting them access her property etc etc she can't realistically afford to repay anything of this money and she can't handle someone turning up to her door. I live 40 miles away and work 12 hour shifts so it's hard for me to deal with any doorstep harassment. At present, my mum lives in a council property and has very little by way of possessions, no savings, and lives week to week on her meagre pension. Any advice would be really helpful guys - my poor mum is frantic and we don't know what to do. She went through absolute hell after my dad died, due to all his debts which she knew nothing about . She lost everything and had a massive mental breakdown. I can't let this happen again. I just don't understand where this has come from. No mention of it for years and years and then whack! "You have two weeks to pay us 15 grand."
  7. Hi guys, garage has agreed to replace the part at no cost to me. Happy boy! Many thanks to all who advised, most appreciated. Glad it didn't require any nastiness.
  8. Hi all, thanks for your replies. I will send notice of fault in writing and mention SOGA as suggested. The car is a 2005 and has done 85k.
  9. I bought a used car from a dealer about six weeks ago, and it came with a 30 day warranty. Two weeks into ownership, the heater/blower fan became defective and was grinding, whining, farting and cut out once or twice, I phoned the dealer and told the guy who sold me the car. He said to bring it up and he would look at it, so I did that (100 mile round trip) and he told me he would not repair it as technically it was working. When I argued that it was defective, he said to take it to their workshop across town and let the mechanic check it. I did that, and the mechanic agreed it was defective, probably on its last legs, but he had to abide by the sales manager's decision which, he said "depends on what kind of mood he's in on any given day whether something gets fixed or not." I went back to the dealer and reminded him that he had told me when I was in the process of buying the car that the warranty covered "absolutely everything" and he said that, since I had brought it to his attention while within the warranty period, if the unit packed in once my warranty was up, he would repair it. The unit has indeed packed in, causing problems...not heater, no a/c and I can't demist my windows. I have been in touch with the dealer and he is now saying that he can't fix it as my warranty period is over and I didn't take the extended warranty (kind of expected this). Do I have any rights, recourse or anything at all I can do in this situation? Typically, I have nothing other than a broken promise (probably made to fob me off at the time). Any help would be appreciated guys. Thanks
  10. Hi guys, I'll make long story short-ish, and tell you that I gave them £700 upfront and they have allowed me to repay the remaining £730 at £50 per month. They informed me (after I'd offered them the £700 upfront) that there is a sliding scale for acceptable repayments, and it is as follows: Debts over £1,000 - £100 per month Debts between £500-£1,000 - £50 per month Debts up to £500 - £25 per month After lengthy discussion with my partner, and a quick sale of a few redundant possessions of mine on ebay, we decided it was best to reduce the debt as quickly as possible. I also gave up one of my overheads currently costing £25 a month to allow me to double the amount of money I could pay them each month to clear the debt. The guy I spoke to at the DWP was really nice and very helpful (to my relief) and was happy with my proposal (again, to my relief). And when all is said and done, I would rather cut off a thumb* than allow ANY organisation to look at my financial ins and outs. If that makes me a fool, then I'm a fool, but it's something I feel very strongly about. Thanks once again for all the info. *Not necessarily MY thumb
  11. Fudgcicles. Ok, thanks Victoria. The benefit stopped 3 years ago so and was paid to me, not her. I still don't see why they want her details now. She's on statutory maternity pay anyway. I think their tactics are terrible - 7 days to provide so much information and evidence is impossible. I'll have to make a plea by telephone and ask for a little longer to gather proof of outgoings. I can't believe they are so ignorant as to fail to acknowledge my initial offer. That's hardly 'polite'. Under the circumstances, I'd have thought a judge would rule in my favour since I have offered repayment, but this is a government agency so I'd wager they can pretty much please themselves. Ah well, no sense in getting uppity I suppose. I'll post back later today and let you know the outcome.
  12. Hi Victoria, so you don't think I should provide my partner's income? I imagine it's a standard form that everybody gets regardless of situation. I gotta say, I really do object to this. I'm gonna have to phone them tomorrow and tell them I can't provide the evidence they need within the ridiculous 7 day window they have allowed me. I've already written to them and made them an offer which they haven't even acknowledged, now they want to know every detail of my finances? It shouldn't be legal.
  13. Are the DWP within their rights to ask for my partner's income details?? It's not her debt, so what do they want with that? And what about her rights? I dunno how to do this budget form, they want me to send proof of everything and it's just not possible! I can't get a letter to verify my rent amount by their deadline because my landlord's on holiday, and how do I send proof of food and housekeeping expenses? These are variable expenses! Are they really expecting me to send receipts from ASDA? This is extremely intrusive, and some of the things they want, I can't produce. This is awful.
  14. Hi guys, all communication has come direct from the overpayments dept at the DWP, there have been no dealings with DCAs. floridagirl - thank you for the info. If I understand correctly, it seems as though I have no rights here, DWP hold all the cards and I'm completely at their mercy - ie they decide, and I get no say in how much I repay? I think its a terrible invasion of privacy that they get to see my financial details in black and white - it's tantamount to bullying. Thanks to all for your replies, I will keep you informed.
  15. Thank you for your reply, that puts my mind at ease a little. I told them in my initial letter that if they accepted my offer I would set up a direct debit to manage repayments, but they have not acknowledged this. I wonder how we determine if my repayment offer is sensible and realistic then! Without acknowledgement from DWP, how do I go about commencing repayment on my terms? These people aren't the worst I've dealt with over the years, but I know if I phone them up to arrange a direct debit I'll probably get trapped in a situation where they try to negotiate up the monthly payment figure and I simply can't afford any more than I have offered.
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