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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I’m desperately seeking help regard a claim with my travel insurance. Here is my situation: - Policy: Economy Light (attached) - Insure and Go is the insurance company - Incident while abroad: Money and travel documents stolen from inside our hotel room in Lyon, France, on the 1st night of the trip (22nd December 2017). Unfortunately they were not in the hotel safe. - Travel plans: The trip was originally organized in 2 parts: o 1 week in France: starting in Lyon (where the theft happened) and going to the south of France (Nice, Marseille and Perpignan) o 1 week in Morocco: Departure from Perpignan to Marrakesh and flying from Marrakesh back to London Luton. - Consequences of the incident: Cancellation of hotels in south of France (as we had to go to Paris instead in order to sort new passports) and complete cancellation of the Morocco trip as we couldn’t get passports in time. Extra accommodation and tickets to get home to the UK from Paris (1 week earlier as we missed the holidays in Morocco). - Claims I made: o Section I3: Passport and Travel documents: Seeking for payment to replace the documents (£100 each) o Section I2 - Personal money: Seeking for payment of the U$450 stolen o Section J - Cancelling and cutting short your holiday: Seeking for compensation of having cut my trip short because of the passports being stolen - Response from the Insurance: o Section I3: Passport and Travel documents: They agreed to pay but under this section it’s saying it includes all the extra expenses incurred in order to replace the passports (£100 doesn’t even cover the costs of the new passports, let alone all the extra expenses!!) o Section I2 - Personal money: They are saying there is an exclusion for this: (4. Cash or passports that you do not carry with you on your person (unless they are held in a locked safety deposit box).)"- so I guess I won’t be able to get this money back. o Section J - Cancelling and cutting short your holiday: They are saying that passports being stolen is not in policy as a reason to cut the trip short (which for me is more than absurd as without a passport you cannot travel!). But I don’t see it in the exclusions. They are saying that only these reasons are covered: "Travel and accommodation expenses that you have paid or have agreed to pay under a contract and which you cannot get back, including any local prepaid excursions, tours or activities, if it is necessary and you cannot avoid cancelling or cutting short your trip; and reasonable extra travel costs if it is necessary and you cannot avoid cutting short your trip." I really feel that passports being stolen affect the trip and in my case made me miss flights and my trip and accommodation in Morocco. - Costs incurred: Amongst hotels we missed, extra accommodation in Paris, flights missed and extra ticket to get back to the UK we spent over 2,000 euros! Is there anything I can do to get any compensation under Section J (or any other section that apply better to my situation)??? I’m considering to raise this with the Travel Ombudsman, but not sure how to approach. Please help.. this has ruined my Christmas and my 2 weeks holidays and I’m trying to get a sensible response from the Insurance, but so far I only got “rejections” of my claims. I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions you can give me! Travel Insurance Policy.pdf
  2. Hi, My wife and I recently returned from our 25th Anniversary trip to the UK via BA. We encountered various issues with our trip and have complained but thus far have only received standard email fobbing me off. Please read my complaint and make any suggestions as to the best way to escalate matters. All the flights were operated under BA's One World Branding but they state I must address the issue with the Cathay flight directly to them, which I think is wrong but will stand corrected if anyone on here agrees with BA. This was meant to be a trip of a lifetime and I refuse to let the arrogance of BA ruin what was a special trip celebrating a milestone in anyone's marriage so do nto want them to get away with fobbing me off. We were originally travelling with my wife's brother and his wife, but my sister in law could not travel as she was diagnosed with liver cancer ten days before we were due to go and sadly she died in December thus delaying any further action on this matter. This whole trip was booked via the Flight Centre, My wife and I flew out of Heathrow on flight BA11 to Singapore on the 20th October 2017. Our point of origin for this flight was Manchester, and although we encountered a delayed departure the handling agents assured us over the phone that everything would be fine, and this would cause no issues. Unfortunately, our luggage did not arrive in Singapore, until the following morning. Thus resulting in a wasted hour at Changi airport waiting for our baggage because although the handling agents knew that our baggage was not on board, it did not occur to them to inform either my wife or me upon our arrival there was an issue with our luggage. This problem was then compounded by the fact that having assured me that our luggage would arrive that evening and be forwarded to our hotel that night, the agents in Singapore decided to apply a delaying tactic (I suspect due to the fact that our luggage arrived after the close of regular working hours) and called my hotel to arrange a time for me to take delivery. Under the Package Travel regulations rules 21 & 31 I am entitled to hold my agents, the Flight Centre, liable for the losses incurred & the impact this failure had on our enjoyment of what was a special trip for my wife and me. I am also entitled to hold yourselves responsible for the losses incurred by this loss of our luggage under the terms of the Montreal Convention 1999. These losses are as follows; Specific Damages – New clean clothing for my wife and I – one hundred pounds; this covers the cost of a new shirt, shorts, underwear etc. You will appreciate that having been in our clothes for nearly twenty-four hours, we desperately needed clean clothes, especially when you consider we had slept in the clothes we were wearing on our flight. I can provide copies of receipts and other evidence of the value. Pecuniary Damages – Loss of enjoyment – As I have no way of breaking down my holiday other than the cost of the entire trip, divided by the number of days we were away, this means the price of one day's travel & accommodation for my wife & I was four hundred and twenty-seven pounds per day. I think therefore that the fairest & most reasonable way to value our loss of enjoyment would be to split this cost fifty/fifty and consequently the sum claimed for loss of enjoyment is two hundred and thirteen pounds and fifty pence. Thus the total losses claimed for this leg of our journey are three hundred and thirteen pounds and fifty pence. There are also some further issues, which need to be addressed concerning the Cathay Pacific flight from Brisbane to Hong Kong (CX156) on the 04th November 2017, which I believe was booked by the Flight Centre, under your one world service, as Premium Economy, but was far from it. We could not even get the staff on board the flight to provide milk for the tea they served, as they merely chose to ignore the call buttons whenever pressed and seemed more interested in helping their Asian clientele then responding to polite requests from Europeans such as my wife and I. Again, although unsure of the total cost, I have priced a similar flight for Saturday 18th November 2017 online, and the price differential between the economy service we received and the Premium service expected is five hundred and ninety-seven Australian dollars or in GBP terms at today's exchange rate three hundred & forty-eight pounds. Therefore, in the interests of fairness, I suggest that a reasonable figure again to cover this loss of enjoyment would be based on a fifty/fifty split, and I would request that a sum of one hundred and seventy-four pounds is reimbursed as compensatory damages. Finally, the most critical issue contained in this entire letter, which concerns the return flight, BA028, on the 07th November 2017. As no doubt you will have on record, this flight proved to be extremely traumatic for my wife and saw her have a complete breakdown on landing in the UK. As she spent the entire trip scared of the actions of the passenger directly in front of her seat, in seat 25A, who moved from seat 25B. This passenger we suspect was on drugs, and as a big man deliberately broke the chair to gain more leg room, and following this spent roughly thirty minutes thrashing about trying to break the seat, gave a smug smile when asked to consider my wife and continued to behave like an inconsiderate moron. We reported this to the steward, a chap called Paul, who was kindness personified, and he promised to keep an eye on matters. As you may appreciate, this mans conduct was fast becoming so aggravating that I was tempted to take things into my own hands and explain vigorously, why he should respect the dignity of his fellow travellers and in particular my wife. Unfortunately, this mans behaviour continued, and despite my wife advising Paul his conduct had not changed and Paul's assurances that the ‘boss’ was aware of the situation, no one thought to suggest we moved seats, (my wife would have moved into the bulkhead economy seating if necessary as it was empty). In hindsight, my wife should have woken me from my slumbers and had me make a request to move, but she was by this point too scared to complain once again in case it resulted in a confrontation with this individual and was concerned about the distress such an encounter would cause to the other women and children on board our flight, especially to the baby who was sat directly behind my wife and his mother who was travelling with her child alone. At the end of the flight, we requested a conversation with the ‘boss’ as Paul described her, and she was extremely apologetic. However, she then asked my wife why we had not complained because we could have moved, which was quickly corrected by Paul, who advised we had twice, but no action taken. Although reluctant to hold your company and the flight attendants responsible for the actions of a moron, especially given the fact that your flight staff were in all honesty, charming and wonderful representatives of your company, I feel that some offer of compensation is appropriate given the failure to offer to move my wife and I. I suggest that a reasonable offer of compensation, based on your evaluation of the distress caused, once you have had the chance to read the report lodged by your flight staff would be fair. Furthermore, a written assurance that this man had been warned about his conduct and is now facing a ban from travelling with BA, as Paul and the ‘boss’ assured us would be their follow up a recommendation to your company. I am sure when you have read your own staff’s report of the matter, you will be able to appreciate just how this whole incident was extremely distressing for my wife, so much so that I feared she might have another stroke, she was so upset and why although reluctant to hold BA responsible for the actions of an idiot I feel that a gesture on your companies part to reflect the distress caused to my wife would be appropriate.
  3. Please can anyone help. My daughter has bi-polar and will often spend money on things she cannot afford. She booked a holiday to Las Vegas in December and all the money has come out of her account but she doesn't have enough money to actually go. Love Holidays say the contract is with 'their suppliers' and she can't get her money back (we didn't expect it all). Anyone had experience of this issue please.
  4. Hi. First time here and spent a few hours looking through the impressive library of information here. Hopefully someone will point me in the right direction. Yesterday, out of the blue I got a letter from CT Capital, to my new address, I have moved twice since my least dealings with them, they did not use my first name, just my last name. It says I previously made a complaint about PPI with them which was rejected. Following a supreme court decision and new rules by the FCA, I can now make a new claim, and then some information of high commission levels they received. I looked at google and found out they are some form of group associated to Central Trust, a company that I did deal with years ago and it didn't end well with them, I am deeply suspicious of anything they tell me. I will explain, this maybe a long post due so I apologise in advance. In 2005, I bought a house after a relationship ended very badly, and having to start all over again and not with a perfect credit record, I got a mortgage with a company called Southern Pacific. Two years later in 2007, and still having a few debts I still needed to clear off, as well as some house improvements I needed to do, I took out a secured loan, which I believe had connections with the mortgage company, Central Trust, the loan did have PPI which I was told was needed due to being under my works two year probationary period. The value of the house in 2007 was £135k In 2008, I was rushed into Hospital with a suspected blood clot, two operations followed and I was unable to walk for 4 months and unable to work because of it. I contacted Central Trust and was told that the illness was present before I took out the PPI therefore no claim was possible but due to my then current issues they would forward me a payment cheque for just over £1600, which I received. This was a bad mistake on my part, six months later it was clear I would never be able to continue in my normal job and I resigned from it. That would be in 2009. I had some savings to keep up payments, and with claiming housing allowance of £365 which was paid direct to the mortgage company I tried to find alternative work. My savings then ran out and still not able to find work, the Government changes to how money was paid to those with a mortgage, that reduced to just £85 a month. I then quickly ran into debt on both the mortgage and the loan. Both were kept up to-date but both were an absolute nightmare to deal with, even CAB got involved, but with no work materialising, I was in deep trouble. You sort of hope something will change but it never does. Each one took it in turns to seek repossession, in total six court appearances over a few years, in Oct 2012 I gave up, with another court possession order posted through the door and my mental health in tatters, I just left the property and went into rental accommodation. About 8 months later I got a phone call from some debt collecting company saying the house was now sold but there was a short fall on the mortgage balance, some £21k. I did need a balance sheet for the housing benefit as they were aware I had the house and wanted to know if there was any money coming to me. I gave them my new address and a few days later the balance sheet arrived. The house had been sold for £78k. A few days later two phone calls from the debt company. I told them I disputed the debt as I had issues with how the PPI was cancelled, had that been in place I may have been able to claim on it, therefore I held them responsible for the loss of the house. I was not in any financial position to pay anything or take the matter to Court, however I would be very happy for them to take me to Court so we I could have my say, and to not phone me again. That was in 2013, and they never did phone me again and I never did hear from them. What was eve stranger was that I never heard anything ever from Central Trust, from 2012 todate. I stayed in that house for nearly four years and in 2016 found a better place to live and rented elsewhere and moved again Over the last three years I have got back on my feet again. My credit rating is much improved, bit way to go yet, but getting there. I noted on my report that in June 2013, Central Trust updated my credit file to payment received and account settled - balance zero. We now come to yesterdays letter from CT Capital. Once I realised the association with Central Trust I got concerned. They have gone to some lengths to find me, not used my first name, but the address is correct. I can't find any search made on my credit report. My first thought was, sod this, and I nearly threw it in the bin. All my past dealing with these people have not been positive, at times really nasty. In some ways I would prefer to take my chances kicking a ball into Kim Jong-un's garden. But, the other side of me is thinking; They drove my nuts before and in many ways were responsible for my situation. But is it some sort of fishing trip? I really don't know. The letter looks genuine, but with those people you never really know. I can't find any information on the internet regarding PPI and CT Capitol except the Ombudsman fine they were given. I think I have covered everything, it is a complicated story but I did my best to do a condensed version. Many thanks in advance. Tony
  5. Technology advances-videos for you. Virtual Trip To Ireland. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3R5J8Je2j_4&feature=youtu.be
  6. My partner and I have planned to take his three children to Paris for Christmas as their present this year and have prepaid for the Eurostar and trains within the UK - the children are quite distressed by the attacks that have happened and we do not think it is appropriate to take them now because they will be fearful and it will be a city of mourning and we feel that it will not be the 'magical' trip we had intended for them. Unfortunately, Eurostar will not refund us our tickets (£445) - is there anything we can do about this?
  7. Hi, first time post, so apologies if it's too long or in the wrong place. I have an interesting one here. I moved house around 4 months back, and last week received the usual phishing trip letter from 1st Cretins asking if I was Mr X, could I ring to confirm or deny etc. This was useful as I'd forgotten the loo paper from Sainsburys - it's just a pity the MD's face isn't printed on it instead of an unrecognisable signature! I can only assume they got my details from Noddle as I registered there after I moved in here, just to check things out. Anyway, this morning (10 days later going by the letter dates) I have received another letter from 1st Cretins address (it was printed on the envelope flap) claiming to be a notice of assignment from Goldfish Bank saying all contact, payments etc must go through 1st Cretin. I say "claiming to be" as it isn't on headed notepaper from Goldfish, just plain black and white A4 with a weird squiggle where a signature would be, there's not even a typed name to go with the squiggle. This claims I owe them several thousand pounds and 22p, and the fact it came in a 1st Cretins envelope means it hasnt come from Goldfish at all - and Goldfish apparently de-registered with the FSA in 2008 and are "no longer authorised" anyway. Now, I have never had an account of any sort to the best of my knowledge with Goldfish. I did however have a credit card with Morgan Stanley some years back, along with other cards. I was struggling a bit after being out of work for 6 months, and got nothing from DSS as I owned my property and was paying the mortgage from savings. Needless to say, card debt mounted, as did bank charges. Eventually I got a new job, secured a loan and cleared all outstanding debts. On my Noddle credit file the Morgan card is showing a default date of Oct 2007, with a balance of £00.00, nothing about being settled, just a zero balance.. It was paid in full from the secured loan. So it looks like they are chasing me for a debt that was actually paid in full over 5 years ago - unfortunately I destroyed all the paperwork, statements etc from all cards I had once everything was paid - I wanted the whole mess gone and a fresh start. Unfortunately again, the company I took out the loan with that issued the cheques to pay the debts has also gone under, so I cannot get anything from them to say the cheque had been issued etc - I said this could be interesting! Goldfish was a trade name of Morgan Stanley, which they bought from Lloyds. They then sold the Goldfish accounts to Barclaycard or something like that, so their paperwork will be a mess. Now, my first instinct is that they should go forth and multiply - they'll have a hard job proving I owe money that has already been paid, especially looking at the Goldfish papertrail. But equally, apart from the zero balance on the credit file I have nothing to prove it has been paid. Or should I go down the prove it path, and let them start with the threats etc that I can build into a complaint to go to the FSA / TS / OFT and get them a nice big fine? Suggestions on a postcard....... Merry Christmas
  8. I have just received a phone call on my mobile asking for me by name. I asked if they can call me on my land line for which they had my land line number. This person confirmed my address and went on to say they were from the DWP stating that a rebate of national insurance £400 cheque had been returned to them and that they were going to send it out again. Totally unconnected but last week i received a demand of £900 from HMRC ref national insurance contributions as they had me as self employed for some reason He stated that he wanted to send it out again and that i may be due more rebates from 2008, he then asked for my employment details (why does he not know that) i aked him to confirm my employeer from 2008, he declined stating data protection and that he does not have access. I then asked for the recorded delivery number , what he gave me was bogus as the last two numbers end with GB, not numerical. i pointed this out and i was then hung up As alarm bells were ringing, i also asked for his phone number for which he said he could not give it out but gave me the correct details for quarry house LS2 7UA i phoned quarry house and they told me it was a phishing call, the reason being was that quarry house is DWP, national insurance etc is handled by HMRC in a totally different building and has nothing to do with the DWP 1/ Only three people have both my mobile and land line number, my brother, the DWP, and Experian (free trial) 2/ He knew my name and address, looking back it seems he wanted to confirm my address I have two old accounts which the collection agencies are trying their luck, for which i ignore. DLC AND Motormile I also received an email message from mercantile data bureau this morning using a very old email address asking me to make contact Any suggestions, do you think this is a DCA, [phishing trip}con artist, or the tax man
  9. Hello can anyone direct me to the correct forum, I parked in Sainsburys car park managed and owned by a company called Eden, I had a nasty trip on a piece of metal sticking out of the ground where partof the raining for the trolley park had been sawn off and left about 2" sticking out of the ground, its also made a samll rip on my shoe. I am hoping to avois using a solicitor can anyone advise? Thanks
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