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Found 10 results

  1. ive had a ticket from the same carpark and im being taken to court at the end of september, are you able to update as to how you got on and what defence you used? am i able to use your pictures? i parked at night time and was visiting Khans, didnt realise i would have to pay at 9pm, plus it was dark so missed the signs. im really hoping that at the very least i just pay the parking charge of £60 as now the charge is at £300 and i just think that is disgusting!
  2. Well looks like Peter Crook (Id say suitably named) stepped down from Provident Financial Group...This little gem comes through... Start reclaiming folks, for all those times the admitted ROP wasnt PPI in any form...
  3. Well looks like Peter Crook (Id say suitably named) stepped down from Provident Financial Group...This little gem comes through... Start reclaiming folks, for all those times the admitted ROP wasnt PPI in any form...
  4. Well looks like Peter Crook (Id say suitably named) stepped down from Provident Financial Group...This little gem comes through... Start reclaiming folks, for all those times the admitted ROP wasnt PPI in any form...
  5. I booked a holiday a few weeks back using Love Holidays. The total cost of the holiday was £680, all i have paid so far is the £80 deposit. It was a silly holiday to book anyway, I can afford to go but I could do with the money on other things so I decided i wanted to cancel it. I emailed them asking to cancel and now they want me to pay for the flight cost, which is £300, the holiday isn't even for over a month away surely this is an acceptable cancellation period! Anything I can do? Thanks
  6. Paid £300 deposit for a patio window in November 15 and promised delivery in 2 weeks but turned out to be 2 months owing to a backlog of orders and the Xmas period. Cancelled immediately I was notified of the date which was unacceptable. No T & c. were left when deposit was paid but were forwarded later when I cancelled. They came with a letter promising a refund of the deposit as a goodwill gesture minus £71.40 admin charges. This was confirmed 5 times by text. However, they have gone back on their word and will not answer any correspondence or calls. I want to take it to the small claims court, am I within my righs.
  7. Hi guys i work for a company called xxxxxxxx a company who are well known for ripping people off on the job, I work on the Virgin contract and had a job which involved abit of cable clipping and cable splicing as the customer didnt want extra holes drilling through her conservatory luckily i found an exsisting RG6 sky cable on the roof of her property which i barreled on to and tucked behind the gutter no tugging or pulling involved as i just slot it behind and then clipped the way around to my access point. 6 weeks had passed since the job had been completed and the customer claims that i have pulled the guttering away from the fascia and has caused a leak and claims she has had the guttering people out to take a look at it would cost £300 but has no proof of a quote in writing , any invoices to the job being completed or any photo evidence to support her claim against the guttering being damaged. I phoned my manager today to be told that i have had enough and have been asking for the proof to this claim if he has it i will hold my hands up and settle the damages he claims there is no proof of the work being done or any quotes, invoice etc and its classed as SETTLEMENT OF CLAIM which means they arnt required to provide me with any information. The company is a complete and utter joke and have no idea how these people are still running They have already took £50 of the settlement from my wages without telling me about it, signing any paperwork to show i approve of it and the contract does not state they are allowed also I have £250 remaining and another £50 is due to be taken from me on 28th of this month DO I HAVE ANYWHERE TO STAND HERE IN TERMS OF A TRIBEUNIAL IVE TRIED MY HARDEST TO WORK WITH THEM ON THIS MATTER BUT NOTHING AS THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE LEFT THE COMPANY DUE TO THESE PEOPLE I HAVE LOST COUNT
  8. I was on JSA upto July 2014, in June/July 2014 I visited the dentist the receptionist asked me to sign a blue form once I arrived to confirm my appoitment, I did not read what I was signing, the receptionist simply put it on the reception counter and asked me to sign it. Upon leaving I was given a follow up appoitment for Septmber 2014 where I visited the dentist, upon leaving I was given a 6 month follow up for March 2015, when I left the dentist I can't remember if i was asked to sign a paper or not. Then in Dec 2015 I received a NHS Penalty charge of £150, which I could not understand why, because when I signed the blue paper I was on benefits upto July 2014. My next appoitment at the dentist was the following week (1 week after having received the NHS Penalty charge letter) so I took the NHS Penalty charge letter to the dentist and asked the receptionist why this has happened. The receptinist asked me if I had ticked on the paper to say if I was on benefits, I explained to her on my last visit in June/July 2014 I was on JSA , but the JSA had ended after my visit in June/July 2014. I explained on my last visit in Sept 2014 I was not on benefits and I could not remember if I was asked to sign a blue paper in Sept 2014, so she told me to write to the practice manager to request a copy of the FP17. I asked the receptionist to update the dentist system to show I was now not on benefits, she said the system was now updated and this would not happen again. So i wrote to the practice manager explaining the above, her response was "Thank-you for your recent email, in which you state that you were not in receipt of any benefits in September, as you has NHS treatment there is a set NHS fee to pay. The charge is levied irrespective of any misunderstanding or error on either part(patient or receptionist) as at the end of the day there appears to be no confusion as to whether you were in receipt of any benefit. It is incumbent on the patient to pay any fees due just as you would pay at a supermarket check-out, where you are in receipt of goods or services. May I also point out that the form you signed is a statutory legal obligation which must be disclosed by us the the NHS upon request." She seemed like she was passing the buck and at this stage I was unware of the FP17 or to ask copies of the papers that I had signed. Now last week I received another NHS Penalty charge of £150 for the visit to the dentist in Dec 2014 (where I explained to the receptionist to update the computer system, she told me she had updated it to show I was now not on JSA) So I rang the number on the NHS Penalty charge letter and explained I had visited the dentist in Dec 2014 on my appoitment and requested the receptionist update the computer system to show I was now not on JSA from July 2014 she told me she had updated it. I also explained I could not remember what if anything I had signed in Dec 2014 and I requested a copies of the blue papers relating to my visit on Sept 2014 and Dec 2014, I was informed to contact the practice mananger and ask for copies of the FP17, so I could check my signature and see where i had signed the papers for my own piece of mind, the practice managers response was "I am no longer in receipt of these forms as your claim is under investigation I have sent them to the Business Services Authority at their request" Now I have another appointment this week at the dentist, what i will now do is record on my mobile me asking the receptionist to confirm what status it shows against my name on the system as on JSA or not on JSA, because i do not want another penalty charge, I will also request a copy of the FP17 that I may sign one this week, If the receptionist tells me the sytems is showing me as on JSA I will explain I requested in Sept 2014 to have it updated and I was promised by the receptionist she would update it. I want to see the blue papers that I am supposed to have signed in Sept 2014 and Dec 2014 because I suspect the dentist ticked the boxes on the form themselves to claim NHS payments or even forged my signature, thats why I asked the practice manager for the FP17 and she did not give them - do dentists keep copies for the FP17? How can I make 100% sure the dentist records are updated to show im not on JSA because I dont want this happening a 3rd time. What do i need to do on my next visit and has the practice manager fobbed me off by saying she no longer has the FP17 forms that I signed ? I want to see them for my own piece of mind, if i signed in error, then its my fault, but if my signature is forged or a tick is forged to say I was on JSA - then the dentist receptionsts are at fault? I clearly told the receptionist in Dec 2014 to update the system to show i am now on on JSA she said it had been updated, so why the penalty charges? I suspect the receptionists are ticking the on JSA tick box on the form after i have the forms because I clearly do not remember ticking any box on the forms
  9. Hi guys! Took out a gym membership 3 years ago, suspended it for a year but found out the payments had still been going out. Rang the gym who said they would refund but then changed their mind. Spoke to my bank about the situation and they refunded me the money. Problem now is... two months after the bank refunded me, the gym has started emailing me saying my account is in arrears and I have to pay them the money back asap. The longer I take to pay them the more they'll add to the total I owe! Can they actually do that??? I'm not sure where I stand in this situation. Please help!
  10. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has criticised local government’s attitude towards protecting personal data, after four local councils were issued civil monetary penalties. Leeds City Council was served a monetary penalty of £95,000, Plymouth City Council £60,000 and Devon County Council £90,000 after separate incidents saw details of child care cases sent to the wrong recipients, while the London Borough of Lewisham was issued a penalty of £70,000 after social work papers were left on a train. The penalties mean that nineteen local councils have now received monetary penalties for breaching the Data Protection Act, totalling £1,885,000. Leeds City Council The case in Leeds saw sensitive personal details about a child in care sent to the wrong person, revealing details of a criminal offence, school attendance and information about the child’s relationship with their mother. When sending internal mail, the council re-use envelopes that have been used for external mail. But in this case the external address wasn’t crossed out, and so the sensitive file was posted to someone who had nothing to do with this case. Plymouth City Council The breach at Plymouth City Council followed a similar pattern, with information passed to the wrong recipient including highly sensitive personal information about two parents and four children, notably allegations of child neglect relating to ongoing care proceedings. The breach occurred when two reports about separate child neglect cases were sent to the same shared printer. Three pages from the first report were mistakenly collected with the papers from the second case, and so were handed to the wrong family. Devon County Council In Devon, a social worker used a previous case as a template for an adoption panel report they were writing, but a copy of the old report was sent out instead of the new one. The mistake revealed personal data of 22 people, including details of alleged criminal offences and mental and physical health. London Borough of Lewisham In Lewisham, a social worker left sensitive documents in a plastic shopping bag on a train, after taking them home to work on. The files, which were later recovered from the rail company’s lost property office, included GP and police reports and allegations of sexual abuse and neglect. Information Commissioner Christopher Graham said: “We are fast approaching two million pounds worth of monetary penalties issued to UK councils for breaching the Data Protection Act, with nineteen councils failing to have the most straightforward of procedures in place. “It would be far too easy to consider these breaches as simple human error. The reality is that they are caused by councils treating sensitive personal data in the same routine way they would deal with more general correspondence. Far too often in these cases, the councils do not appear to have acknowledged that the data they are handling is about real people, and often the more vulnerable members of society. “The distress that these incidents would have caused to the people involved is obvious. The penalties we have issued will be of little solace to them, but we do hope it will stop other people having to endure similar distress by sending out a clear message that this type of approach to personal data will not be tolerated. “There is clearly an underlying problem with data protection in local government and we will be meeting with stakeholders from across the sector to discuss how we can support them in addressing these problems.” The ICO is pressing the Ministry of Justice for stronger powers to audit local councils’ data protection compliance, if necessary without consent. The same powers are sought for NHS bodies across the UK following a series of data protection breaches in the health sector. Link; http://www.ccrmagazine.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=8240&Itemid=37
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