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Found 18 results

  1. Hi I received an earnings arrestment through the post on Monday from Stirling park for £625, I've contacted them asking to cancel it and they've said its been cancelled as I owe £70 less too which is stated in the arrestment. I'm just wondering if they do arrest my wages will the £625 be taken at once? I only get £1270 every 4 weeks so it's a lot too loose in one week I'm really worried I've called 4 times and they say it's been cancelled and to continue paying £70 from next Friday like I usually do but I don't know whether to believe them or not any help would be appreciated thank you
  2. Hi All Long time since I have been on here...... i have an agreement to pay walker love 200.00 pm to pay off council tax arrears. I thought all was going well, however it appears I may have missed a payment back in december. I have had no communication from them until recently I received a letter from my bank advising of an arrestment of my account (over 400.00). I then received a 'mandate' from WL asking me to sign to say they can have the money..... Whilst i agree I may owe them the money, I am not sure how they came to the figure they have. My questions are: - if i sign this mandate allowing release of the funds, does this automatically allow them to arrest and release funds in the future, i.e. is it an ongoing agreement? - Do I have to release the funds.... or can I negotiate to have the arrestment lifted? I am also loathe to call them because of 1 their attitude and also the fact it is a 084 number costing at least 7p a minute. Any help, advice guidance appreciated.
  3. Hi there, My partner has just received a letter at home stating that her wages are about to be arrested for council tax arrears. My partner, my 18 month old son and I live on my partners part time wage of £520 per month as I am ill, and while I am entitled to employment support allowance due to the illness, I am apparently not entitled to any actual payment as my partner is expected to provide for me. So the 19% of her wage that will be taken in the wage arrestment will quite literally wipe us out and end us. Now I am aware that this is a debt that has to be paid and we actually have tried to make arrangements but this is where things have confused me. At the start of the year I was trying to make arrangements for a payment plan via e-mail and was offered a payment plan of £20 a month which I accepted. After I accepted I never heard anything else from the council, no confirmation of the plan. Regardless, I began to pay the agreed amount of £20 per month and today we were sent the letter stating that her wage was being arrested. Any advice anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated, as we are now at our wits end. Thanks Lee
  4. Hello, I have been subject to a wages arrestment since March last year. I have lost all documentation relating to this. Who do I contact to see how long I have to go before this stops? From my rough calculations I am anticipating May of this year but I am unsure. Would it be Scott & Co? The Council itself? Any help much appreciated. Many thanks.
  5. Today I received a letter from my bank to say that Walkerlove have taken nearly £600 from mine and my husbands bankk account for council tax in 2011/12. Earlier in the year I contacted Walker Love to explain we are a low income family and we can not afford the repayments they are wanting. I had forgotten about it because I hadn't heard from them after making one payment of £40. I m self employed but don't earn any money but my husband works. Anyway we had a joint bank account set up for my daughters DLA and this month we got the DLA through and it was back dated, which is great as it will help my daughter immensely, but Walker Love took nearly £600 out of this. I contacted them saying that they cannot do this because it is my daughter DLA. They said that she should have thought about getting it paid into her own account. I said she is a child but they said tough we can't get the money back. I tried explaining to them that they cannot take money from benefits but they basically told me tough and we are not getting the money back. I have been really upset about this and tomorrow I am going to the C.A.B but I was wondering if anyone on here can offer any other advice please
  6. Hi all, After a long drawn out saga it's got to the point I feel I need to look for advice regarding Council Tax arrears, and money owed to North Lanarkshire Council for the year 2013/14. Long story short, after coming into hardship in September last year we fell behind on Council Tax and a Summary Warrant was produced for the arrears. We contacted the Council and set up a payment plan for the remaining balance which was around £770, including the statutory 10% penalty fee. All was well for a couple of months but we again began to struggle to the point we missed a payment and almost immediately a Charge For Payment was delivered by the Sheriff Officer along with a charge of £102 for his services. Great. But business as usual. We then contacted Charles Anderson who were pursuing the debt on behalf of NLC and paid them a minimum of £30 per month for three months as we were told as long as we made regular payments to the balance there would be no further action. Our fault for not requesting a payment plan set out in writing, lesson learned again, but after making three successive payments of £40, £30 and £40 (all we could afford at the time) an Earnings Arrestment Schedule was produced based on the arrears of the Summary Warrant from September, reflecting payments we made to NLC after the SW, the payments we made to Charles Anderson, the Sheriff's costs and another £70 charge for the Earnings Arrestment. The total due under the schedule stands at £560. All sounds pretty straight forward, arrears dealt with by a debt collector followed by a batch Summary Warrant, Charge for Payment and finally Earnings Arrestment, seems pretty by the book. What confuses matters is our Council Tax bill for that year was in dispute as my partner is registered disabled with a genetic condition she's had since birth. The arrears were ongoing and we tried our hardest to continue to make payments while the bill was in dispute. On June 24th, a day after the Earnings Arrestment was produced, NLC produced a revised bill for the 2013/14 year which included a Disabled Relief adjustment and said "reason for amendment: change of banding", meaning they sent us a revised bill with a total of £110.59 still outstanding (which by the way, if we'd have had settled months ago when all this was going on, we could have probably stretched and paid off instead of dealing with debt collectors, but that's a side note) Having contacted Charles Anderson on Friday last week, they said they would contact NLC to get the issue resolved. I figured this meant the bill was going to be adjusted, but how wrong could i be? They emailed me today to say they have spoken with NLC who confirmed, all payments so far taken into account, the amount outstanding is £110.59. They also said as a result, the Earnings Arrestment would still stand and they would enforce it with a view to reclaim the arrears and their fees. Can someone please explain to me how this works? We're off to speak with CAB on Wednesday on my next day off, but in the mean time, how can they enforce a Summary Warrant based on arrears that NLC has now confirmed in writing through their adjusted bill for the year was, in fact, wrong? Since our amount paid up to the date the Summary Warrant hasn't changed, and the Council Tax bill was amended and the Disabled Relief backdated to the start of the year, the SW therefore reflects an incorrect amount, the 10% penalty would also be wrong based on the original arrears, and the Charge for Payment and Earnings Arrestment were based on the Summary Warrant. Charles Anderson are yet to reply to me questioning what their fees consist of, as surely they can't confirm the change in arrears and still enforce the Earnings Arrestment for £560? And if they did, surely that would imply their fees would have to make up the difference between the £110.59 both they and NLC have confirmed are the arrears and the £560 they seek through the Earnings Arrestment? Tearing my hair out over this one. My understanding is that the Summary Warrant should be deemed void as the Council have backdated the Disabled Relief and effectively shot themselves in the collective feet? I hope someone who knows more than me can explain this to me, and my legal position. I'm not in any way trying to avoid paying the arrears, I am however unhappy about the fact that Charles Anderson still want my work to pay them £560 based on the original outstanding arrears of £400, which has now been confirmed to be wrong. Help please
  7. I searched CAG for this but couldn't find anything. What is the ECHR view on the collection of council tax through earnings arrestment etc? I ask because the arrestment on my wages equates to just 10% of my gross pay. I'm effectively paying double the rate of income tax. This is causing severe financial hardship for my family, resulting in further debt, denying my children food in their mouths and clothes on their backs. The arrestment only has a couple of months to go so there is light at the end of the tunnel, but the levels of arrestment are far too high in my view.
  8. My husband and I had joint wages arrestment put in place for Council tax arrears my employer has stopped deducting my wages a few months ago but my husband is still having the money taken off of him. I assumed they would stop at the same time is there any reason that this would happen? Thanks
  9. I am currently paying a wages arrestment to Charles Anderson - at least its getting paid every month and as I am currently a full time student working part time I am excuded from paying council tax at the moment so hopefully by time I finish college I will be council tax debt free and can start paying normally again. I have paid 2 months of the amount they say I owe but I have also just received a bank account arrestment order from an old bank account that I no longer use - stating that the bank couldnt give them anything as I obviously had no funds in that account as its not in use. I havent had a chance to speak to them yet as its the weekend but can they arrest your bank account on top of an existing wages arrestment?? I thought they were only legally allowed to take so much a month? I have moved all my funds from my existing account in the meantime in case I get any surprises in the next few days until I speak to them.
  10. Hi, I am in Scotland, over 2 and a half years ago I moved house. I'm pretty sure that I informed the council of the move at the time. I have today received an arrestment of earnings for unpaid council tax for my old house completely out of the blue. I have had nothing from them since before moving out, and if I had I would have contacted them to discuss the matter. I genuinely have no idea where this has come from and can't work out what dates it is for from the arrestment schedule. I am planning to call them on Monday to find out where this has come from, but wanted to ask if there is anything that can be done at this stage? As far as I am concerned nothing should be due, I have been paying council tax at the new place since moving in. I have read numerous posts on this and understand that for this to have been issued it must have gone through some kind of court process, but I have not had anything regarding this either. Any help is much appreciated! B
  11. Ive came home to the above. Luckily its been sent to my older employer for arrestment so maybe it buys me more time. In December an arrangement was made but when I went to pay online my installment it failed without my knowledge. If on friday I pay the missing payment and this months amount will the cancel the arrestment going ahead? I will call them tommorow. Im just worried sick tonight as this will ruin me. They already know im in rent arrears.
  12. Hi I had fell behind on my council tax a good few years back, however I had arranged a payment plan with Debt collector for the council and was paying it as agreed. Whilst I was on holiday a payment came out of my bank that I wasn't expecting and this meant my agreement with the debt collectors wasn't paid and they cancelled the agreement, I didn't know this had happened until a week or so later when I arrived back in UK and had a earnings arrestment waiting on me. To be honest I was relieved and this meant paying my debt off quicker that it would have been. That was back in July and 3 payments have now been taken from my wages. I am now moving job into a small family firm and don't want them to be aware of the arrestment. I am more than willing to pay what I have been paying through the arrestment or possibly a bit more but is there anyway around paying it direct and not through your employer? Sorry for the load of info this is my first post! Many thanks Dee
  13. Hi all I'm sure this question has been asked many many times but I can't find a definitive answer so thought I would ask myself. I received a letter from Moon Beever Solicitors in relation to a pay day loan (£201). They have advised if I dont contact them they will apply to Northampton County Court to arrest my wages. My question is can they do this through an English court or does it have to be done in a Scottish Court as I am domiciled in Scotland (always have been)? I seem to be finding conflicting info so thought I would ask. I am going to contact them but just wanted to know for my own information. Many thanks
  14. Hi there. I had a wage arrestment served a couple of months ago however my employer never received a copy so obviosuly didn't pay anything. Now my employer is getting harrassing letters and emails about it, threatening to sue for the total amount. I've spoken to the company who said they sent it recorded delivery and it was signed for by someone I don't know (It's a large shared building), so we never received it. They're asking my employer to pay the backdated, overdue amount ... but I don't see how they can be held liable since we never received it in the first place. Anyone offer any advice on this? Thanks
  15. Hi everyone, i wonder if you can help I got a parking ticket a year and a half ago and at the time i really couldn't pay it. I set up a payment plan with Scott and Co for £10 a week but only managed 2 payments as i couldn't afford to keep them up. They informed me they were going to arrest my wages , so i thought well that's fine at least they'll get their money (which due to the elapsed time had reached £223)... (I know , i wish i had just paid the £30 fine a the time.. but i just couldn't) ... so before the wage arrestment i asked if i could pay them certain amounts on certain dates.. in which they replied no , the wage arrestment was in place and that was that... so 2 months came and went and no money was deducted from my wages then today i got a letter informing me of an impending fund arrestment . the letter reads as follows "We have recently executed a funds arrestment in repsect of the debts detailed above. This means that you may not hav access to funds held in your bank account or due to you by a third party. It is essential that you contact us immediately on the above telephone number to prevent further action proceeding against you to obtain release of the arrested funds to our client" It also states that i now owe them £319.85 .. this is insanity !!! I remember the parking ticket , i was like 6 minutes over my time. hese amounting charges are wholly disproportionate and if i could have paid the amount at the time i would have. I have sent them an email stating why they went ahead and done this and would they please let me know what i can do to prevent any further action, but for now i shall send £10 every Monday. I then went on to their website and noticed i could make an online payment, so i sent them the £10 .. Can they actually arrest my bank account? does anyone have any advice as to what i could do to prevent this from happening? any advice would be really appreciated
  16. Hi I have council tax arrears going back about 2 years. I was in employment with an agency and the sherriff officers charles anderson arrested my wages. My employer paid the full amount requested. However charles anderson contacted my employer again, with a rude letter stating that they did not receive the payment, and that my employer had a responsibility to pay and that they would be liable for payment if they didnt deduct it from my wages. I contacted charles anderson again and explained that my employer had already made payment and later I received a letter from charles anderson saying that they had found the payment in their unallocated file. Dont ask me why my payment was in an unallocated file and why they had misplaced it because I had all reference numbers etc correct. I lost my job with my employment because they could not be bothered with the harrasment from charles anderson. To my disbelief a couple of months later (todays date)I received another arrestment order which is sent to same previous employer who I am now not with, this was for the other years arrears ( they had applied to the court for both years at the same time) I am in receipt of job seekers allowance and have a council tax rebate so why on earth have they applied to my previous employer if they know that I am in receipt of benefits and not working now. They have totally ruined me for ever getting a job with my previous employer again. Please help. They have pushed me into unemployent and are still ruining my chances.
  17. Just received notification of earnings arrestment through the post for council tax. Is there any way to appeal this. By my calculations, thats around £250 quid a month out of my wages, money I can't afford. We are a family of four and this will cripple our household budget.
  18. I have an earnings arrestment if i dont pay £1800 within 14 days. (council tax) Is there a limit to how much will they take..?
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