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Found 15 results

  1. Hello all. I am hoping for a bit of advice please. I received a very worrying letter from Walker Love today advising that I owe their client £396 (the original creditor was Next Directory...but I believe this is now owned by Lowell). The default took place in 2014 and at the time I was suffering from chronic illness that meant I fell behind with payments. You know the story...it ended in the default. I never denied my debt.. .I emailed and called offering payment several times and was dismissed. ..I was told that their agents would be in touch. Several months later it was sold to Lowell for pence to the pound. I have not paid them a penny to date. I know that Walker Love are sheriff officers.. .and wonder about the seriousness of their letter? I would rather make payment in small amounts than face any further damage to my credit file. I have already suffered for several years now for my silly mistake. My question is how to proceed with them to avoid further hassle? I cant afford the full payment, bills aside I have very limited disposable income.
  2. I received a simple procedure notice of claim recently and I'm unsure of what to do. This was from a few addresses ago. I'm unemployed, recently had a baby and suffering from postnatal depression. My brain is a bit 'fuzzy' at the moment and I find it hard to take things in and concentrate. What do I Do?
  3. Hi there, had a terrifying experience this morning. My mum has received an official letter from Walker Love, hand posted through her door, saying she has 14 days to pay roughly 15 thousand pounds in council tax arrears or she will be subject to the usual procedures, bank account arrested, made bankrupt etc etc. This is terrifying, but also confusing. 1) this is supposedly unpaid council tax for a property dating back to 2001 2) the property was vacated in 2005 3) my dad died in 2005 and his considerable debts were handled by a lawyer at the time. There has been no mention of any monies still owed, since 2006 - until today. 4) My mum is 71, flat broke with no savings and only has her modest state pension. 5) She is currently being assessed for possible Alzheimer's Disease - but is still 'with it' enough to be able to read the letter and have a breakdown, which she did this morning. 6) How is she liable for this, and how have the costs continues to accrue for all these years? 7) WHY has there been no mention of this until now, when the debt has reached a frankly laughable and unplayable amount? 8) Where do I start in terms of tackling this for her, as she neither mentally, emotionally or financially capable of dealing with any of this? I have read bits and bobs about not communicating with Walker Love, not letting them access her property etc etc she can't realistically afford to repay anything of this money and she can't handle someone turning up to her door. I live 40 miles away and work 12 hour shifts so it's hard for me to deal with any doorstep harassment. At present, my mum lives in a council property and has very little by way of possessions, no savings, and lives week to week on her meagre pension. Any advice would be really helpful guys - my poor mum is frantic and we don't know what to do. She went through absolute hell after my dad died, due to all his debts which she knew nothing about . She lost everything and had a massive mental breakdown. I can't let this happen again. I just don't understand where this has come from. No mention of it for years and years and then whack! "You have two weeks to pay us 15 grand."
  4. Received this letter in the post today, I've never had any contact with them before. There was no other information included so I dont even know which years this is apparently for! What would be my proper course of action? And how do I find out more about this 'summary warrant'. Regards
  5. Hi All Long time since I have been on here...... i have an agreement to pay walker love 200.00 pm to pay off council tax arrears. I thought all was going well, however it appears I may have missed a payment back in december. I have had no communication from them until recently I received a letter from my bank advising of an arrestment of my account (over 400.00). I then received a 'mandate' from WL asking me to sign to say they can have the money..... Whilst i agree I may owe them the money, I am not sure how they came to the figure they have. My questions are: - if i sign this mandate allowing release of the funds, does this automatically allow them to arrest and release funds in the future, i.e. is it an ongoing agreement? - Do I have to release the funds.... or can I negotiate to have the arrestment lifted? I am also loathe to call them because of 1 their attitude and also the fact it is a 084 number costing at least 7p a minute. Any help, advice guidance appreciated.
  6. Hi, i got a 'Charge of payment' letter through the door from Walker Love stating that a summary warrant has been granted me and i owe £1421. This was council tax debt from a previous address for 2010,2011, & 2012, this is the first i have had any correspondence regarding this debt from walker love. I was really struggling during this time due to job loss and could barely afford to pay the rent and accrued quite a lot of debt at the time. I was just wondering what is the best course of action, i don't really want to deal with sheriff officers can i still come to an arrangement with the council? Do Walker Love actually have a summary warrant? what realistically will happen next? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  7. Hi, My dog walker lost my dog. After three days i hired a specialist and the next day he was found by the specialist. Subsequently my dog had fleas and I had a veterinary bill. Whats the best action I can take to recoup my costs and outstanding lost wages looking for the dog?
  8. I know that this isn't a big problem compared to most of the problems on here but I could use a little knowledge on the subject. My partner moved in with me in January after cancelling his BT broadband account, he paid his final bill but did not pay the £30 cancellation out of principle as he was unaware that was in his terms and conditions. They do not know where he lives and have no phone number for him but they do have an email address which has been passed to Walker Love (correspondence below). He is tempted to ignore the email but I am concerned as to where this could lead if anywhere. I have heard of unpaid debts mounting up over years and I do not want it to come back and bite him so I'd like to know what the real consequences could be? 'We've passed your debt of £37.50 to a collection agency. We've sent you several reminders but you still haven't paid us what you owe. So we've now passed your debt to Walker Love Collections, an authorised debt collection agency, to get in touch with you about paying it off. We've also added a charge of 25%, included in the outstanding balance above, to cover the cost of us handing over the debt.'
  9. Hi not sure if this is the correct forum. Also the details I have just now a fairly limited. Sorry. My self and my partner have received an 'appointment letter' from walker love, stating they have a legal document they need to serve. I am not sure what this is to do with (possibly council tax). It has a code at the bottom mentioning 'sequistration'. A couple of questions: 1) does this mean some one has applied for sequestration? 2) If and when they turn up do we have to speak to them and / or allow them entry? 3) will we be getting 'charged' and attendance fee everytime they write to us or turn up at the door? Any advice greatly appreciated, this is freaking me out. thanks G
  10. Hi Hope someone can help with this. Lowell took over this credit card debt 6 months ago from Bank of Scotland. The credit card was taken out about 10 years ago. I stopped repayments approximately 4 years ago. Just got a letter today from Lowell stating they have checked my credit file and see that I am a homeowner and are threatening to take me to court over debt. Debt is for £8500. Any help with were I go next would be gratefully appreciated as I have a terminally ill mother who I am nursing and this is worrying me sick. Thanks
  11. I have read many stories from Landlords about their treatment by Walker Singleton and Mortgage Express. I have found out just over 5 years later that I too as a previous tenant am a victim of their disgusting behaviour and am in limbo as too know what to do. We are going through the process for referencing to rent another property, too be told I have a CCJ against my name for £4125 through Guildford County Court. I was totally shocked as I subscribe to Equifax to check my credit file and nothing has ever shown up. The Letting Agents kindly gave me the case no so I pursue the details of such. I was told this was a possession order (dated: October 2008) for an Apartment I once lived in and there was a monetary judgement attached. This is were the story begins. I was living on my own with my children when in July 2008 I received a letter from Walker Singleton to say the Landlord had gone into receivership and we had two weeks to get out otherwise the baliffs would enforce eviction within 7 days of the conclusion of the 14 day period. We had been paying rent directly to the Landlord up until the point and we were not in arrears. We approached the Council and found alternative accommodation within this period and we duly moved out leaving the keys as instructed. I thought nothing more about this until now. It turns out there were some of us who did move out and some of us who didn't (the landlord had bought 12 flats off plan on a Buy to Let). Several months later Walker Singleton applied to the courts for a possession order to evict all of the Landlords tenants. However, none of the tenants received the court papers and therefore as the noone defended the claim, the judge passed it and all possession orders were issued. Although, I had vacated the property I am assuming that there was still a live Tenancy Agreement therefore they could not sell the property as a vacant possession, hence I got caught up in the swoop. They cited rent arrears (apparently I have discovered from the point the Landlord went into receivership (Jan 2008) all rents should have been paid to Walker Singleton) however they did not notify the tenants of this so they were able to cite rent arrears. I have been told I am best to wait the further 7 months for the CCJ to drop off my file as opposed to trying to have it set aside as the judge may reopen the case, and with a lack of material to defend this story (being nearly six years down the line), the judge could reorder the CCJ and I am stuck with it for another 6 years. Surely, if they believed there were only rent arrears they wouldn't have gone for the possession order as I was no longer in the property and it seems absolutely absurd to me they have never enforced the CCJ to recover the alleged debt. Feel a real victim of this underhand practice. Has anybody else been a victim of this and is there any advice you can give me. Open to all suggestions - whilst I am tempted to wait the 7 months part of me is loathed to as I have done absolutely nothing wrong and now the prospect of renting a new house is in total jeopardy over this!!!
  12. hey guys this years council tax 2013/2014 £506 has been pass to the walker love sheriff officers plus there 10% charge making it to abt £556 i owe in total. i have setted up a payment arragment i offered £50 a month they refused due to my income £1300 they said they can get a wage arressment for £160 a month if they want to but said they will accept £100 a month without going thru all that . do they have or myself go to court for wage arressment also i didnt recieve any time to pay form etc with my letter from them. how much can they take if they get wage arresment ? as i will be asking to reduce as i wont be able to afford this and pay next year council tax ? so if i dont pay next year council tax it go to walker love again no doubt for wage arressment or bank arressment - how do they find out which bank or your employer your with todo this ? thx guys
  13. In June 2008 I received a letter from Robinson, Way & Company advising that they had been appointed by Halifax Bank to collect a debt in respect of a credit card. According to Robinson, Way & Co. Halifax Bank had sent me a default notice in June 2004 but as I had no knowledge of any debt or default I wrote to Robinson Way on 21 June 2008 requesting a copy of the signed and dated credit agreement. I also sent them a cheque for £1.00 to cover the fee payable under the CCA 1974. On 25 June 2008 Robinson, Way replied that they had ordered a copy agreement from their client and would forward it to me when they received it. They returned my £1.00 cheque. I heard nothing more about this until November 2012 when a company called Moon Beever wrote to me saying they were now collecting on behalf of Robinson, Way & Co. I replied that I did not acknowledge any debt to them or their client and that having written to Robinson Way four years previously and hearing nothing from them I considered the matter closed. On 28 June I received a letter from Connaught Collections saying, "please find enclosed information as requested". What they enclosed was a sheaf of papers - 16 pages in all - headed Credit Card Agreement Regulated By The Consumer Credit Act 1974 and containing the usual details relating to a standard credit card agreement. My name and current address are shown on the print-out but nowhere does it show my signature or a date. At the end of the first seven pages it says, "TEASER 01 12/02" and at the end of the next section it says, "TEASER 01 STD 06/04-10/04" I have now received a letter from a company called Walker Morris stating that they are acting for 1st Credit and that they are instructed that if their client does not receive payment they may issue court proceedings against me. I am minded to say, "go ahead, see you in Court and don't forget to bring a signed and dated Credit Agreement" but wonder if any CAG members might have any advice on dealing (or not) with these people.
  14. Just a story concerning my partner and her experience with these people. 6 years ago due to ill health she had to give up work. She couldn't meet mortgage payments and sold the house and rented it back through the private landlord. All was fine until a year ago when the landlord went bankrupt and mortgage express appointed w/singleton as receivers .Early April she received a phone call from them wanting a copy of the tenancy agreement. Alarm bells started ringing with me as I have read the stories on this forum about this company. Sure enough, two weeks later a letter arrived giving notice of termination of agreement and she was given 2 month to vacate. After much stress she found a place with a housing group but on the day of the move a guy came to change the locks at 9.30. Luckily I was there and told him that he would have to come back late afternoon which he was ok with. Half an hour later a guy from w/s called her shouting and making threats that they were going to charge her £75 for not getting out!!. Not being intimidated she told the guy where to go and by all means send the bill- the guy hung up. I just wanted to tell this condensed story and that any one dealing with these muppets should be very aware, all they want is to make a swift buck and have no morals when messing with peoples lives.
  15. Hi Guys Looking for some advice. I currently have a couple of council tax debts, one for last financial year for around £500 and one for this financial year. Last years debt has been passed to walker love and this years is being dealt with by my local council. i have standing orders with them both for an affordable ammount. Now i must have called walker love about two weeks ago to arrange this debt and in fairness i wasnt on the phone long and it got sorted pretty quickly. i check this months payslip and i can see a deduction titled "eas scotland" for 122.39, i didnt know what this was but assumed it must be a mistake by either walker love or the council as they had both agreed to settlement plans. called the council first and gave me refference number, they informed me this was for a previous council tax debt from oct 2008 to feb 2009 for around £460.00, this was a flat i stayed in with a friend and he was to arrange payment of the council tax and i was advised it was in hand, i have never heard a peep from the council or walker love in 4 years in relation to this debt and not once when i called two weeks ago did they even mention it!!! what i really need to know is can they do this? surely they cant arrest someones wages if they were not even aware of the debt and have never been informed by the council of walker love, i have not called walker love yet but the man i spoke to at the council agreed it was a bit shady! thanks in advance for the advice.
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