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  1. Other than the details already posted I have no other information. The original default notice was supposedly issued in June 2004. How long do banks wait from first default before issuing their notices?
  2. In June 2008 I received a letter from Robinson, Way & Company advising that they had been appointed by Halifax Bank to collect a debt in respect of a credit card. According to Robinson, Way & Co. Halifax Bank had sent me a default notice in June 2004 but as I had no knowledge of any debt or default I wrote to Robinson Way on 21 June 2008 requesting a copy of the signed and dated credit agreement. I also sent them a cheque for £1.00 to cover the fee payable under the CCA 1974. On 25 June 2008 Robinson, Way replied that they had ordered a copy agreement from their client and would forward it to me when they received it. They returned my £1.00 cheque. I heard nothing more about this until November 2012 when a company called Moon Beever wrote to me saying they were now collecting on behalf of Robinson, Way & Co. I replied that I did not acknowledge any debt to them or their client and that having written to Robinson Way four years previously and hearing nothing from them I considered the matter closed. On 28 June I received a letter from Connaught Collections saying, "please find enclosed information as requested". What they enclosed was a sheaf of papers - 16 pages in all - headed Credit Card Agreement Regulated By The Consumer Credit Act 1974 and containing the usual details relating to a standard credit card agreement. My name and current address are shown on the print-out but nowhere does it show my signature or a date. At the end of the first seven pages it says, "TEASER 01 12/02" and at the end of the next section it says, "TEASER 01 STD 06/04-10/04" I have now received a letter from a company called Walker Morris stating that they are acting for 1st Credit and that they are instructed that if their client does not receive payment they may issue court proceedings against me. I am minded to say, "go ahead, see you in Court and don't forget to bring a signed and dated Credit Agreement" but wonder if any CAG members might have any advice on dealing (or not) with these people.
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