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  1. Are there any letter templates I could use for my letter to sunmaster re my complaint?
  2. Thanks for your reply I will contact my NI local small claims court on Monday regarding suing a company( sunmaster) based in England, to try and discover how this works or is it feasible, to sue from NI to England? I just want sunmaster to sort out the accommodation for my son and his friends! Thanks again!
  3. Thank you for the information, I live in Northern Ireland and from what I can see the limit is £3000 the total holiday cost for the six lads came to £3100, will this prevent me from going to small claims court. I am so angry with this company I am prepared to follow this through I will compose a letter tomorrow to Sunmaster and send it recorded delivery as per your previous instructions. Thank you for your help If you don't mind I will keep you posted and will make a small donation through pay pal. As it is my son and his friends first holiday without parents, I feel Sunmaster think they will be a push over. They have definitely got that wrong!
  4. Hi Thank you for your helpful reply, is a small claim court an easy route to go? Do I need a solicitor? Do you know the approx. cost involved? Sorry for all the questions but am a newbie to this kind of matter! thanks
  5. Hi Thanks for the advice, the holiday is on the 30th July. I only booked with them as my daughter had previously stayed in the hotel and I knew it had a good reputation and Sunmaster said the hotel was available. They are dragging their heels regarding offering alternative/ acceptable accommodation and we are the people chasing them, no effort on their behalf I feel this is so eventually they think my son will accept anything( which he wont). They told my son when he challenged them regarding the original hotel never actually being booked, that the boking would not have been in his name anyway., which is funny as Sunmaster sent him a booking voucher with ref number and his name on it for the original hotel?. I feel they have been dishonest with us from the start and actually never made the booking as confirmed by the hotel, they just sent him a booking voucher obviously made up to confirm the hotel!
  6. Hi I am looking help/advice regarding Sunmaster holiday company. I booked a holiday for my 18 year old son and five friends in January with the above company. The holiday was specifically booked for a named hotel in Magaluf; due to recommendations from others due to standards/ location etc arriving on 30th July to the 9th August. The final balance was paid on the 7th May, yesterday I received an email from Sunmaster saying the hotel was not available ( I have confirmation of the booking from Sunmaster through the OHG accommodation LTD). To cut a long story short Sunmaster wanted to send my son to Palma Nova to inferior accommodation, after I refused this they conveniently remembered they could only deal with my son. They are dragging their heels and have failed to offer an alternative accommodation so far. My son rang this morning after checking availability on their website and suggested four other hotels they would be willing to stay in, and still haven't resolved the issue(contact from them is appalling, we have to do all the ringing). I also rang the original hotel in Magaluf yesterday and have an email from the manager stating my son's party was never booked in on that date. Could someone please help as I feel as I booked this group of lads first holiday abroad I am some way responsible ( I know I'm not it is Sunmaster's fault). Could any one tell me what are the legal rights of my son and his friends. Many Thanks Kate
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