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  1. Well I am not on that claim thing, just wanted to be sure that I am not Cheated
  2. Session was not to long, all was fine till that payment page arrived well I don't know that what affected price
  3. My name is Mike, and Some days back I booked a Flight with Crystal travel, I was going to Africa, I contacted them through there website, fares were cheap but while booking, at payment time my session was expired, and sudden within seconds the price go high, Abey (there travel agent) called me to help, I asked her for the Cheap fare which I was getting Earlier, she said sir fares is high now, how is that possible, I have booked various times earlier first time I am Using Crystal travel, and I am 110 percent sure that there was nothing with me that can make my session Expired, like in Couple of Seconds you have to pay near about 100 GBP
  4. What more you want to know? Well I want to post review for Crystal travel where can i post that? can u help me?
  5. My name is Mike (edit) I work in a IT company, I love travelling Recently I travelled to Africa but the travel company Crystal Travel didn't provide the value of money I pay to them.So i am here to complain that.
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