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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone Not sure if this is the right place to put this. But I haven't been paid by work and I'm not sure what to do. Details: I worked for this company from the 14/11/2016 to the 23/11/2016. I worked two shift patterns in the 7 days I worked there. They were 9am to 6pm and 10am to 7pm. I had half an hour for dinner and two 15min breaks, so in full I worked 8 hour days. Now since I'm 25 I was getting 7.20 an hour so I think I'm owed about £403, I was fired for supposedly swearing on the head-set when I should of been working. They didn't offer any proof and I don't remember doing that. They said I'll be paid on the 06/12/2016 but I checked my bank today and they haven't sent anything. I've tried ringing the number I was given in the interview but I can only seem to leave a message. which they haven't got back to yet. Would like some advice on what to do next. Thanks Andrew
  2. Hi all, It seemed like a horror story. This year was the first time that the round paper disks were abolished, and I then replaced the still valid disk with our parking permit to save space on the windscreen, and thought that I will always receive a tax reminder anyway. However, I have not received one and I have been waiting for one to arrive. So did not really thought about it, until tonight out of interest I was searching my car's number plate to see where it was registered, and found that it was UNTAXED since July! I then immediately went to DVLA website, and tried to pay for the tax, without the reminder, but with the 11 digit serial number on my vehicle registration form. I was only able to pay for the tax from 1st Sep. And was told that DVLA may contact me about the missing periods. I truly cannot remember if I have renewed my tax, and from the DVLA information that I obviously have not paid!! I can swear that I have never received a reminder this time around. We moved house 1 year ago, but I have updated my address with DVLA right after I have moved. I will call DVLA the first thing tomorrow. I just hope they will allow me to pay back the two months of the tax, and I am happy to pay a fine too, as a lesson to my own negligence---should have checked the DVLA website to make sure a lot earlier. I heard some horror stories of over 1000 pounds fine, and points on licence. I can just pray that they will be lenient on me. The road tax for my car is 30 pounds a year. Do you know what will happen? Thank you very much. I am worried sick.
  3. Hi there, I to was grilled over whether they thought I was actually 'miss-sold' my ppi eventually received the confirmation that I would be receiving my ppi amount back and would be paid by 28th dec 2014, however when the payment failed to make an appearance in my account I made enquiries into the matter and discovered my payment had been sent to 'debt free direct' because of my "IVA"!. I first had to research what an IVA was and why I might possibly have had one without knowing it plus supposed dealings with 'debt free direct' , After discovering what an IVA was and that i definitely dont/didnt have one 'debt free direct' where just as puzzled as I am not on their system and never had been (because I dont owe any money or have a debt management plan!) but my sum of money is down as being cashed by them! Ive been passed from pillar to post trying to track down my money and told from both sides that I must consult the other party! 'Debt free direct' raised an important quiery, lloyds would have had to check my name against the insolvency register incase of owed monies that the ppi money would by rights go towards paying off, They advised me to check the 'individual insolvency register' while on the phone to them as the only person showing on their records with the same name as me had a very similar date of birth, I typed in my surname and first initial and sure enough the only person on the register sharing the same name as myself all except middle names and DOB being a month and a day different to mine had an IVA against her name! Lloyds said they will pass the issue over to their investigations team after they receive contact from the debt company , I have Emailed 'debt free direct' asking for them to make contact with lloyds to confirm that Im not on their system and I just hope Lloyds dont drag out giving me my answer as to why they wrongly handed my cheque to what I can only imagine has gone to pay off someone elses debts!! Im sorry for rambling on, I hope you managed to understand my situation and wonder if anyone else has ever had or heard of this happening before, any feed back on the matter would be greatly appreciated, Thankyou in advance, becky
  4. Hi guys, I had a debt from a BT internet contract where I lost my job and couldnt pay it. It amounted to about £300 A debt collection agency got in touch so I offered them £100 as a full settlement. They agreed and I paid, but when I asked them when they will update my credit file as paid they said the following "n response to your recent email, sorry we do not deal with credit files as we are a collections company. Any information regarding this should be made to either Equifax, Experian or similar. With kind regards CDUK." Any ideas?
  5. I was constantly being underpayed by various amounts 2months ago was no exception. i work as a p/t community carer & a sizeable part of my income is set aside petrol. I was outraged when my monthly payslip came & I'd been under payed by £210 which left me £116 2live on for the month. I begged my old manager to look into it for me even though she'd been promoted she did & a few days later it was paid into my bank. I didn't receive another wageslip though. Since then I've been on sick due to stress & the next months payslip was unreadable as all the print was over lapped I did think id received extra but assumed it was because I'd been sent a new tax code. This months wageslip came today & £210 deducted from my sick pay saying "advance" which now leaves me £35p/w to run home, child & car on! Wage dept said it was a blip & id been payed twice & now it had been deducted. I told wage department as id been regularly under payed an overpayment never crossed my mind. Is there anything I can do & are they allowed to take my sick pay without notifying me?
  6. I booked a GAdventures holiday via STA Travel. Brochure states recommended 18-39s. We are older but travelled last year to India with them no problem. STA Travel took full payment for tour and flights (seats booked etc). I received confirmation and receipt from STA Travel. No documents from GAdventures arrived after over a month, I queried this with STA Travel, who tell me GAdventures won't accept our booking because of our ages and they have now changed their policy since the brochures was printed. STA admit it's not my fault but are pushing me to take another tour (more active!) and GAdventures are telling me to take it up with STA. Is there any legal battle here - false advertising etc, plus my money has been taken and confirmation received from STA Travel. Any legal advice would be much appreciated, thank you.
  7. Hi there. I got a provident loan before Christmas for a tumble dryer and paid half off. And though since baby no 2 is on the way I would get a small loan on top and get some decorating materials since my hubby has a week off work. Contacted my advisor he said sure. I can get £300 but use it to pay what I owe and get £120. I was confused about how it all worked but he said he will explain when he comes over. He came Friday and I signed the papers and he gave me £330. I asked was it correct thinking I must of got everything muddled as usual. He said yes see you Monday. Monday is the day I pay our agreed amount of £10:50p. So the Sat and Sun we go and buy loads of decorating materials. Finish off the bathroom and start on our room and got stuff for my daughter's room n baby to be. Monday comes no provident rep turns up. I think maybe his girlfriend who also pregnant (he told me a week ahead if me) so maybe she needed him home or something? Then Tuesday evening at 8pm he rang me telling me he gave me £200 more I said how sorry I REALLY am and I would NEVER have spent it. I thought I got the info wrong. I thought he knew what he was doing. I know I messed up. I said I will speak to my hubby as he gets paid in 2weeks and ring him the next day which was Wednesday. Then Wed morning he turned up and asked for the 200 I said again I don't have it and he demanded I tell him what I spent it on. And he wants 50 a week to pay it off. I can't afford 60.50p a week. That's what I would have to pay including the agreed weekly amount. Our weekly working tax credits is 70. I need to buy food, gas and electric. He keeps ringing my phone and said he is coming Friday to pick up money. But I told him I can't but I will give him as much as I possibly can and just buy basic food things for a month or so. so He said he had to pay the 200 out of his pocket so I need to pay him back asap. What can I do??? I can't stand the stress of it and he was mad I can't meet him today but I have my heart monitor fitted. He text and called again whilst I was at the hospital. I text saying I'm busy and I can't ring/text him every day. He said it was comon curtasy for me to call him again today and I should have taken back all the decorating things I got (but have used..) as thats what he would of done. He is coming to my house again tomorrow... I feel so stressed out and stuck
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