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Found 17 results

  1. Long explanation....... I Bought a kitchen recently from a well known distributor on a trade account through my company similar to howdens. Paid 1800 deposit and had 5000 on credit. The kitchen arrived and when we came to install around a month later we noticed some parts had not arrived. Some had been marked as delivered and others not even checked off so they knew they were not there. They informed my wife, I was away for 3 weeks with work, that all was there and had been delivered so kitchen could be installed fully. Once install began a small number of items were not there and took 2-3 days to arrive which along with delaying the 2 fitters by not being there was a delay in looking for and reordering etc. The fitters highlighted quite a few other small problems too along the way and out of the 5 tall units we had 3 of them needed re-drilling and making certain holes bigger for cam and dowels to fit, again we made it work but these are all predrilled units with supplied parts that should fit and only adds to install costs. The units were not all made of uniform sized panels, not a lot out but once you know its there you notice it. the designer did not allow for enough plinth or pelmet either. Some of the panels are also predrilled and dont reach the edge of the carcass by 3 mm so have to have a small filler along them A door was damaged, i cannot say whether it was us or them as we unpackaged a lot of items and moved them about looking for the missing parts so thats not 100% on them and I cant prove it is them so will have to stomach that. Overall the fitters made a good job form an awkward one but we both feel it would have been considerably less work and would have been completed at least 3 days earlier if it wasnt for the suppliers. The fitters said to me if they were supply and fit and had bought the kitchen themselves then they would definitely be arguing for compensation. I have not settled the credit account yet for 5000 but would like to know where i stand in regards to a reduction on my bill. The fitters were on a day rate, 2 joiners on 320 a day for the pair. On the second day they had to leave for 2 days in order to wait for the parts to come and still needed paying half a days wage as they sacrificed working somewhere else to come to my job. Sorry for the long winded post but felt it was better to get it all in. TIA J
  2. Hi there, I am in the process of going through MCOL for over £3500.00 due to poor service, supply, project management and deadly electrics when I had my kitchen installed by a large DIY chain. I am actually out of pocket to the tune of £3500.00 putting their mistakes right and my kitchen still isn't finished and it should have been completely finished by 6th October last year. I've managed to do all of the paperwork and POC and I have named 2 defendants; one is the large chain and the second is their parent company. I named the parent company because when I was liaising with the DIY chain and following their complaints process I was getting nowhere so I tried to use the parent company to apply pressure to no avail! the DIY chain have filed a defence, admitting some of their mistakes but not all even though I have proof, photos, electricians as witnesses, emails of complaint etc. Unfortunately, I have not heard a thing from the parent company with regards to filing a defence, acknowledgement of service or anything. Do I just leave them alone until it gets to court or do I have to let the court know I haven't heard anything back from them? I have received a copy of the defence from the DIY chain's solicitors and it's just full of legal speech to try and frighten me I assume. Also, they have offered me mediation with them however I really don't want to do that. For at least 2 months, I attempted to discuss this with them and they just ignored me I feel that because I followed their complaints process to the letter, they don't deserve to go through mediation. Does this go against me at all because I don't want mediation? Any help you can give me is really appreciated.
  3. My house was flooded last week as the ball cock broke off in the tank in the loft. Loss adjustors have been appointed and drying company and electricians have been out and set up a separate power supply to start the drying process. I am in a hotel staying that the insurers have arranged. Loss adjustor came on friday and had a good look around took photos and asked me some questions. One of the questions was did I have any criminal convictions or CCJ'S. I said not to convictions and that I had a CCJ about 9 years. I think it was paid but really cant remember as I was in a very bad period in my life at that point. A lot of my paperwork from then has been thrown away ( in error ). I believe that CCJ information disappears after 6 years so I dont think I can check. I have looked through my paperwork for the insurance policy that covers the damage and the question about CCJ'S does not appear only questions about convictions and being bankrupt. Both of these I answered no to as that was the case. I just wondered why the loss adjustor asked and would he be referring to CCJ's from the last 6 years ( of which I have none ). I looked at my sisters insurance papers at hers today and her insurers NFU ask about CCJ'S aswell as IVA's and Bankruptcy. But they then say they are only interested in CCJ' whether unsatisfied or satisfied from the last 5 years. I dont want this to be a reason why they dont pay out and I did correctly answer the questions when I took out the insurance. Am I worrying for nothing?
  4. Hi, I hope someone can shed some light on this situation. We bought a new kitchen from a company called Kutchen Haus / Nobilia. My kitchen fitters began to fit the kitchen without too much problem bar a few missing parts. When it came to fitting the integrated fridge and freezer thats where the problem begins. My fitters unwrapped the freezer and fitted it into the unit and discarded the packaging. When they unwrapped what they thought was the fridge they realised it was actually another freezer! The second freezer was a better freezer so we decided to keep that and purchase a fridge from elsewhere as the company would take up to 6 weeks to get me the fridge i wanted. Kutschen Haus were ok with this however they said they were only willing to take back the original Freezer and provide a refund if it was in its full packaging. My problem is that my fitters threw away the packaging so where does that leave me? the freezer is brand new and has not even been plugged in! (it does have a couple scratches on either side from where the fitters took it in and out of the unit it was fitted in). My argument is that if they had sent the correct fridge and freezer in the first instance we wouldn't have this problem as the fitters would have fitted both. What are my rights in this situation? any help and advice is greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  5. we have a three year old house which has the nhbc certificate.however the clause for interior fittings expired after 2 years. in the block of 9 houses 6 have had issues with laminate surfaces cracking or falling off the kitchen units. we have had the kitchen manufacturer visit the site who was suggesting a heat and moisture issue. to date they have offered to supply only replacement panels. we have to collect them from the retailer the builders purchased them from and obviously have to pay for removal and refitting. to my mind this does not sound fair when these units are nearly 3 years old. can anyone suggest a course of action we can take as a management group?
  6. Hi all, We bought a Homebase Kitchen in 2011, which comes with a ten year warranty. We had it fitted professionally while having other building work done, and it quickly began to deteriorate. The kitchen was a shaker style with (what appears to be) doors wrapped in vinyl and a plate rack with painted components. The paint on the plate rack was the first to cause problems - flaking off in large chunks until the whole wooden section was exposed. We also noticed on a few of the doors had started to split across the top edging causing the vinyl to crack, and on an open-fronted unit the paint had started to chip off in large quantities. After much toing and froing (including escalating the complaint to Homebase's director department), we had an assessor visit to check our complaint and they agreed to replace the faulty components (this was then a two year old kitchen). Several items were out of stock and it took approximately two months for the units to be delivered. However, we eventually got the parts and had them replaced, and closed the complaint (with a minor compensation from Homebase). 18 months later, we're now seeing some of the same components fail - particularly the plate rack. I realise I can start a new complaint, have the same component replaced again as I am within my ten year warranty, but at what point can I say this kitchen (or at least several components of it), are not fit for purpose and take the complaint higher? I shouldn't have to replace parts on a bi-annual basis, and I am well aware that as soon as my ten year warranty is over, Homebase are entitled to wash their hands of my problem leaving me with a tatty kitchen I'll have to replace immediately. Thanks for any advice
  7. Tomorrow I'll be interviewed for a job as a kitchen porter. My flatmate works there and is going back home and will recommend me for when he finally quits. The head chef knows I have a past in office and IT, so he won't be very trusting of me (or so my flatmate told me). What to wear for the interview: if I go too casual, he might think I don't take the interview seriously; if I go suited and booted, he could think I'm overqualified. Any suggestions? [i'm desperate and I really need this job]
  8. MUM -KITCHEN-CONSUMER FORUM I was wondering if someone could help me? My mums bed ridden after a car accident and she recently needed a kitchen badly adapted a little for her needs in a wheel chair. But worried that she’s been messed about by people who have took advantage of her before she asked for help from the council and the care and repair team hoping they would help and also find some one reliable to do the contract. The Care and repair team came out approx 14th october 2014, shortly half hour latter the kitchen man turned up. But after talking to the company who promised her she would get what she needed and could do the job before xmas so she could enjoy xmas with a new kitchen. She was constantly messed about. She was sent a 3D image approx a week after the visit, but there were things on the document that wasent right, so she contacted them and told them. They promised her that they would alter the requests she had mentioned. She latter received a 2nd letter and 3D image with details the letter included details of what she would be having done but not broke down correctly, at the time my mum didn’t let this bother her thinking it was the norm but realised latter it has caused problems with them not explaining properly. My mum is unable to remember the exact time but round this time she mentioned in a phone call to the kitchen team that there were 2x sinks on the original plan and one had to be removed and also spoke to them regarding lights under the counter because she had forgot to mention that she would like them also in a disabled section/ under the plate rack that she was having built. After mentioning this to them they were happy to add this and said not to worry they would put these in for free. Around this time also I had spoke to a man from the kitchen team on a day he was there and tried to go over all her needs incase she had forgotten including anything, mentioning the lights under all the counters that she requested also. They promise her that the job would take no longer than 10 days and would be done well in time for xmas. She paid a deposit of £831.69 on the 31st october 2014. And they started work on the 1st December 2014. A man started work demolishing the old kitchen (some rubbish was not all taken away as promised still). Then one man started building the cupboards for the kitchen on his own. It was a little upsetting that they did not listen to my mum properly regarding some of the design of the kitchen and she found a section where she wanted to store her brushes ect was designed wrong and she is finding it difficult to do what she wanted. (yet she’s not bothered that much about this and has let it pass by). When the cupboard man was nearly finished his side of things an electrician came out none of us actually got to meet him nor talk to him and we were told that he came in to the house and said he needed to check the bedrooms because when he was doing the electrics in the kitchen all up stairs plugs etc needed to be checked for safety etc. ?? Yet when an electrician came latter on to do this he did not need to go up stairs at all??) We were told he took one look at the rooms (yet my daughter was living in one of these rooms and he did not come in to the room at all) and said to the other work man he would not do the job and walked out. My mums house has been in a mess for a while with boxes etc piled in the rooms waiting to be sorted but she is not able to get up the stairs and only has my self to help and I have a disability too so can only do so much to help. (but all the light fittings and plugs were assessable. We have still not had a proper explanation regarding this event, nor an apology. Only told that they would not use this man again. Due to this man walking out and not doing his job, the kitchen was put on hold and we were told they could not get any one else to do the job until after new year. My mum had been having to survive before and during and after xmas with 3 small push along kitchen table squares with a kettle, and microwave to only cook with. The only way that another electric man was found was through the care and repair team in the new year. So the job only got finished 14th January 2015. Other issues were also happening, E.G. A hole was supposed to be blocked up, done badly and uneven. -Artex needed tidying up ( this was only touch up jobs were they damaged the original wall, not new stuff.) -Painting done badly over artex some one had to come back again due to us telling them, yet for the price we paid we feel it was still done badly. -Radiator was moved and the knob and items falling off it after the job was completed. -There is still a small hole in the wall. -Handle fell off the cupboard after it was completed. Towards completion of the electrics we realised that lights we asked for under the cupboards were not put in, after asking why we were told we never asked for light under there. Yet they had put light in an area built for the wheel chair under a plate rack were my mum would use the most. (when we had requested lights under all of it, and we had actually forgot to tell them in the beginning that we would like the lights under the plate rack and at a latter date told them could we please have them.) The man from the company via phone said yes of course and that he would throw these in for free. Yet in January my mum has now received a separate bill for the lights she has been told that this is extra to be paid. (Nothing was free as promised) The actual bill for the kitchen was £8,316.89 plus £105.97 for the extra lights. My mum has been put out an awful lot coping with no kitchen for far too long than promised and through xmas and new year which as well as being very upsetting was very difficult being in a wheel chair and in constant pain. This company have not listened to her a lot before or after all this and even demanded payment before the job was completed making her feel guilty and saying such things as the man who had done the cupboards needed paying and wants paying so he has his money for xmas. I Believe they have done a half hearted job with somethings and left my mum with stress upset and lack of facilities over a period of time that was far too much for anyone never mind a disabled person, they did not offer to knock any thing off for any inconvenience and instead demanded more money for the lights etc were some she was told would be free. She was also told she would have to pay for her own tiles and they would put them up. I bought them for her and they only put them up. (we paid) Approx a year ago she had been at her worst ill health wise after loosing her husband to liver disease she had her own disability issues and pain and she then got high blood pressure, suspected heart attack, stroke, diabetes and suspected blood clot there are trying to figure out at the moment. But she had gotten better in this last year and was controlling things. Due to all this recent stress she’s been knocked right back to last year again and nurses are having to come more often and they are talking about putting the blood measure machine back into the house along with other things because her health has deteriorated so badly again due to all the upset and stress. I feel my mum has been treated badly and should at least be offered to knock something off for the inconvenience and stress. Please can you help. I am also worried how long this kitchen will last and what quality it is after the handle falling off, and that the price they gave her was far too much for what they actually did. If any one can offer any advice I would be very grateful. Many thanks
  9. Hi all, Not sure this is in the right place, so feel free to move it if needs be. Long story short, my Mum bought a new kitchen from B&Q and I found a fitter via MyBuilder. He quoted us an amount to fit but didn't ask for any money up-front. Which is lucky, as it's a shambles. Cupboards are in at odd angles, drawers don't close, doors have been ruined where he's not fitted them properly... the list goes on. He's been back once to "fix" the problems, but he's just made it worse. We've had another two fitters come round to check out the work and it's not good; we have to have it all taken out and re-fitted. This includes the worktops which have been incorrectly cut/fitted. As we've not paid the fitter for this utter disappointment of a job, where do we stand? I'm happy to go into more detail if readers require, but I just wanted to see if we're entitled to hold his money so we can get an actual professional in to put it all right? And I know, I'm a flamin' idiot for getting this chap to even set foot over the threshold! I feel royally cheated. Cheers in advance, Fen.
  10. Hello wonder if anyone can help, been having problems with Ascham Homes acting on behalf of waltham forest borough council, recently a lady in our flats had a new kitchen and bathroom fitted her kitchen had a few broken doors. In comparison our kitchen is in an awful state it's been damaged by leaks from upper levels, and a contractor broke a unit, I estimate in total 40% of the kitchen has to be replaced including 3 worktops and 3 base units, we are arguing it would be better just to renew everything, the council say NO they will part renew even though it will be in different colours, my argument is that it is not cost effective if they may have to replace everything in 4-5 years and they cannot guarantee they will have a matching kitchen in 5 years like the mismatch they are prepared to fit in the next few days can I ask if in item 5.5 disproportionate expense or disruption. means as long as a large chunk of the kitchen is not replaced? Thanks in advance 5.5 To be decent, a dwelling should be free of category 1 hazards, and the existence of such hazards should be a trigger for remedial action unless practical steps cannot be taken without disproportionate expense or disruption. Landlords should consider the circumstances very carefully in the interests of the occupiers of the dwelling before concluding that a hazard cannot be dealt with effectively, and in such cases should ensure that the occupiers are fully aware of the position. Criterion b: It is in a reasonable state of repair Findings I understand that during her visit, J????? answered many of your queries with regard to your kitchen and has subsequently spoke to you on the phone and has sent e-mail correspondence which is attached. J?????? advised you that there is a five- year life remaining before your kitchen can be assessed for refurbishment and it is not beyond economic repair. As previously stated it would be inappropriate to discuss any specific issues relating to another tenant and their property. You had also a subsequent enquiry regarding the requirement for properties to be free of Category 1 HHSRS category failures. I understand that you are frustrated that you are currently not eligible for a kitchen but it is currently not a category 1 failure under HHSRS and there is not a requirement to replace an element if there an HHRSR category 1 failure, if it can be rectified in another way. The repairs which are being carried out to your kitchen will address any issues which you are currently experiencing.
  11. Hi all. Sorry if this post is on the wrong forum I wasn't 100% sure where it should go but I would really appreciate some advice about my rights on this matter. We had our new kitchen fitted at the end of August. There were many problems during the process of the kitchen being fitted, we were on holiday at the time and the kitchen fitter phoned us with problems and questions everyday. I had informed the company that we would be away but we had no communication from them before, I even had to contact them to ask what time someone needed to be at our house to let them in! the main issue was a couple of days after the kitchen was finished. I had a phonecall from the company's admin lady to say that she had forgotten to tell us there would be an additional charge for the fitting of the worktops as we had chosen to supply our own (ie they were not included in the kitchen fitting price we had paid the kitchen company) and that would be an additional £50+vat per worktop (they insist it is 6 worktops but it is in fact 5) please and could I email them to confirm that I accept that quote (which I didn't). I stated that I had emailed her nearly 2 months before to say we were supplying our own worktops and she had replied to say that she would make a note of it, no additional charge was ever mentioned. A couple of weeks later I received a final bill for the work done. The £300+vat for worktops was on there and they had added "as agreed" next to it. I wrote a letter to the managing director along with a cheque and went through each item on the bill. They had refunded me some money for some of the work they hadn't done eg, installing the fridge, boxing in the pipes but didn't refund me the vat I had paid for them! They had also installed the sink in the wrong way round (he thought the plans were wrong!). I also stated in my letter that the worktop price had not been agreed. I deducted 20% off of the sink fitting price, the VAT they owed me on my refunds, and the price of the worktop fitting (I also stated that there were not 6 worktops). I sent them a cheque for the amount owed minus deductions I had made. I received a reply from the managing director stating that he would deduct 40% off the worktop price and therefore I still owed £180+vat (that would still make it 6 worktops!!). I ignored the letter on my husbands advice, I know this was probably the wrong thing to do. I received another letter today (dated 6/11) saying they are trying to be amicable about this but if they don't receive payment by 14/11 they will refer me to their debt collectors! What should I do? I would really appreciate any advice on this situation.
  12. I should prefix this by saying that this is now an academic point as we have found an amicable resolution to the issue, but I would like clarification none the less. I recently spent £6500 supply only on a Shcreiber kitchen from Homebase. This order was based on an in-store design that we arrived at. Upon delivery a number of panels were damaged. It transpired that one of the damaged panels was also not required. Being able to physically position the items made clear a much better way of achieving the same result - something that should have been noticed during the planning stages. The panel cost £207 so I wanted it refunded/exchanged as the improved design required me to purchase some much cheaper plinth (£50 a length). I went to the store slightly after 24 hours of receipt of the goods. I explained that I wanted the damaged panel refunded so that I could buy the more appropriate materials. I was told in no uncertain terms this was not possible and they would only replace damaged items. I pointed out that this was contrary to my statutory rights and was told that because I approved the design that I was not entitle to return any items which were not required. No amount of pointing out that I was rejecting the goods due to not being not of a satisfactory quality would make any difference... They tried to fob me off saying that I had to call the distribution center, which I'm glad I did in store as they said only the store could refund it. The guy on the phone was very abrasive and on more than one occasion I found him shouting at me down the telephone. He was insisting that the sale of goods act only required them to replace the damage item and it was at their discretion as to which remedy they choose. I was firmly of the opinion that within 24 hours I am entitle to a refund, regardless of what I bought or if it was part of a larger design that I approved. I also stated several times to all staff that it was impossible to sign away statutory rights which they are implying that I did as I approved the design and acknowledged that I wouldn't be able to return any items not required. In the end we did arrive at an amicable solution but it was very much implied that they were doing me a huge favor and going beyond the call of duty - indeed they did have to do a considerably amount of fiddling on the system. Please clarify, damaged goods reported within 24 hours - I am entitle to a refund surely, if I accept a repair or refund it is at my discretion not homebase?
  13. Hi Guys, Recently I kinda burnt some food on the stove! OK... ok, I forgot it was there until the smoke alarm went off. Anyway, the kitchen STANK for ages after that. UNTIL. A few days ago a friend said, get some lemons, chop them up finely, get a MASSIVE pot, fill it with water, plonk the lemon in and give the kitchen a steam bath. So I did, and guess what.. The smell INSTANTLY disappeared! Just a word of warning, I was sure to remove things like metal ornaments and books etc... incase the acid in the lemon vapour corroded it. Also remove books as acid can face the covers and pages Hope this helps! Cheers, A
  14. Hi I have rented a house for the past four years and am happy with the conduct of the estate agent and response to issues I have highlighted during this time. Within the last week both the washing machine and fridge freezer have broken down. The estate agent has told me that the landlord will not be repairing or replacing these items and I will need to go and buy my own new appliances. These two were in the property when I moved in and are listed on the inventory. I selected this house as semi furnished as I didn't and still don't have the money to go and buy my own. I don't want to make an issue of this if its going to result in my rent going up but id like to know where i stand on this issue. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Steve
  15. Hi, This is a notice for anyone who has been -------- by the infamous Vance Miller'. He is not allowed to have any companies in his name but there are approx 30 kitchen companies in his aliases! Please help us to stop this trader from continuing to--- people from 18-86yrs old.------- but without support we cannot do anything to prevent him from making his millions ! Thanks. This petition is on vance miller must be stopped facebook page. Thanks. Stop Vance Miller www.change.org
  16. I bought a yoghurt maker from amazon UK, It was from Amazon not some one selling on amazon. It is a severin yoghurt Maker with 14 jars. I received it this morning and when opened it I discovered that It had a European 2 pin plug. Not a British standard 3pin plug. And no adapter or any thing was included, so can't use it. No where in description on there website does it state that it comes a euro 2pin plug. Can they legally sell kitchen appliances like this with just a European 2 pin plug. I have searched on Google and came up with this THE PLUGS AND SOCKETS etc. (SAFETY) REGULATIONS 1994 REQUIRES most electrical appliances intended for domestic use to be supplied pre-fitted with a standard 3-pin plug that is independently certificated as complying with British Standard BS1363. There are some exceptions to this such as electric cookers intended to be permanently connected to the main wiring in a house. Items fitted with a non-UK plug (e.g. a 2 pin Europlug) may be supplied provided they have been fitted with an approved 3 pin conversion plug which must enclose the fitted plug and can only be removed with the use of a tool. Should the yoghurt maker have been supplied with just a 2 pin plug and no adapter or any thing. Is there any way to safely use yoghurt maker. My husband says he will cut off 2 pin plug and re wire a 3 pin plug but im not sure about this. As im not sure it would be safe would it and it would void warranty. So if after doing this we plug it in and find machine does not work we would not be able to return it. Is there a adapter that we could buy that would be safe. Should I just return yoghurt maker to Amazon. And If it is illegal to sell such a appliance like this with just 2 pin plug who would I report it to. Is it trading standards. Any advice would be much appreciated thanks in advance
  17. I bought a Smeg KSEG7 via Deals4U.co.uk and it has blown 3 times now. A very helpful engineer, sent out by Deals4U has been here twice, and has now replaced the circuit board and placed it inside a plastic bag to stop steam getting to it (!!!) He said it would probably be okay but if i smelt burning i should turn it off! The hood has since blown again, but I replaced the fuse, and now the switch for the light is not working at all, although the motor is still working. Smeg, via Deals4U, have offered to collect it but there was confusion about whether they would replace the unit. Having spoken to Deals4U, who I bought this item from, I have been told that if I want a refund or replacment, i will need to pay for the required electrician to come and disconnect/dismantle the hood, and to install a new one! Since the goods are faulty and I have already paid for the original installation (as well as a custom made cupboard unit to house it) are Deals4U correct in refusing to pay for removal and reinstallation? Please help!...
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