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Found 12 results

  1. Hi Guys If you search Northampton Autosports here, you'll find at least one thread detailing how people have had bad experiences with the guy who runs this car retailing business, from an industrial estate just to the north of Northampton. Long story short, even though I Googled the guy's name and business, I found nothing untoward and went on to buy a vehicle from him last month. He's developing or already has a reputation for making false and highly misleading statements about the vehicles he sells and I suspect has a very long history of this. Unfortunately, I've also been caught out by this character and am just starting the process of seeking compensation. I know what this process involves and am not seeking advice, as such. However, if anyone has had similar issues with this guy (calls himself Rich) I would really welcome an exchange of emails, as I can't message on this website yet. I'd particularly like to talk to Holyjoemuttley as he has a long thread here, detailing how he eventually successfully secured his own compensation from this character. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?473227-CCJ-against-Northampton-Autosports-now-Performance-Trade-Centre-Can-i-Transfer-the-CCJ/page3&highlight=Northampton+Autosports If there's no quick resolution, I'll post updates here, if it might help anyone. Northampton Autosports is mainly selling selling via eBay currently and from the negative feedback, you can see that the involvement of Court Enforcement Officers previously, hasn't diminished his desire to screw people over. Thanks for reading guys!
  2. My line manager recently resigned, a new director has taken over the team in my first conversation I have with the new director he tells me "You are going onto a PIP". I was pretty shocked as had no warning from anyone, written or verbal, that this was coming. I was already feeling stressed prior to this and this tipped me over so I have been on sick leave for past 2 weeks and just been signed off for another 2 weeks. (I have had virtually no sick days in 12 years prior with my employer). The PIP objectives themselves have not yet been discussed or agreed / signed by me. My questions are 1) Has correct process been followed for the PIP? (i.e no warning is required?) 2) I learnt yesterday that because I am on a PIP my boss has option to only pay me Statutory sick pay and that's what he has instigated for next 2 weeks. Is this legal even if PIP has not been signed / formally agreed with me? 3) Linked to 2) as this was unexpected (it places potential financial stress on me when I am already off with stress). Is that fair or does impact on me not matter? Thanks in advance for responses p:s - Background is below if this helps with responses to the above I have been with my financial services employer for 12 years and have always had ok to very good performance reviews over the years. I moved roles about 10 months ago (Having been in a very stressful role previously) The new role is very much spreadsheet reviews of very complex datasets (not my strength) although certain aspects of the role I did well. When I did get feedback I only got 2 pieces (one from a peer who has a "coordinating role") and one from my line manager. My line manager didn't give written feedback just answered some questions which require a "Always, often, sometimes, seldom, never" type response. His responses were "sometimes". When I arranged a meeting to go through his responses, he explained that sometimes I do something well and sometimes I don't (how enlightening!).
  3. Hi There I will need a new clutch please see the case below I purchased performance enhancing software for my car, this has now caused me to experience clutch slip when driving the dealer explained that the vehicle was experiencing to much power through the clutch, I went to this particular dealer for this software because they are the head office for the distributor network within the UK. I have spoken to other dealers within the network who agree that before they offer the software that I have on my car, they advise the customer that he will need a new clutch as part of the performance upgrade because of the power. I have never had any such advice from the guys at the head office informing me that I will need a new clutch consequently I am now suffering clutch slip which could have been easily avoided if they had given me the right advice to start with Please can somebody advise where I stand legally with regards to the above concern. the dealer has agreed to pay a full refund for the installation of the software but the software has now sadly caused damage to the clutch many many thanks
  4. A clse relative works in the UK for a UK arm of a multinational. I know that, for fear of litigation, many companies will not provide any reference other than confirming the person worked for them from XX/XX/XX to YY/YY/YY, in such-and-such a position. This company is really risk averse. does exactly that. What has happened now, is that in the annual performance reviews, the person being reviewed is expected to approach their peers - via an online tool - for a peer appraisal, which is then recorded and used as part of his review. Question 1) What is the personal risk to someone providing a peer review and including words that could be (mis) construed as critical orf the employee? Question 2) Given his employer's attitude to not giving any references that go further than confirming employment, how does this sit with his employer expecting employees to potentially place themselves in the firing line by providing what are, essentially, references? Thanks
  5. I recently made a purchase ONLINE, live, gold bullion. I have used the regulated company & site many times before. pressing the CONFIRM button . it requires acceptance etc, that clearly states the order cannot be CANCELLED and payment is immediate by debit card. it is VERY clear that this contract is exempt Regulations 2013 regulation distance and off-premises because of LIVE fluctuating prices. PRICES ARE FIXED upon confirming, which I did, and is a in STOCK items. I receive the confirmation of ORDER , and acceptance of order also confirmation of receipt of payment ALL 3 By email. However the fluctuating OFFER price was a lot lot lower than usual .But the gold markets where very volatile (e.g. in 1min GOLD price fell 5% Lower, though I did not know this , till later,) but I made the decision to purchase. and I was very very happy. Please could you advise me if the well established bullion online regulated trading company, can now, cancel my order. and just refund my payment. Briefly citing it was an live OFFER price ' error ' due to technical /software glitch. and stated I am taking advantage of them. and if I continue the argument they will hand my case to their solicitors. please advise, many thanks graham young
  6. Dear Folks Can anyone please advise, I am my mum's full-time carer, I am also her DWP Appointee. Today when I took mum home I found a letter in her postbox (which she is unaware about) the heading states: Notification of Performance Measurement visit for next week. I am going to have to cancel the visit as it is too short notice. Are these visits normal and random, or has someone been malicious? My mum has nothing to hide, but I've read on the internet that some of these DWP people go around the property, looking in rooms and even drawers (not the knicker type Have they got the power to go upstairs? Also my mum spends most of the day at my home as I live nearby, would they come to my house instead of hers? We have a joint bank account and both of our income based benefits go into it, there is no benefit cap as my mum receives DLA and so does my disabled son. How many bank statements should I provide for this visit? The account is in overdraft, there is a loan but under 5K to pay for my divorce, the account has never been anywhere near the 6K limit to declare and mum has nothing to hide. I can only think 1) someone has been malicious 2) it is random as they say 3) the joint bank account has been flagged up as my son has only recently been awarded DLA. I dread to think how mum will react by this visit, do you think the DWP will see me instead as I am her DWP Appointee? Any help gratefully received.
  7. Hello, If I think that an insurance company is deliberately taking its time in paying me my claim, can I go to court and request that a Judge make an order for specific performance so that the insurance company then has to pay me? If so, how do I go about this?
  8. I have been off sick for the last 6 weeks, my employer called me up today and asked that I attend a 12 week performance review next week. Do I have to attend? The review is not related to my sickness it is for assess the 1st 12 weeks that I have worked for them. Surely if I am signed off sick, then I do not need to attend? Any advice would be great, cheers.
  9. Hi All, I would really appreciate some advice on my situation please. I have worked for a company for three plus years and my performance has always been measured as among the top in a team of 12. The company has always been struggling though and the whole region short of target (they have had many management changes). Then in Jan/Feb my role changed slightly and although I'm still among top in the team I'm still way short of expected target (the majority are even worse). I have never been asked or questioned on my performance (actually praised as recently as June and told I was under no job pressure) then out of the blue I received a formal letter complaining about my performance implying that they had spoken to me multiple times already (they never have). The last two-three months have been hard, but no worse than others in the team. If you take my yearly results and results from before the changes then again they are among the best. I have been told to I am having a disciplinarian review meeting early in August where the outcome will likely be a Performance Improvement Plan. I have been told I can take a Union rep. I am the only one in the whole team having this procedure taken against me. I doubt it will be a true "help" plan and more likely a "mange you out" PIP and will be set at levels unachievable by anyone in the company. Also after the PIP it's likely my performance will be better than other in the team not on PIP. The employer seems not to want an informal chat before this meeting. My questions are: General advice? Am I at risk of being fired in the meeting? How long would a PIP last? I can get a Union rep to attend with me for £350 + VAT. Are they worth it and what benefit would they be? I can get a solicitor to advise at additional cost also. What should I prepare for this session? Anything else? To be honest this has dented my trust in the Company and I doubt I want to work there, but I don't want to be in a situation where I am on 30days to find a job. Thanks for any advice and all is appreciated! Thank you D
  10. Hello CAG! Hope everyone is good & enjoying the sunny spells I work as one of the managers for a store. I have been working with my company for well over a year so permanent employee. I have been performing really well and been given feedback about the good stuff I do. Until very recently when I wanted to apply for a bigger role in my store I was told that I am not ready for it. It came as a surprise because I thought I was ready but anyways after a heated debate with my line who said he will work on the things that he thinks I need work on and we will get there. I left it at that A few weeks later he invited me and handed over an informal performance improvement note listing 5 things. 4 of which I believe I was doing over and above the call of duty. I could not believe he was trying to performance manager me on something that I am already doing. He kept saying I am the judge of your performance whether u like it or not and I don't think your there yet. I refused to sign the document because I just could not agree with the things he had mentioned on there, the letter also said if I need support I will be given I said no I am fine. He said he will sit down with me ever week to (which he hardly did cause of clash of schedules) and whenever we met he spoke about a load of theory and analogies. Performance wise he gave me feedback many times saying I am making progress so I was happy that things are working out ok. Review date was meant to be the 25th and he did not review until another catch up a week later on the 3rd and he handed me an invitation to a performance meeting a few days after that stating in it very vaguely what I had not achieved. And a lie that he had given more time to show improvement that's why there wasn't a meeting on the 25th. I had shown considerable improvement in the past month and launched stuff not seen before in the company driving the things he asked me to the hilt. He said there is improvement but not enough. All managers get an assistant and mine have been off sick for weeks putting more pressure on me and He hasn't really given me a team that can be used in the area he has given to me. I feel victimised and for the first time in my career very helpless cause I know I have done everything and more. Plus the things that he mentioned I am not doing which I agree I need work on everyone else is missing too and I have taken pictures on my phone where clearly other people have missed the same things when I mention this to him he says we are talking about U and not them all I am trying to do is get him to look at this consistently. Now I know from the way he was speaking to me he is going to give me a first written warning and I am entitled to take someone with me but I am going alone. And most likely I will appeal the decision cause I know I am doing so much more and have had a very successful last year as a manager and as a store we are performing very well. He always gives me the feeling that he wants to get rid of me and I don't like it and I know he will not see or like all the good stuff I will do after this first waning is given which I will appeal against. I have a baby on the way and my misus is so upset about all this I really don't wana lose my job over some guy trying to show his boss he can performance manage his managers I find it wrong especially when I have done and are doing all the things he pointed out more than the rest please help me with your thoughts and any advice u may have for me Many thanks
  11. Recently on 26th September 2012 we purchased a vehicle on HP and duly signed the finance agreement known as a Conditional Sale Agreement regulated by Consumer Credit Act 1974. Within less than 24 hours the vehicle developed a serious fault and was malfunctioning. The dealer collected the vehicle and then handed it over to a franchise dealer as they were unable to rectify the fault. The franchise company is in the same situation and cannot rectify the fault either. According to the HP document we have a “Right of Withdrawal” which states the following; You have a right to withdraw from the agreement without giving reason. T his right is available to you for 14 days from the day after the agreement is executed by us, until 14 days later. If you wish to withdraw your right from the agreement you must notify us orally by telephone, or in writing to xxxxby email to xxxxx or by fax. If you exercise the right to withdraw you are withdrawing from the credit only and not purchase of goods. You are then required to repay the total amount of credit and the accrued interest. Interest will accrue from the date the amount of credit was provided until the date the amount of credit is repaid. You must repay the amount owed without delay and no late than30 days after giving notice of withdrawal. The amount of interest will accrue at a daily rate of £1.09. To repay the amount of credit and interest due please contact us at the address above. As it appears there will be some difficulty in resolving the issue with the vehicle and it could take days, weeks or even months and then the problem may re-appear in several months time, where does that leave us? We have advised the HP company and the dealer in writing that we are exercising our right to withdrawal and are rejecting the vehicle, but not sure if it is the right thing to do. We have not had use of the vehicle for a week which is still at the main dealer. Where do we stand with getting back our deposit and other incidentals totally just under £3600? Is there anything we should be doing?
  12. A 3.47 scene not shown on TV during the Oscar Broadcast Ceremonies. Enjoy! http://www.twitvid.com/embed.php?guid=L558O&autoplay=0&g=c20
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