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Found 6 results

  1. I used to send complaints to the OFT, Consumer Credit Fitness Department, now everywhere just seems to refer you to make a complaint to the Debt Collection Company themselves, then after months of waiting for a final response go to the Ombudsman. Can the Ombudsman fine them, revoke their license or order them to comply with something? If not, who can now the OFT isn't dealing with this? Who monitors if they are behaving lawfully and in accordance with their license terms etc.? I have found the Ombudsman to be a joke in the past and they usually just return everything to me and tell me to wait for the company who is ignoring me to reply. This is no help. Can local Trading Standards do anything? They usually fob you off and to go to the Ombudsman too. Maybe the local MP can do something but we don't have one now for 3 weeks. I am not seeking compensation. I want someone in Authority to be informed as to how the DCA are behaving and adding fees unlawfully to accounts and other dodgy practices.
  2. At work our main union has elected reps, that are voted for each year by the workforce There is a minority union that has around 5% of the workforce and they have a union rep that has elected themselves to represent the few people in his union (not elected or voted for by anyone , he just does it as he used to be a union rep) and another person that has elected themselves as there health and safety rep Now can these two turn up at staff side/management meetings and claim to reps of the "workforce" even though nobody has ever voted for them or elected them ??
  3. Hopefully this is an easy one for the brains on here.... As I am sure some of you know NPower have been having problems with their magical new computer system... This meant not taking payments from me. Then it meant me building up a £500 or so debit So they took it upon themselves to set me up a payment plan for £50 on a seperate direct debit with no call or advice to myself or from myself. On the assumption this is wrong...where do I stand? Doesn't the direct debit thing they always read to you over the phone stop this kind of thing happening? thanks in advance...
  4. I'm shocked and scandalised!!!! I see that a tax-payer funded organisation which is a crucial part of the British justice system is deliberately passing itself off as a private parking company!!!! In case you don't know, Passing Off is a tort at common law and means that you gain an unlawful benefit by operating your business in a way which can make people think that you are another business - which is more respectable and more worthy than you own. Passing off happens when you present yourself in such a way that consumers are confused into parting with their money because they think that you are someone else. Passing off is about competing unfairly by trading off the goodwill of someone else's business. Geddit? Now I see that the Crown Prosecution Service is trading of the hard-earned goodwill of that nice Private Parking Company - UKCPS. It is shocking!!! I can imagine that many criminals or accused persons only bother to pay their fines or do their stir or even just turn up at court because they think that they have been commanded to do so by UPCPS - when in fact if they realised that it was simply the United Kingdom Crown Prosecution Service, they probably would have simply not taken any notice. (And quite rightly) I expect that you find this all so unlikely that you don't believe me????!!!! Well check it for yourself. If you Google "UKCPS" you will find that the Crown Prosecution Service have cunningly opened a Youtube channel called UKCPS. Anyway, just for clarification, here is the truth:- UKCPS (Parking Service) and UKCPS (Prosecution Service) Right. Hopefully no one will be confused anymore
  5. hi need some advice please i took a 100 pound loan out with this company in feburary and missed the payment date, as i get payed monthly i wasnt able to make payment til the next month but as with many of my debts i left it(head in the sand)and a month after that i recieved i letter and now owed £760, again i ignored it and they ignored me,some time after i think a month another letter for £1088 and they were taking legal action, so i rung them and spoke to the rude foreign lady who stated that they dont do repayment plans this was also stated by opos, so i gave up. then opos ring out of the blue offering to halve the bill i tell them istill cant afford this so tells me to ring when i can. by now im doing all comms by email and ask why i cant have a repayment plan, i recieve email back stating that said rude lady DID offfer me a payment plan and that there legal partners opos can aswell-funny that because scottish opos guy said that PDLS do not do payment plans so who is right there email or them? sorry for rambling back to the total amount£1088 asked for breakdown of costs 640 of this is debit card fees when i email them stating i would not pay this and would only pay loan plus interest they have said they would wipe these fees, so should i pay the remainder or are they still ripping me off? also claim they cant send me anything by post- data protection. also if i pay agreed amount i cant do it 1 go, can i force them into payment plan ? when i say should i pay the remainder- not trying to dodge paying them just fair amount
  6. I know this isn't on the right thread for ebay postings, but I can't find any other way to post a message on here. I apologise if this causes problems. As an ebay user for many years and having 100% positive feedbacks and numerous satisfied customers, I have had enough of ebay's total disregard for fairness. I recently sold an item, the buyer paid and after receiving the item, it would seem that he changed his mind and deliberately damaged the item saying it was like that when he received it. I disputed his claims and ebay took his side without hearing my side of the story. The item concerned was a ring and when we took it to 2 separate jewellers, they both looked at it through their magnifying thingies and told me what I had suspected that the buyer had filed the top of the stones in the ring. We have excellent professional photographs showing just that. We sent ebay these photographs along with our dispute. They have now paid the seller what he paid me and are now looking to me for reimbursement to them. If anybody else has had bad experiences with ebay I would be most interested. I am not a happy bunny !
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