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  1. I'am a female worker and being paid less than other yes. I know i'd come to a conclusion of a grievance and possible chat with higher levelled manager or HR. I just wanted to know what union is best just in case i don't have success with the other processes. I just want to have a back up just in case all goes wrong as my company isn't the best run place.
  2. Hi, my problem is to do with unfair treatment and about equal pay. I feel I've been unfairly monitored and victimised
  3. My company doesn't have one and I've been happily employed there for the past 13 years. I've never felt I've needed to be in one or that my situation would arise as it has. Just not sure if there's a specific one that would be best for my area of work.
  4. Hi I work for a traffic management company creating scaled plans. I was wondering if anyone knew of a specific union that would be good to join as i need some support and advice. Thanks
  5. I'm definitely looking into getting a new job at the moment. Although i feel so let down after all my loyalty of being there. I really love my job and get on really well with everyone i work with. I just want to be paid what i deserve and be treated fairly. I do regret not asking for a written promise and action plan from our previous meetings as i feel that would have given me more power. Naively i trusted my manager's word and believed what i was told.
  6. No i know you're right that they can pay what they like to who they like. I'm just fed up of being 'promised' a match in wage if i prove certain things (which i have) In all honesty i was lied to from the begging when i agreed to a job role change. I was told i'd be on the same pay from the start, to which i found out several months down the line that wasn't the case. I do find it amazing how they are being because the role i do is very difficult to replace (don't mean to sound big headed!) There's only 3 of us in the whole company in the UK that can do my job. We turnover millions a month and
  7. Yeah that's the problem, i actually don't think she has a reason to refuse me one, hence saying she can't say why. Times before she'd said it's this and that, and i will get my rise once i've achieved what's expected of me. Now that i have been to her with evidence of achieving what was set for me, she has nothing to say. She even acknowledged that my work was fine and i'd done what was required. Do you think going to HR privately and asking them about the situation will be of any use? Also anyone know the best union for my area of work? My company is a traffic management company and i work in
  8. I have set up numerous meetings with my boss and i'm constantly chasing her for them. She either ignores me or says she's busy all the time. She's not the most professional and has discussed other peoples wages with me (is that even allowed) In the past couple months she has said she has has people around the office monitoring me. To make sure i get in on time and work well (even though everything has been fine) again should this be happening? I feel as if i'm being totally victimised and i can't do right. Yesterdays meeting ended saying "you can't have your pay rise and i can't tell you why"
  9. My boss isn't the most approachable and whenever i request meetings or ask questions i got ignored a lot of the time. To be promised a match in wage so many time and get turned down every time for a new reason is really knocking me down. I feel as if my boss has it in for me and is playing awkward because its me. It's very difficult to get motivated for work knowing that i'm the lowest paid yet my work brings the most money to the company. Would going above my boss and speaking to HR do more harm than good? I enjoy my work and just want to be treated fairly and evenly.
  10. I'm female and most of the staff are apart from a few. Everyone in the office had a pay review and their money equaled out in each department. I was totally skipped and have become the least paid in the company but with the most technical job. I have had various meetings with my manager and on each occasion i was set goals and promised the rise if i hit them. I hit them and new ones were set. But yesterday i took in charts of my work to prove i get through more work than others and was told i can't have the pay rise and they can't tell me why...... Others within the office have bee
  11. Hi I currently have a problem with a pay rise that i should have received a long time ago. I work in a small team but i currently earn less than the others. I have been told various things i need to achieve before i get my rise. I have hit all the targets that have been asked of me and new ones are added every time i go back. I have just recently hit the last targets and was told i won't be getting a pay rise and they can't say why.... Is this classed as being discriminative?? I have worked 10 years more in the company than others and my work is more productive. Yet i'm still being
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