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  1. I'm not happy with the marketing Wonga have used saying credit files would benefit users if accounts were maintained. My credit file from Equifax is clear but Experian has 14 loans over 12 months. I believe there is no court in the country that could say other lenders would not view (using their computer system assessment) that this shows only a credit risk contradicting Wongas claim when compared with a similar credit card account. Wonga continued to lure me into using their service with ongoing emails and advertising and I believed, as they said, I was boosting my credit scor
  2. Hi Specifically not wanting to go into it but the CCJ was not paid after more than 10 years, no enforcement action for 8 years, DCA saying they will go to apply for leave of stay on it. OK I acknowledge this as them giving me notice prior to action. My opinion and other they will never get anything out of it. The reason im asking is I cant believe the county court could enter into anything without any prior notification to my home address (from them) like a court summons or at least a letter giving me the opportunity to go and defend the case. If they don't have to send anythi
  3. Hi Please can someone explain the policy / law that county courts have for providing notification of action surrounding judgements. If a company is making an application to the court must they notify you of their intent? (and does it have to be in a specific way?) If the court agrees to a hearing with a company does the court not automatically send out a notification there are proceedings issued to notify you in advance so you can attend to defend your case before they make a potentially one sided decision? Thanks Ian
  4. Hi Guys Hopefully someone can help with this, Ive just been made redundant from my job and have about £600 arrears with Scottish Power. Ironic that Ive spent the last three years sorting the credit file out and clearing my debts only to be hit by this. First question is my late payment bill came on Scottish Powers headed letter paper on 2nd September. Sterling collections wrote to me in a letter dated 9th September. Q1 - Does anyone know how long before late payment markers / default take to get on the credit file? Q2 - After looking at the sticky thread in this foru
  5. Hi I decided to take voluntary redundancy, there are 3 more wage payments between now and leaving so I worked out that if I cancel the pension contributions immediately I take an extra £650 Gross salary total. This is what I want to do as the money will most certainly benefit me now more than in 30 years (2037). I have 9 and half years of contributions so its a good size fund sat waiting for me to use it in years to come. I contacted the payroll and pensions department and told them I wanted to cancel with immediate effect, they looked into it and told me their procedures state 60 days not
  6. Thanks for your help with this Brigadier, please could you help me with a slight ammendment to your letter you said I must decline to provide and further identity documents and remind you that the OFT Guidance on debt collection 2003/2006 updated Nov 2012 states that it is unfair to require a debtor (alleged) that he in not the person who owes an outstanding debt'. seems like there is a little bit missing. Thanks Ian
  7. Hi I contacted Equifax in July they had some incorrect information on their file relating to a BT account. I asked them to dispute it, 2 weeks passed yesterday so I called them and got through to India or Phillipines contact centre - I could barely understand the person on the other end of the phone! I asked them to give me the account number of the BT account to which they told me they could not do this as they only have an obscured view of it. I asked them if they could chase up BT for the information, they told me they couldn't and I need to wait for 28 days.
  8. Thanks sorry Sequenci it is just over 4 years old not 7, its for a loan with £750 left to pay. Im sorry for the mistake, used the num pad.. Regards
  9. Hi I received a letter in July asking me to pay a bill from around 7 years ago. They insist it is me so I asked the for POC and sent the £1 and did an SAR on them too. This produced no information other than a photocopy of the original contract which although signed did not include any identification used / date of birth from application form or address! This is not acceptable as proof as far as I am concerned. I sent them a high resolution photo of my passport but made sure not to include the signature or any of the ID numbers, only a photo and the date of birth etc (the
  10. Hello The people at the finance company sold their unresolved business to another company. They contacted me I sent them a copy of one of the letters They contacted me saying the previous company denied receiving letters I have copies of the registered letters and took advice and reviewed the letters with the CAB and family who all kept notes. They have included a CCJ reference number This is what I am thinking about sending them after their first response What do you think to the letter? Thanks Ian
  11. rang them and no they will pay me the savings out now but carry on collecting the loan for the full term on the original agreement but through the liquidators.Thanks Ian
  12. Guys I return home today to find that the credit union in York has gone bust. http://www.nycu.org.uk/ On the front web page it says all savings are protected and I didn't have much but they have sent me a cheque for them, its made out from the FSCS I had a loan with them that is outstanding of £2600 and paying at £100 pcm - Please can you tell me what will happen with this.. They didn't take the savings off the loan balance They cant make me pay it all back at once can they? Any help appreciated, Thanks Ian
  13. Thanks yes the banks email address -
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