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  1. Thanks for the replys. It is the regional union rep that has basically told them to bugger off!! We think the union are / were in fact more on the side of the employer than their members. She sent an email saying that she is not prepared to answer any more emails unless new evidence comes to light! Why the union can't or won't answer the question as to why the 7 people investigated all for same allegations yet only 4 were charged with falsifying time sheets , and why the union din't pickup on the anomaly is what is leaving a sour taste at the moment. OH used computer at lunch
  2. HI, I wish I had found this site about 6 moths ago. Here goes - I will try to make it as short as possible. My OH has ( had!) over 30 unblemished years service with a local authority as a craft tradesman. Approximately 18 months the management ( 3rd party run local authority services) made veiled comments about losing staff, but also had their favourites they wanted to keep. However all staff would have to go through competitive interviews, sickness records etc and their favourites would not make it. So they had a problem. There has been a succession of brought in line manag
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