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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys and girls, I have received a parking charge notice through our fleet company (Global) who have added an administration fee of £36 on top of the requested £100 (£60 if paid early..) fine. The reason for the ticket is unauthorized parking out of hours, it was around 11:58pm - 12:13. I had just got a quick bit of food and pulled over in the closest car park to eat.. now I have received this fine i have revisited the site and can see very poor signage that doesn't really tell or indicate to anyone entering that the car park is not available out of store opening hours.. There is one small non-reflective sign deep within the entrance on the ANPR cameras (which I didn't notice or see in the dark..), you don't see much signage until you are quite far into the car park and there are no bollards or gates to stop entry. It really feels like they have put minimal signage to catch people out like this.. I have three options I guess? 1) pay the fine, 2) contest via their website appealyourcharge.co.uk, 3) do nothing and wait for more admin fee charges from our fleet service. I have images of the site which I will link once i have reached the criteria to be able to post. does anyone have any advice? It looks like a private firm so am I under any obligation to pay this?
  2. Hi, Hoping someone might know where I stand on this but I have a feeling I won't have a leg to stand on. Here goes my situation, Discovered today my account was over its overdraft by £471. In a complete panic I rushed to the bank to get a statement only to discover over 100 transactions from Amazon in the last 2 days. Turned out my 13 year old son had used my card and proceeded to use it for in app purchases. I have phoned hsbc to see how I stand on this they state that unless I get the police involved there is nothing they can do (which obviously I don't want to do as he has never done anything like this before and I really don't think he realised how much he had spent) that is fair enough I asked how they allowed my account to go so far over my overdraft, which is £1000, and continue to allow more and more transactions to go out. The reply I got you have to involve the police if you want it sorted. What annoys me most is that a few months ago I tried to make a transaction which would have taken me over my overdraft by about £15 (unwittingly) but was declined how or why on earth did they allow it to reach that limit and sting me with charges which they refuse to withdraw. I have a pretty poor credit rating so it would be considered irresponsible lending surely. Any ideas where to turn next ? TIA Gem77 P.s. Yes my son has had a very stern talking to and being punished accordingly.
  3. Hi, I have a small shop on ebay selling printed Hen t-shirts, babygrows, mugs etc but nothing big but slowly growing with great feedback. Since may this year I have been selling a 2 t-shirt set for newly weds with a design I made of my own after looking at reference material online. But my design was a fresh font and shape and wording. Also at the top of ebay searches which was something I had worked hard for. Now in September I suddenly get these listings removed. Another t-shirt company has claimed copyright violation. I checked the design and it is similar but I have different wording and shapes it just looks too different to accept. The company pointed out their design was registered. I managed to search online and find it but it said registered 10 September 2017, about a week before I was reported. I have been selling my design from may 2017. It also look like the their t-shirt is a new listing. I am suspicious I am being pushed out by a slightly bigger company. I emailed the company as recommended and they replied with the registered number and to not relist my it-shirts. I have since checked them out and emailed the above and asked when they started selling their deisgn but no reply as yet. Can anyone see that this may be corrupt. Thank You
  4. i-loandirect deducted £54.99 from my account on 16 May 2014. I do not now this company and have never had any dealings with them. I want my money back a.s.a.p. Have not succeeded to phone this company. I would appreciate if I could get suggestions as to how get my money back. Thanks.
  5. The deductions made is not what i singed for.Even after pointing out that they are making unauthorized deductions they still continue. Can a credit union take whatever amount they want ?
  6. I don't know if I'm posting in the correct forum or not but here goes... Last week there was an unauthorized debit card payment taken from my account from an online software company I used to receive a service from, I cancelled my account with them a long time ago but for some reason they took a payment from my account with no notice. I emailed the software company to ask them what this is all about and was told the money would be refunded but as of today I'm still waiting. On the day the payment was taken the monthly payment for my car insurance was due, I always make sure there's enough in the bank to cover payments but this unexpected payment being taken from the account meant the direct debit for my car insurance wasn't paid, my bank has also charged a £12 charge for the privilege. The car insurance company tried again to take the direct debit last Friday but there was insufficient funds and I haven't been able to get the money to put in the bank to make up for it... no doubt I'll get another £12 bank charge for this too. I received an email from the insurer this morning which is a notice of cancellation which will stuff things up for me as I rely on my car to make a living, it's my only source of income. I'm going to email the insurer to ask them if there's any way they can cancel the cancellation and wait till Thursday to take the direct debit payment as I'll have the money by then, I hope they would do this but not sure if they will. I'm not sure what to do about the software company? Is there any way I can ask them to refund a bit faster and is there any way I can ask them to repay the bank charges I will receive because of their unauthorized debit card payment? Any advice would be appreciated.
  7. Just looking for a bit of advice on where i go from here,this situation has reduced me to tears more than once. So this is where it all start,i'll try to keep it short but with all the details. Made a one off payment of £90 online on the 4th January,i the called because i never really understood what was actually on my bill (was my first bill so discounts etc were applied) the agent i spoke to got everything mixed up and said i didnt owe £90 infact i only owed £2.63 so she refunded the £90 right away and i paid the £2.63 over the phone,great right? Checked my bank account on the 5th Jan and they had debited another £90 from my card,obviously called them and was told its not showing on our system call back in 24hours in the mean time phone your bank and open a chargeback for an unauthorised payment which i did,they subsequently told me they can't do anything. Been on the phone to both companies everyday for over an hour each call and still getting no where. finally had a chargeback opened against the transaction on friday and told id have my money back in 24hours,still isn't in my account today. phoned to be told they already refunded it the same day it was paid,which is correct for the first £90 not the second. agent said there is no such transaction for a 2nd £90. i can see it on my statement and was given authorization codes fo the 1st £90 on the 4th and 2nd on the 5th so they have to exsist right? not according to them. so here we are on the 21st of January,i dont have my money,virgin media dont have my money. all the while i am out of pocket and about to lose my services which i have paid for. where do i go from here? already sent them a copy of my bank statements but i honestly dont see it making a difference. i am ready to murder someone out of frustration. cheers in advance for replies
  8. Hello all and good new year, I applied for a mobile with CPW, I only made one application and was accepted. I applied for a mortgage and was refused as two many applications on my equifax credit report, (£500 application fee lost). On my credit report CPW have entered 6 entries in table 1 search for one application! reason OPT IN. at two address on different dates. ie 3-nov;4-nov and 5-nov. (my current and previous) As I only made 1 application is this legal? I have contacted CPW, they have stated that it was a computer error and contacted equifax and removed one entry, when they should have removed 4 - two at each address. As they have admitted the mistake and I have lost money due to this error, are CPW liable for my losses? THanks
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