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  1. I had a loan from a credit union and was 3 quarters of the way to paying it off. Today i had a phone call from my payroll department to advise me that the Credit Union had gone into administration and that they were refunding my last two payments as they where taken direct from my pay. I wondered if anyone could advise me as to what would happen with the remainder of this loan as i cant seen to get an answer from the credit union. Thanks
  2. Don't really know they haven't been in contact since early December and letter just states Dear ...... We have been instructed by our above noted clients "CRS on behalf of a gym" in our capacity as Credit Management Professionals to commence formal recovery proceedings against you for this outstanding amount. £347.04 We would therefore like to offer you the opportunity to find a resolution before any further action is required, you can: Setup an affordable repayment plan (please call email of logon to the website) Pay a one off settlement of £260.28 now or over the next 3 months. Payments can be made by means of credit or debit card by calling zinc alternatively please send a bank transfer to etc.. Please do not underestimate the seriousness of this matter and attend to this notice immediately. We are here to help and will be happy to assist you, with any queries.
  3. apparently now my account has been passed back to the Zinc Group and have had a txt and letter now stating that i owe £347.04 but can settle today for £260.28 now or over the next 3 months. Am sending them a email.
  4. How do I edit the post?
  5. [ATTACH]65886[/ATTACH] Had this sent to an old address. I was thinking of sending a letter to them but I'm not quite sure what to say in it. Any advice would be appreciated.
  6. I spoke to square trade yesterday and expressed my concern about the amount they were going to pay me for the tab and they agreed to pay the full purchase price of 99.99.
  7. Had a txt yesterday stating "please call CRS to arrange payment as agreed" which wasn't agreed so I took ur advice and blocked the number.
  8. I'm after some advice. I bought a hudl2 June 2015 and took out the extended 2 year warrenty at the time. The hudl2 had to go for a repair due to a hardware fault and I have been told they cannot repair it. As hudl2s are no longer being made they said they would refund 69.99 as that is the price that today you can buy the same spec tablet for but my argument is that seeing as I paid 99.99 for it shouldn't I get back what I paid for it?
  9. I am looking for some advice. I received a txt today from CRS (Credit Resource Services) stating "We are now able to offer you an amazing 50% settlement. Please call CRS on 01444 449 165 between 08:00 and 6pm in order to agree with us. This confused me as i wasn't aware i owed them any money so i called up to see what this was about. According to them it was a Gym membership from Nov 2012. They claim that i had spoken to them in March 2013 and agreed to provide proof of address as i had moved away from the area in Feb 2013 around 80 miles away. Now hears were i got confused, I recall speaking to the Zinc Group about this query on 04/04/13 and they agreed that as long as the proof was sent to them that the account would be closed so i got a letter of my local council to say when i moved out of the council house which was 23/02/13. From which i have never heard any reply about this. And in speaking to the Zinc Group today, as far as they are aware the account is closed. CRS are adamant that there is over £200 on the account outstanding and they can reduce this to £165. I told them that as far as i am aware the account was closed and that i wasn't going to pay them a penny. They said they would put the account on hold for a week and the call me back? why i don't know. I did when i decided to cancel the membership speak to staff in the Gym and they just said its fine. As i moved and was at the time suffering from Severe Depression and Anxiety and this info was relayed onto the Zinc Group as all the harassment was making things worse. At the time of signing up i was unaware that it wouldn't be with the Gym but with some other company. Any help or advice on what to do next would be Greatly appreciated.
  10. Hi I was hoping that someone could help me with a company called Are You Owed Money (used to be called Sentinel debt recovery) I had an outstanding debt with a garage for a repair which needed to be carried out on my car which in itself is a long story, i owed £900 and was contacted by sentinel to pay off this debt we agreed to pay off £50 every 4 weeks as this was inline with my pay and the only way to set this up was by giving them my card details they took payment every 4 weeks (first mistake). Around about September i didn't have enough cash to pay this i contacted them to tell them around a week before and asked could they take it out 1 week after the original plan and then go back to the original payment plan which they agreed and said it was fine. Then to my surprise they took 2 payments out one on my original date which left me with the money i required to pay my council tax and then a second payment a week later i contacted them and they did apologise and say it wont happen again. But this then happened 3 more times and i phoned them each time to tell them to stop it and reset the payments to the original plan but each of these times i was told that either the system was down or that someone would call me back (which they never did) During this time the company had change their name to Are you owed money i the phoned again to say that i wasn't happy and this is when i got a lady called Christine who was a very unhelpful she told me that "well i don't know who let you set this payment plan up as now the debt had risen to £1400 and we don't accept payments that low we will have to look into this and ring you back because you need to be paying this off quicker" this really did get me worried as i suffer from anxiety and depression (which i explained to them) really didn't help the matter, i did dispute the extra on top of the original debt but they just said "oh we will see what can be done with that when the majority has been paid off" I'm a bit lost now because they kept taking payments outside of the agreed payment plan i told them that i was going to contact the bank and block them which i did so then they change the name of who took the money to vantige legal and took another payment so i got the bank to block them as well. Now i have them sending letters to my old address even though i have told them i had moved at least 3 times demanding full payment and potential bailiff action. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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