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  1. Hi HB, Thank you. It gives a number of ways to respond to the plea: -Online Plea which would allow me to submit the plea online -help submitting plea by telephone - By post to the Magistrates Court - or to contact TFL by email It doesn't say directly who i should contact if i wish to appeal or talk it through with someone. In this case- do you think I should call the "help to submit your plea, telephone" and ask for the best person to contact in this case? And explain to them that i'd like to respond to TFL with a letter of appeal? Or email TFL directly?
  2. Hi, This is the second letter I have received from them. It's titled "Single Justice Procedure Notice". It doesn't have a court date, but it states I have 21 days to plead either guilty or not guilty to the offence. The rest of the letter is the details of the charge, the staement from the inspector and the form for filling out financial details. The first letter I was originally sent asked to provide any exceptional reasons as to why they should not proceed with a prosecution- but I simply didn't realise the gravity of what that meant. I sincerely apologised for my actions, but didn
  3. Hi thanks for your quick reply. The incident was on the weekend of June 24/25th I have to reply within 20 days, which will now be the 18th Sept. I received the letter on the 29th, but was out of the country until yesterday. This is the second letter from them responding to my initial response. In my initial repsonse I replied to them by email- frustratingly I wasn't aware that it could lead to a prosecution, I replied with the basic information they wanted, which was name, DOB, case number etc. Just personal information and also the admittance of using the oyster that w
  4. I have discovered your site investigating what to do in this case and would sincerely appreciate your help. I will offer feedback and donate for your time and energy. I really need your help. I used my mums oyster after losing my wallet and needed to get to a wedding over a weekend. When returning into London, the high value pass obviously flagged things to the inspectors who were waiting at the station. I had all my details taken. The inspector understood I'd lost my wallet and I didn't answer any further questions. I was sent a letter with a fine and a conviction if i
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