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  1. I'm aware that most buses have CCTV installed but I don't know if there's a CCTV on the bus that directly captures coverage of the card reader.
  2. It wasn't a contactless card and my cardholder was only storing the blue oyster card. This has never happened before where a bus or train journey has not been recorded on my journey history, hence why it felt like it was too much of a coincidence and had me suspicious.
  3. Two weeks ago I boarded a bus at around 8:00am in London. I got off the bus a few stops later to head into a local Tesco store to buy my lunch for the day. I then walked back to the bus stop that I got off at and waited for the next bus to take me to work. The next bus arrived at 8:30am. It was one of those buses where passengers can board the bus on either the front, middle or back door. I boarded the bus from the back door. I sat downstairs and minded my own business, staring through the window and browsing on my phone. A few minutes later, I heard a bus ticket ins
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